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Friday, September 23, 2011

Leave It Beautiful in Twilight

Twilight.  Leaves.  Fall.
 The paintstik'd leaves with purple-blue-magenta rich tones were my inspiration to begin. And I decided to try them on a deep, rich, traditional brown; a batik with lighter toned brown swirls... perfect for the fall theme. I loved the contrast, too. Purple on brown.  And even better, I liked how the brown batik grounded the entire quilt, giving it a just a touch more realistic feel---like the bark of a tree. An appealing backdrop, compatible with the contemporary feel of the leaves. 
Razzle Dazzle thread is couched (#39 foot) onto the seam of the inside border
 I knew I wanted the quilting lines-motifs to be reminiscent of a light evening breeze, in a cool dusky setting as the last of the twilight fades into dark.
 I started with King Tut ELS cotton 40 weight.  It was a bit challenging to see as I quilted it as it blended so well with this batik background fabric.
 And I knew I wanted contrast with the brown thread.  So I turned to my thread stash, and selected a Rainbow (these are all Superior threads).  Rainbow is a 40 weight, variegated polyester.  Oooh!  Now we're talking.  Highlights the color of the leaves without overpowering the leaves.  Provides contrast and movement you can really see against the quilt, and yet harmonizes with the brown thread too, as it's the same undulating lines and soft waves.
 I used colors of thread (poly 40 weight) in the border quilting, but did it in two more new colors... leaf green with a leaf motif, and orange for the swirls, picking up a bit of the border fabric that contains purple-blues, oranges, & greens.

 The binding in the picture looks mostly pink... but it has multiple colors; subtle stripey coloration, containing blue, purple and pinkish purples. 

 It takes more time to work in two different colorways... planning the color changes, thinking... and alot of  fun to see the contrast. It was exciting for me to quilt with the purple-blue thread, and I had to be careful not to overdo it.  It would have overshadowed the quilt overall, and I only wanted that blue to accent and show off the leaves.   The brown thread recedes... just the way I like it.  And the blue pops forward.  Dark colors have a tendency to recede... light comes forward.
 For the first time, I used Wonder Under fusible web for the leaves.  It was easier to quilt through than the Steam A Seam product. I'm anxious to try Misty Fuse fusible web next.
I didn't trapunto the leaves, as you may have noticed in the green-red leaf quilt: RED Autumn from earlier posts. They still pop up, but not quite as much.

 The bobbin thread is Superior Masterpiece Cotton 50 weight, and the back fabric a pretty commercial batik. You can see that I've quilted around the leaves, as they were free motioned appliqued prior to the layering of fabric and batting.
Tough to find good light these days as there are so many long shadows when I get home... but just look at the gorgeous sidewalk!! LOL.  And this is the quilt without the 'edge' treatments.  After this photo was taken, I added yarn and Razzle Dazzle (Superior) as an inside edge trim next to the yarn on the binding seam, and then a turquoise blue on the inside seam of the border. Of course I used my 'go-to-girls' -- foot #43 free motion couching & my #39 traditional couching/clear embroidery foot for adding those elegant little touches.

Special thanks to Jocelyn and Jean; I picked Jeans' name, "Leave It Beautiful" but added "Twilight" to it.  Jocelyn's suggestion of "Chantilly" gives me more inspiration for a future thread session! I'm so appreciative; thank you ladies! 

EnJOY the weekend; we're having a gorgeous Montana Indian Summer!  


Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing With Bright Eyes

The latest.  A paintstik background, rubbed with numerous rubbing plates, and lots of different colors overlapping each other on some hand dyed fabric you're not sure what do with! Let the paint dry, and heat set it with an iron. Add a curved border.
Add a little bit of couching.  Use several yarns!  Why not?
Use a pretty batik backing you've had in your stash for five years.  Yeah, baby!
Take a look at your fabulous bookstore of quilting inspiration.  Courtesy of Patsy Thompson's "Hyper quilting" (a must-have for any serious or beginning quilter, I might add).  Decide on a motif.  (Practice first but not on your original piece!)
Go over it with another line of quilting, using a different, but fun color of thread.  Add some bling baby!  Move your feet -- I mean, use those feet! Click here: (#20 or #39 Bernina feet), or use use the search function on the blog to see more info I've posted on both of these feet).  Sew add a bit of couching onto the curved edge border, and why not on the binding, too?  Yahoo!

And take it outside into the garden area, so it can perform a happy dance with your sunflowers. 
Or dance the Mambo yourself!
And celebrate!

You're Done.  Nice finish!  EnJOY the fruits of your labor.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunshine! (And Couching!)

Wahoo! The sun is, and has been shining strong and bright on the first day of spring!  And... bonus! It's been above 70 degrees!  Another Wahoo!

What better time to feature (in more detail) a table runner I have titled "Sunshine and Satin."  It was a lot of fun to do, because I got to do three major techniques I really enjoy, employing my love of color. Free Motion Couching.  Free Motion bobbin play, and just fun free motion thread play in general!  Every last stitch on this piece is free motion, and there are at least five different thread choices, and many multiple quilting motifs, too.

And if you would like to learn more, I hope you will go to the BLOG for THREE CREATIVE STUDIOS and see my detailed post there tomorrow as Guest Artist for the Technique of the Month: Free Motion Couching.  

