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Monday, January 27, 2014

kick up your heels ~ "her boots" western wear ~ made in montana

hi there everyone ~

i was so delighted when on a recent visit to see my friend lori's new home, she brought out the cache of quilts i'd given her. this wall hanging was certainly a favorite, made well over ten years ago, which i gave to my friend lori, who would accompany me {patiently} to one of my favorite-ever quilt shops in billings, montana ~  "fiberworks" ~ owned by laura heine, who is also the designer of this boot pattern. this was my house-warming gift to her... and here is my own adaptation of that very cool pattern: 
lots of detail with free motion applique, which, by the way, is entirely done with a free motion zig zag.  this pattern really is one to kick up your heels and have a great time with it!  extra fun for me to add darling little embellishments of fibers, beads and buttons...
there was alot of time into making this pair of boots!  and i enjoyed every minute... i'd guess i put in at least 20-30 hours on this piece.

and a peek into the quality of the free motion i was learning at the time:

i used superior threads beautiful "king tut" 100% cotton, 40 weight thread for all the free motion on this piece.
i loved this pattern ~ still do.  it's another one of those "i should make this again" patterns!!  time consuming.  but oh-so-cool!

{if only i could make a real pair of leather boots this easily!} i'd do it in a heartbeat!  but i'll have to settle for another quilt... someday?!!  

"these boots were made for walkin..."

{and quiltin'}!

soli deo gloria!


elle said...


Teresa in Music City said...

Sooooooo FUN!!!!! You've apparently always been this talented :) If I were wearing those boots, I'd definitely be kicking up my heels in joy!

Quilt variations said...

very beautiful! Bright and cheerful!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Wouldn't mind a pair of boots that snazzy....awful pretty hand stitching. xox

BlissfulSandy said...

What beautiful appliqué and free motion filled with jewels, stars, and pretty beadwork. Looks really interesting with all the different embellishments and stitches. ooou la la some cowgirl is a happy girl.

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