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Sunday, January 12, 2014

quilting wide open spaces ~ picnic quilt

hello ~ 

not too much sewing or quilting going on this past week, except for a few stitches on my picnic quilt.  it's the nfl playoffs, so brian and i are rooting on the seahawks, and broncos. {he's the hawks - i'm the broncos!}  ought to be fun!  

so... picking back up where i left off ~ this is where i started, in finding some inspiration for the ol' 'quilt-as-desired on my picnic quilt i last posted about. i finally had a chance to sit down and take a look inside this book from judi madsen on quilting wide open spaces. 
and my eye caught this design, which i practiced on a piece of paper, below:
and another... which i didn't like much {but we'll see}:
so i began patiently stitching out my diagonally drawn blocks, using magnifico thread {100% polyester}, in a turquoise color
and i began my pattern, stitching with a yellow magnifico thread, inside each of those blocks.  it works really well, on most... and not so hot on the busier patterned fabric blocks.
but all in all ~ i like it.
so far!  it's been fun to try something a little different.  i want to spend some more time studying and reading her book.  and i do recommend it!  it seems well-done, and simply written. that is always a "win-won" in my book!

have a great week ~  


Barb said...

Nice work! I get to go to Phoenix for the AQS Quilt Week and I'm taking a class from Julie Madsen. I ordered this book and it should be here tomorrow. Very excited - she does such fine work (so do you!).

Southern Gal said...

To be able to see it, draw it, then quilt it is certainly a gift you have. Beautiful.

BlissfulSandy said...

I agree Southern Gal, Leslie is a gifted girl, so much artist talent. So pretty Leslie, the yellow reminds me of our Florida sunshine, very bright, and warm. I will check into Julie's book, or do you think I need more of a basics. I only made one table runner, I am a beginner! What do you suggest? Thank you Les!

Teresa in Music City said...

How do you make such lovely lines with every stitch? Your amazing girlfriend!!!!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Oh I like your opposite triangles with stitch as it were.....nice colors too. xox

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