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Sunday, May 25, 2014

my first creative girl ~

hi there ~

as i've mentioned in an earlier post, recently, i had the opportunity to take a class from danielle donaldson. the class {through the jeanne oliver website, is called "the land of light and shadows."  

this "creative girl" project was one of the pieces she showcased for us to express in our own interpretation, so here is my first "girl sketch" {ever!}

note sure if this popular, ever-evolving "creative girl" is something i will play with further... but it was a fascinating project, and so very fun to explore!
{loved making those larger-than-life rosy pink cheeks}
she's supposed to have a "cape" ... but that didn't quite look as ethreal as i had hoped...
and later, i added "eyes" ... but i liked her better without.  that's the beauty of exploration.  finding out what you like {and what you don't!}
quite, and entirely whimsical, that's for sure!!
and have a sweet, sweet {and creative} day this day!


Rike B. said...

Dear Leslie!
What a cute picture! I think, it's good, that you add the eyes, because without it would look like she wears pink sun-glasses. ;o)
Greetings, Rike

Southern Gal said...

She is cute and whimsical!

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