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Thursday, July 30, 2015

a retro confetti parade ~ courtesy of ex libris fabric panel by alison glass

well... hello!

i'm back from a sweet~sweet time at flathead lake with girlfriends, and it was a wonderful week {and a few days too!}

i have more about all of that coolness... later! 

time for a little blog catchin' up ~ here is a bit of fusible and experimenting with my accuquilt die cut, combined with  lots of thread, yarn, and quilting play action.... free motion couching, using the fabulous ex libris fabric line from alison glass on a dark brown background fabric from art gallery fabrics.  so smooth... so satiny looking.   can you say "in love" as a wonderful backdrop to the color?!  {you know 'i do' ~ pun intended!}

i pre-fused the ex libris panel fabric, and then ran it through with the teardrop shaped die from accuquilt.  i fused them on, creating an original "flower" shape... and then stippled quilted the flower surface, and then added free motion couching {love that bernina #43 free motion couching foot!!}

once all that was accomplished, i quilted with bobbin quilting {from the backside}... and then did some echo quilting on those shapes, which were quite similar to the accuquilt/fusible ones ...

i added a bit more of a spark by applying my zig zag stitch, free motion style.  this means i set the zig zag for width... {approx 3.0} but i control the "satiny" look of it by how i move the fabric... it looks like a satin zig zag, rectangle.... and then i switch to the straight stitch {also free motion} in between, and continue quilting the surface.  

and oh yeah, the purple thick thread i applied via bobbin play?  that is 'razzle dazzle' by superior as well!
i also used a superior threads "rainbows" style thread, which is variegated, 100% polyester thread.  fabulous!  and oh... "sew easy" ~ or ~ make that "quit easy!"  much of that is due to bernina's built-in temporary altered stitch memory, because once i set the zig zag width, it's just a touch of the #2 zig zag button, and it remembers the width, {or length}, {or tensions} or ... {needle position} for each and 
every stitch i employ! {and EnJoy!}

and hanging from my dining room wall, so you can see the entire piece.  not my most fave pic, but at least you can view the entire little runner.
have a blessed day!  it's a gorgeous one here as i hit the road for teaching collage at the sewing palace quilt shop
 in helena montana!  yahoo!
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

it's a big love bouquet collage ~

hello ~

"big love bouquet"
i had only a couple  guidelines in mind when creating this  brand new design:
~ use graphic fabrics from my stash
~ incorporate multiple large fused flower shapes
~ add words 
have fun...
don't forget to smile working it all out...
keep it simple...

remember... how sweet it is ~ life is good!
and it's okay to say goodbye {using it up} to this sweet hand dyed yarn!  i used it in the border of the binding, using my {bernina#43 free motion couching foot.  this tiny little bit is all i have left.  thanks for a great time pretty yarn!
and the quilting is "straight-forward" as a manner of speaking!  i used a 90/14 topstitch needle, 40 wt. king tut thread on the top, and black 50 wt masterpiece in the bottom; all from superior threads.  then stitch away, using the dual feed feature, or use a walking foot; either works smooth as glass!!  i began by marking a straight line down the middle of the quilt with a disappearing ink kind of pen, and then use my foot as the width guide as i stitch from one end to the other.  my tip:  keep the lines uneven!  it makes for a more interesting texture {in my humble opinion ~ and personal preference}!

i'm writing a pattern for this design, too ~ coming... soon!

soli deo gloria

Monday, December 22, 2014

true spirit of Christmas ~ wallhanging

merry morning to you all ~

i thank you for your sweet comments, your gift of time spent here on the blog with me.  and so, it lifts my heart up, as i lift it up to the Lord, in thanks and blessing for the gift of Christmas.  a gift that transcends fear, grief, and the untold, and told ~ tragedies of this world.  

may the Holy Spirit come and lift you up, make you and me brave, holy, and mighty in His love, and help us to live it out each and every day!  {amen}.
as you know ~ i love to write, and to quilt it.  and then paint it!  so this is a creation from my head, and it combines some of the sketchiness i've explored in watercolor, cards, and the sketchbook, of course, as well as some bobbin play with pretty iridescent thread.  
i wanted to keep it red and white, but in the end, i decided it needed just a small spark of green in the "framing" of it, so i added a beautiful green wool yarn, couched into the binding seam, using of course... the wonder #43 free motion couching foot.

it's been a big blessing to my heart to create this piece as i've been quilting and sewing while listening to christian radio, sermons, and of course, christmas carols in the studio.  a most wonderful time of year!

