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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

micro bead details ~

hello and happy day to y'all ~

i hope you enjoyed the micro bead tutorial from yesterday, {thank you to those who commented, especially!} 

today's feature is a couple of design ideas for using those little wild darlings, including using that "custom mix" {on the heart below}.  so fun!

as you can tell... silver is my favorite!

so I have one little question to ask you:
have you ... "got your micro bead on" yet?!!



Laceflower said...

these rascals look addictive!

Jackie said...

I love your work, the colours and your bead work is fantastic, makes me want to go and and start this hobby. Unfortunately, or fortunately as my husband would say I'm not an artist and couldn't paint if my life depended on it but I do love seeing your work.

Robbie said...

Love these!!! Have to make a Michael's run but the store is moving and the store is empty!! Have you tried micro beads on a quilt?

Rike B. said...

Dear Leslie,
thank you again for the inspiration! - I found microbeads in Germany! You've got to buy it in Nail-Design-Stores. There I can find this little pearls with a diameter of about 0,5mm. *smile*

elle said...

oooh! I like the little clumps in that first one!

Jean said...

I haven't tried the micro beads yet, but you sure have inspired me to do so! I will definitely look for them in the stores! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Perfect micro bead pollen on your flower head! xox

poliana said...

Какие волшебные рисунки! Сочные и яркие! Сплошной позитив.

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