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Saturday, May 3, 2014

gypsy vine by laura gunn in lattice quilted square placemats ~

hello weekend ~ nice to see ya!

when it was time to quilt this fabric, this was the question i asked: how should i quilt this gorgeous, oversized flower motif?

i chose a simple approach.  a wavy-styled straight stitch in a lattice-look for the quilting. and this was one rare case for me where there was absolutely not one bit of free motion!  


yup.  it's true.

learning to think simply, can be a battle for me.  i did consider quilting each of the big flowers, but i felt that it would take away from the big simple flower presence. 

i like  how it turned out.  to me, it looks as if there is a garden fence, a wiry-type, and i'm peeking to the other side of the garden... to get a closer look at the gorgeous blooms.

and this time, a somewhat "new-to-me" shape.  the "euro-styled" square placemat.  or so i've been told.  no matter.  i {still} like them.


and bonus is that it's from my modern fabric stash, which i love using. 

it's always a win-win.

here's a toast, to enjoy a beautiful spring day of blooms, wherever you are.



elle said...

I need to make more placemats and I hadn't thought of using big prints. Time saving idea and great, too!

Laceflower said...

That is extremely restrained for you. Love the wavy crosshatch.

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