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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

sweet summer days ~ my top ten list this week!

hi friends...

sweet... sweet summer!

and just a word of hi, and happy labor day!  i hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.  thanks for all the cool stories on the giveaway post.  if you haven't entered, please do!  it doesn't have to be a story, ya know.  just one word.  or two.  or three... or whatever!  

and you just never know what ELSE i may throw in?!

in the meantime ~

what i love about retirement {these are only the top ten list of 1000 gifts this week!}

1.  playing with the pups early mornings {it's never too early for a dip in the pool!} lol
2.  cleaning house whenever i want!
3.  opening up the windows and enjoying the beautiful summer air all day long in the house and in the studio!
4.  eating lunch whenever i... want to!
5.  making good homemade treats and meal planning
6.  keeping up on the laundry! lol
7.  picking fresh tomatoes and zucchini in the warm morning sun
8.  watching the "ten dollar dinners" {just once a day} by melissa d'arabian on the food network!  {love it!}
9.  listening to christian radio broadcasts all day if i want to!
10.  reading a super thick book, a new one by diana gabaldon {it's 5 inches thick i swear!}  and taking my very own... sweet time.
11.  bonus!  sewing!  planning classes.  and more... sewing and quilting!!

"there's a tomato thief in the garden...  did you see her?"

oh yes... missy savanah... i see "her" all right!
have you ever seen a tomato-pickin' dog?
maybe a tomato-eatin' dog...
but one that actually picks them off the vine and eats them?
it's a first for me!
georgia is not impressed, however!!!
but then again, she has a one-track...
or make that two track mind.
and ball.

who me?
happy beautiful summery days, indeed!  
tomato thiefs and psycho border collies included!
i'm a blessed little camper girl right at home!
blessings on your day, and holiday!


Lora King said...

Your photos are spectacular! Beautiful dogs!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

we have tomato loving canines here too. Cute pics of the ever so cute pups. xox

elle said...

Simple pleasures and the opportunity to do them! We are blessed. I'm the Tiny Tim thief in this garden!

Barb N said...

Our Cocker Spaniel has been a tomato lover for years! The little thief once snuck home with the largest tomato ever in her mouth - I'm sure she plucked it off the vine from the neighbor's garden. Not a tooth mark in it! She also loves snap peas. And decorative kale. And will dig up carrots and tulip bulbs. Needless to say, I don't bother with a garden!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I had a Golden Retriever who loved anything and everything from the garden. She would drool and watch my every move until I would toss her a tomato, a green bean, strawberry or whatever was growing. She was good and didn't pick anything herself (that is I don't think she did as I never caught her or saw anything disturbed in the garden), but would patently wait for me to toss her a treat. I miss her, she was a wonderful friend.

treadlemusic said...

We had a dog that would 'help' us pick raspberries....um, well, he would eat them as we picked!!!! Retirement is awesome!!!!!!

Vickie said...

I retired about 4 years ago, and like you I am so thankful. I love to do whatever....whenever ! It's awwwwwwsome !

Laceflower said...

Too hilarious - tomato stealin' dog!
Retirement timetable, all your own - sweet. And hello fellow Gabaldon fan, I'm at page 600 for the second read.

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