It will begin with the free motion couching foot --- the Bernina Foot #43.  Update 6/22/11: See it HERE at Three Creative Studios!

In that post, I have also set out my 'how-to's' for free motion couching! 

It was delightful to quilt on this luxurious cotton sateen fabric. Love how the quilting adds little poofs of dimension and shine!

And the free motion couching adds not only more color, but a texture that I personally find creative and attractive.

I like to try to attempt 'the unexpected' in my quilting and design process.  

The variegated yarn I've used in my free motion couching foot (foot #43 from Bernina) is a wool, beautifully hand-dyed from Mountain Colors Yarn Company in Montana.

And I have also used a smaller, and a bit more delicate, hand-dyed yarn, from Artfabrik, made by Laura Wasilowski; Queen of the Chicago School of Fusing.   Such pretty colors! This is a slightly thicker thread, meant for hand stitching or bobbin work... and since it doesn't 'fill up' the hole in the center of the #43 foot, I let it have it's 'wiggle room' and it ends up being a wavy presence on the edge that I like alot.  Enjoy those happy, and unexpected results!

I decided to add a touch of country to the satin... so on went the crochet trim -- free motion applied, of course.  More couching on the edge of the trim... just for FUN ... and because... I CAN!
Don't stop there! I also free motion couched around the outside edges right next to the binding. I like how it adds a framed look to many of my pieces.

Here's to hoping you will want to try your hand at embellishing, and find your very own... free motion couching style!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bernina Foot #43 Free Motion Couching

So... we visited yesterday with a quilt using more "traditional" type of couching, with the blog the day before on the #39 foot.  Tomorrow I will be posting a small project showing this technique, and I hope you will check back then!
And TODAY... more couching!  How I love a free motion foot of any kind... but this #43 free motion foot from Bernina is particularly FUN and one of my most favorites to use.  The foot comes with three pieces; the foot itself, a thread guide (that you load onto your Bernina thread cutters), and a small wire that is a threader that helps you insert cords/yarns through the holes of the foot. Ask your Bernina dealer to demonstrate it for you!  I will be demonstrating this at the placemat class at "The Quilt A Way" on February 15th 5:30 - 8pm.  Class fee: only $10 - come join us!
You can see the stitches 'pulled' a bit... so lower the tension!
  • Lower your top tension at least 1-2 levels
  • Lower your feed dogs
  • Use a 90/14 microtex  needle
  • with foot #43 from Bernina, the needle stitches through the center of the cord, so it's important to get it stitched down, but keep the foot moving evenly over the fabric.
  • just like any other foot, you can make circles, stitch over previous lines, and etc.
  • keep an even speed; not too fast, not too slow
  • tie off like you normally would 
  • cording or yarn you choose for this particular foot is approximately 2mm in width, or roundness.  Too big, a cord won't fit properly and will plug the holes in the foot.  Too loose, and it won't stitch down at all.  So find something that 'fills the hole' but feeds smoothly & evenly through the hole.
I am showing some basic placemats above, previously cut with free hand curves, and then those curved pieces have been edge-stitched down, and are now ready for stitching, couching and decorative stitch accents.  Here's the link to a previous blog that featured Christmas themed placemats. Hint:  Look at your needle as you gauge placement... it's in the center of the foot, so placing your foot, and watching the needle will take some practice, in order to get exact placement.

Remember, this is free motion, so feed dogs are down.  Lower your tension as needed, and match your top thread color to the cord.  I like 50 weight Masterpiece cotton from Superior threads in my top and the same in my bottom thread, but a polyester is good too, and I make my decisions based upon how much I'm going to couch, and the type of cord/yarn I am couching.  Polyester tends to be stronger, and for that reason alone, it can be a better choice especially if you are using 'tougher' cords/yarns with nylon or alot of density to them.

Threading the foot:  Begin with the side-entry, feeding your cord/yarn through the side, and then down through the top center hole.  Keep the excess cord/yarn to the left, ensuring it is tangle free and can feed easily as you are sewing/quilting.
Thread yarn through the side-entry hole first

The #43 Free Motion Couching Foot by Bernina is just a "must have" foot if you want to look like a STAR!  I teach and demonstrate this to most of my classes!  It's just too good not to share!  Note:  This foot has a shank that fits only the newer Bernina machines (10 years or more new), and it is not produced for the older models.  

Yarn completely threaded (left to right, through the center hole)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Shiva Paintsticks

This is from my "Fall Harvest Glory" quilt, created wholecloth from a 1/3 yard of a batik fabric.There is lots going on here!  But it started with a Shiva Paintstik, and some basic drawing.  I used stamps, and lots of embellishments, and threadplay.  More on all those details to come!

Here are few projects using the Shiva Paintsticks... fun to blend, and just have FUN!  I've used stencils, blending many different colors.  It's also great to use a nice rubber stamp, with a more 'open' design, and I highly suggest you visit http://www.hotpotatoes.com for some great stamps!  I just place my stamp underneath the material. Use the Grip-N-Grip mat to place the stamp on; a great product that ensures your stamp won't move on you as you color the fabric with the stik.  If you're using rubbing plates, spray them with a temporary adhesive spray (I use 505). Another fun technique is to use the paintstiks "free-style" --- anyone can draw a circle, a wavy line and add design their very own way.  The tip is to BEGIN!  The more time you spend with these lovely, creative 'crayons' the more fun you will have, the more ... you will learn!
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