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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Light in Praise for Austyn Mae ~

Hello Dear Readers!

I am so excited to share news today ~ good news!  {for all people}.  This particular update and sweet celebration is in relation to Little Miss Austyn Mae.  Those of you who have been reading the blog for awhile know a little bit about Austyn Mae, and my "Hearts for Austyn" fundraiser on this blog, that so many of you generously took part in, and who prayed for this sweet little baby girl, born with an unusual form of cancer a little over a year ago. She went through chemo and then surgery, to remove the mass, successfully!

Recently Austyn's parents took her back to Seattle from Montana, to have a check-up, where the doctors again, found another mass in the same area where the prior cancerous tumor was.  It was heartbreak for her parents, as they prepared for yet another surgery for their baby girl. 

They arrived in Seattle, and Austyn underwent surgery.  And so many believers in Christ prayed, and in boldness, in power and faith, we prayed for a miracle, as did Austyn's parents.

On February 28th, my friend, and Austyn's Mom, Justine posted this news for us:
"Austyn's surgery was yesterday morning. She is doing AMAZING! The great news is they think it's granular tissue that is infected!!! All the Docs are surprised. Infection was never even mentioned as a possibility from the MRI and other tests. It just proves how gracious and good our Lord God is!!! Cancer isn't 100% ruled out but it looks pretty good. They started IV antibiotics and sent the mass to pathology right away. We will know final diagnosis next Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be MT bound today! We are overwhelmed with blessings!!!"
We so praise and thank God for these young parents who are not afraid to trust an unkown future
to a KNOWN God and Savior.
To God Alone ~ Is The Glory!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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