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Thursday, May 29, 2014

cabin roses ~ bobbin play


you know that first glimpse of thread on a quilt?  it's rather full of suspense, and what-ifs, isn't it?  in this case, it's especially fun, because the quilting is done from the back side of the quilt, so i have to wait until i 'm done before I can turn it over to see if it looks as good as i hope it will. 

inspired by rachel's roses. it's full of color, delicious texture and sparkly goodness.

 on top of this:
bobbin play... with silver razzle dazzle thread.

i'll be showing my placement technique for bobbin play in the very near future! hopefully in the next post {or two}! 

meanwhile, i love this cabin rose pattern, which i featured in a completed quilt from the early days of my quilting. {from earlier this past january.}

can't wait to finish this one! and i'll be sure to remember to take some more pictures when i make a decision on the companion blocks, and more quilting design. 

and then... this is the thing.  i know... i just can't wait to make more of those pretty log cabin roses!  must be because the flowers in the garden are planted, and this quilt?  well, it's just like planting flowers in fabric!  yay!  but... uh oh. more on put on LIST!  :)


Vicki W said...

It's lovely!

elle said...

Absolutely luv this quilt and the razzle dazzle work. hmm, I might need to change my flower idea for June!!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Pretty, pretty, how ever od you stitch from behind and know where it goes....Love it. xox

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very cool!

Gill said...

Gorgeous - I love it!

Klaudia said...

It`s a wonderful work!

LG Klaudia

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm always inspired by your projects and the "razzle-dazzling" creativity you share!!!

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