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Saturday, February 15, 2014

hope ~ pray ~ soar ~ {in watercolors, on cards} ~ & in my heart!

happy weekend to you all ~ love my "long" weekends.  this happens to be three days for me, with president's day off this monday {thank goodness!}... an extra day is surely a blessing that i could live with every week! they are such a solace to my time at home... 

you're probably tired of my cards... but  i have to say ~ i love making them!  it's very fun to send them on to friends, and i have a nice stack now, that are quite fun to personalize. i swear ~ i'm like a kid in a candy shop only instead, it's a box full of white, pristine cards, and lovely pots of color, a brush, and a black pen... {and yes, the fussy microbeads!} 

enJoy ~


Vicki W said...

I will never get tired of seeing your cards. Each one is a beautiful piece of art!

elle said...

sigh! I like that white writing. downy feathers? ;)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Each one is so beautiful!!

Rike B. said...

No, I'm really not tired by your postcards and paintings. They are so beautiful and full of power!
Can you please show us, how you applique the microbeads? I cannot find any instructions about this and even cannot find any of them here in Germany. That would be really great! :)
Have a nice Sunday!

ruthanne said...

Love your cards. I have several and would love to send them to friends, but can not part with them!

Gill said...

Beautiful - as ever Leslie!

Laceflower said...

You inspire me to get out my watercolours; now what to set aside as I move this up the priority list!

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