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Monday, February 3, 2014

footprints on your heart ~ and in my sketchbook

hello ~

i've been concentrating lately on just playing in my sketchbook pages ~ abd here are just a few things i've {gradually} learned playing with watercolors:

~ use multiple shades of one color, darker and lighter
~ always start with the lightest shade of one color, and use layers, going to the darker colors last
~ leave some white spaces and open areas
~ add some black for contrast
~ sqiggly lines are "organic" and natural-looking
~ it's okay to "make it up" - it does not have to be "perfectly real!"  {it's probably even better if it's not}
~ use your imagination
~ keep it simple

i try to keep in mind shading, from the perspective that usually ~ there is a single light source, coming from one direction, and so i shade with that in mind {most of the time!}  sometimes... i just get caught up in the page, and the beautiful color, and i forget!

and i've learned that watercolors are a great base, done lightly.  you can go back and add more color {either wet or dry}.

and the toughest thing for me?  

keeping it simple! {ain't it the truth?}

that statement, in and of itself, is a skill to cultivate.  {and practice!}

uhmmm... yes.

still lovin' those microbeads, baby!

we have a mutual affection for each other ~ i agree to use them, and they agree...  to totally spread.  all.  over.  {lol}

and most imporantly ~ don't be afraid!  {be strong and courageous!} and keep on learning.  after all, that's what a sketchbook is for! 

i've come to realize my sketchbook is "my training ground." and it's free space! it's a place where there are no rules, just opportunities.  i am completely free to explore, try new things, and then evaluate them.  and i can look back on those techniques, color combos, ideas... and try it in a different way... or just pick what i love {or didn't love} from a page and either {use it ~ or lose it!}   :)

keeping it simple, babe. ahhh. 

{kinda like a bubble bath after a long {cold winter's} day!}  it's only -9 this evening.  yikes.  stay warm!  and...



Southern Gal said...

Yikes is right! Wow, that's cold. I was wondering how you kept those microbeads contained. They are beautiful on the flowers. I have a sketchbook that I'm afraid of. ;) I'll have to try watercolors in it.

elle said...

aw, that's what those dents are from! ;) Tread away, Les. I'm getting ready to sketch. Mine are going to be very simple! Glad you are showing the way!!! Bless you!

BlissfulSandy said...

ooolala, pretty watercolors,look springy and fresh, and oh my your sketching and beads are pretty too. I just love the paint-work Leslie. I have decided I am going to kid-nap you, and bring you to Naples for at least a couple of years. Pack your swimming suit ...that will keep you warm enough here!

Jane Wetzel said...

gorgeous Leslie- did you sketch first then wcolor? just curious I was also wondering what kind of wc paper it is..weight? LOVE

Val Spiers said...

I love your sketchbook. I keep finding books tucked away that have a few sketches from years gone by and the rest is empty. Now I have just moved and I think they are all tucked away again somewhere. Maybe I will start a new one :D
The micro beads look fabulous. I can just imagine them getting everywhere.
I have a box of drawing inks that I may just get out today. Thanks for the inspiration. I have copied your little list to my computer to keep in mind.

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