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Friday, February 21, 2014

a wild dahlia flower in microbead detail ~

hey friends ~ happy Friday {thank goodness!}

not sure what to call this piece ~ maybe it's a red sunflower... would love to hear suggestions for a creative name on this piece?  i'm fresh out ... {it's been one of those weeks}.

i have lots of time in this one, and i was pretty patient, all in all! it was enjoyable, gradualling adding microbead details and color one by one.  it all began with a fairly "loosely" created, watercolor drawing, using the twinkling h20's as a base for the flower... {because why put in details if you're going to cover it up?}

wish i had thought to take pictures right from the beginning, but was not thinking ... either clearly, or far ahead!

at any rate, there is a progression of sorts, as I added the microbeads, doodling with a white pen, and adding more contrast and depth of color using golden highlights with yellow, orange and red watercolor overlay, glaze pens, and finally, a black one for a bit of extra bold pattern. 

have a great weekend!
joining up with jen price and other artists today at the

I'm looking forward to teaching my first free motion quilting class tomorrow at The Quilt-A-Way here in great falls!
~ soli deo gloria ~


Lynn said...

Looks like an Anemone flower to me - beautiful!

elle said...

Tapestry Rose. I did think of stump work but you are already stumped for a name! ;)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

ohh... it is so pretty! i just want to reach and and run my fingers over it! :)

Leovi said...

Beautiful setting, lovely composition, great colors!

Jane Wetzel said...

wish I could touch it! lol I just call it beautiful... good luck with your class- those students are pretty lucky!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

wow! the detail is just amazing!!!

Jen Price said...

Wow! It's stunning, Leslie! Those micro beads look amazing on it.

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