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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

this is my father's world ~

i can't help myself. 

i just almost get giddy with anticipation when the spring's apple blossoms start budding this gorgeous pink color that totally draws me in.  i check our trees every day to watch them open... and then one morning... whoosh!  they are all fluffy, fragrant, and fascinating! sooo beautiful.  

actually, quite precious.  i look forward to them every spring.

i believe the blossoms frame this definition perfectly!

and these lyrics do it justice quite nicely, too.
i'm singing this song over and over in my head.  i love it.  
{a new one i just learned at our recent retreat}.  

and the apple trees frame it beautifully with their own wonderful eternal melody.  
all from our Father's creative hand. 
{and i've been 'posing' some sketches in the blossoms, too}

welcome blossoms.  welcome spring!  welcome!



Monday, May 7, 2012

An Apple *Blossom* A Day ~

All photos by Leslie McNeil
We had rain, sunshine, and cool temps this weekend, but all in all, it was beautiful, and one thing about the cooler temps, is that it keeps the blooms on the trees just a bit longer!
The Apple Blossom season always gives me pause to stop. 
Look.  Wonder.  Breathe in. 
Such Joy in those hardy little springtime blooms.  They're so lovely, aromatic, romantic and beautiful. 

We had a lovely weekend ~ here's to a great week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Apple BLOSSOMS are here!!!

The apple trees in our front yard are giving us quite the show this cool, rainy spring!  
I'm very excited about my pictures.  I popped outside into the front yard --- frequently---sometimes even in the rain and if it was early morning, in my robe! Yes...I'm sure I am cheap entertainment for my neighbors! 
 and then when the clouds parted for maybe... 6 seconds... out I went again! Love the bright green!
and how I love the LIGHT... I was rewarded richly...
... those beautiful, soft-as-a-baby's-behind blossoms in dreamy pinks and creamy ivory nestled among the gorgeous green!  AWESOME!
Amazing, how after just a few minutes of sun... the blossoms are opening.  This was taken later in a brief interlude (more than 6 seconds) of Mr. Sunshine on Sunday afternoon.

Those were among the many gifts I received this weekend from our wonderful Creator God!
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