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Thursday, January 23, 2014

feathering my nest again ~ watercolor mixed media

hi there ~ 

i'm so glad it's the end of my work-week, and ready to jump into the weekend  

this is a larger piece i have wanted to do for a long time.  and my heart has loved the process.  

it's a sketched piece created in a large-scale moleskine journal, size 8.5" x 12." and i'm loving the bigger venue...  i guess because i'm just like a kid with a favorite coloring book, and i always did enjoy those larger drawings... more to color in!  

this detailed feather is hand-drawn with a black pen, then watercolored with blues, purples, greens, and a bit of yellow, then a bit of white and black for contrast.  i added {more} sparkle, by using a gelly roll sparkle pen, and some microbeads... both in silver and black.  

i love it. not only the color, but the style.  and the microbeads! i can't seem to get enough of those little darlings and their beautiful, shiny textures. 

i don't know if it is "completely" finished yet.  i added a few more details in the last picture.  now the question is whether or not i will add words... and i think... i might?!

have a great weekend!  i have much catching up to do, and that includes a good cleaning up in the studio and house, and lots of blog writing.  i have much to share ... some great free motion quilting books, and a stash of 'beginner' quilts which i was able to photograph recently when i visited a friend's home.

have a blessed weekend ~
and joining my "in the studio" friends with jen price here:


Quilt variations said...

Very beautiful colors! Real picture! You can certainly add an inscription, but it is, and so complete picture

Southern Gal said...

Yes, words would be lovely.

Southern Gal said...

And I say that because I want to know what you were meditating on when you created it!

elle said...

What a lovely feather in your cap!

Jane Wetzel said...

so what's better...the GORGEOUS photos you post, the GORGEOUS quilts...or...the awesome sketchbook pages?? lol you know I love your sketchbook drawings.. :) this is so cool looking! what do you use to glue on your micro beads?

patchouli moon studio said...

What a fantastically beautiful feather!!!

Lynn said...

Beautiful feather and love the colors. The touch of purple/lilac really makes it pop.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

One word, made up - gorgeosity...xox

Donna said...

So very cool Leslie! I love it and look forward to your text.

Jen Price said...

LOVE those colors and the cute beads!

Jan said...

Your art work and photography continue to amaze me.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

this is gorgeous. beautiful. love, love, love it. i have had feathers on my mind lately too! :)

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