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

red sunset gradient ~ finished

happy thursday everyone!

as promised from my earlier post {see here} here's the finished piece from vicki's red sunset gradient, and i decided to use three different thread colors, from the "twist" line of 40 wt polyesters from superior threads, leading out of the gate is the "light/medium blue" twist.
and the green twist:
and the fun feather practice in sweet little tight curves and swirls...
and back to the gold/red twist in between:

the finishing "frame" was a very artistic yarn, that perfectly complemented this gorgeous fabric, and the pretty threads. i simply attached it via my bernina #43 foot, which is the free motion couching foot, directly into the seam of the binding.

i have a couple thoughts to share with you about my process here... i'm not sure i'm terribly impressed with choosing all three threads together in this piece...   i think i would have liked it better with just one of the twists, rather than choosing all three. but these three are the ones i had recently purchased, and i was really excited to try them out.

also... this is just a good example of how i practice... with beautiful fabric and beautiful threads.  when i choose things i really love, i'm almost always pretty doggone happy.  now, practicing on something like muslin... wouldn't have helped me to learn the color value quite so well, i don't think, anyway.  

so, i'm thrilled with the overall look, because... well, it's vicki's fabric, and the thread play is pretty. i guess that's just how i "twist n roll."  lol  

what i learned is that the blue and green, in the lighter varieties didn't "pop" like the gold/red because the color value of the two colors within the spool were quite close, and so did not show up against the fabric quite as dramatically.  and although i loved all the contrasts of the thread against the fabric itself, i couldn't visually grasp the "twist" of the green and blue thread.  

what does that really mean?

quick answer: i get to buy more thread!  lol  ... but really, i do need to have not only a better understanding of value, as contrasted within the thread spool, as well as the fabric, but having gone back and looked at superior's variety of twist threads... there were a couple spools in the same color, but in darker contrast and value that would have perhaps made this piece sparkle a little bit more!  not a bad thing... just a learning thing!!

so i will continue to twist and shout... and happily go exploring!  love it!
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a sweet finish to my poppy art quilt ~

hi there ~

if you read yesterday's post...  you'll also know this is a class i'm looking forward to teaching in november 8m 10-4 pm at timeless quilts and friends sewing center in missoula, montana.  

so here we go with the rest of the "poppy" story, and how i finished it with a bit of thread play, free motion wordplay, and a sweet little binding finish.
tip:  don't over press the angelina fibers... they have a tendency to darken, and change colors.  it may be what you like... but then again... maybe not!

keep the thread play simple.  i wanted the poppy to be the star of the show, of course, but i also wanted to highlight it.  i chose thread colors that were darker, and lighter in the same color family as red/orange/pink.  then, i added black and white for sparkle and depth!

i chose not to quilt the background.  i spent all that time making this gorgeous patterned background, and i wanted it to just "be" ... and i love the result!

the addition of words was just a playful touch.  it would have been fine without too...
and a curvy bottom edge in a artistic shape, and finished with a lovely yarn, accomplished via free motion couching {bernina foot #43}.

a bit of turquoise "flourish" to add pop to this sweet little poppy art quilt!  

enJoy the blessings of the day ~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

baby boy blanket ~ free motion couching

hey folks,

it's pretty simple.  {if you have a bernina and a foot like this one}, that is.

it's just a flannel blanket, which was one piece of flannel, and another piece of minkee fabric, sewn right sides together, then turned right side out.  it wasn't made by me, but a special request from a friend of mine, asking me to add some personality with personalization on this baby blanket.

so i got out my free motion couching foot, {bernina's #43} and quilted the child's name using a beautiful yarn, and free motion to make it fun, colorful, and charming. took me about 15-20 minutes.
a personalized baby blanket with the baby's name, "kayden" free motion quilted

if you haven't seen my little tutorial on this wonder foot... you can...  right... here.

and i believe bernina is now making this foot for their older machines, too!  {they got lots of requests for it}  so check out your bernina dealer, and if you have a bernina machine that is over 12 years old... you should be able to get this foot, and have fun with this awesome technique!

thanks for coming by.  have a great one!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

autumn daydreams ~ version one...

hello and good morning ~

autumn ~ truly a golden time isn't it?  

a season chock-full of delights, highlights ~ and perhaps even ~ insights.  it changes every day.  and it's definitely full of inspiration and blessings for me. 

it also heightens my tactile sense, as i love to touch leaves, study the colors, the decay, the lines, shape and forms. to pause, and really ... really... look at what is right in front of me.

and i take that inspiration to the studio, to blend, play and experiment with the fall glow that only a hand-dyed fabric sings to me about.

from the hands of vicki welsh ...

to the bed of my sewing machine.

those blue skies and orange leaves...almost "leaf" me breathless {bad pun, but so appropriate!} lol  
that blue and orange makes me real happy.  and then... a little bit of brown for the quilting outside of the feathers... not so much.   {just sayin'}

in hindsight?  perhaps a light orange/coral/peach... hmm?

the backing. i love beautiful backing fabrics that accent the front, and also highlight the quilting.

and i found the perfect {and a favorite} hand-dyed rayon yarn to couch into the seam of the binding.  it's luscious.  tactile.  and the color is delicious.  

thanks for coming alongside me in my autumn daydreams, and stitching seams!
version two coming up in the next post...

bless your day!  
soli deo gloria

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