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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas mug rugs ~

hello there ~

it's true. the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful with our current christmas weather!  5 above and a nice chilly wind make it 16 below {or so!}  but who's reading the thermometer?! 

it's time to be cozy in your sewing room, isn't it?  or to just sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot liquid and put it on a cute little mug rug while your toasting your toes by the fire!

in getting ready for the art and craft show this coming weekend, i made some mug rugs, using the quilt-as-ya-go' methodology, and some delightful scraps from yesterday's post in from the cold christmas placemats, too. 

and then that sweet little bernina foot #43 showed up to add it's special touch of christmas embellishment. 

it works as like this: cords ~ approximately 2mm in width, are fed directly into the foot, from a side vent, and then in through the top, into a center hole in the sole, to be fed into the needle, and which can then be freely quilted in any direction you desire with the feed dogs lowered – letting you create all kinds of wonderful, imaginative lines, patterns and shapes {in no time flat!}

i used some wool yarn that was hand-dyed in christmas reds for my couching:


sending warm wishes for a few quiet moments of steaming cocoa, coffee, tea or cider!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Whispering Pines ~ Table Runner

Hi sweet friends!

It's a grand new day ~ it's a new year, {not to mention a new day!}  And... another finish ~ Yay!  This is 'Finish Number Three' of eight of the pieced "misfit" blocks I've made into tablerunner quilts lately.  {tomorrow I will show you finish #4 ~ my personal favorite so far!}

As you can see, it's VERY simple quilting... I kept it neutral for the first motif, using variegated tans/browns, and then went back for the second highlight with a touch of variegated green for some spark and color, and to {hopefully} coordinate with that woodsy, botannical look. Both of these threads are from Superior Threads, in their "Rainbows" line of 100% polyester, tri-lobal thread.
I kept it pretty open, and again, quite simplistic, with a 'loop-d-loo' type of quilting motif in the outside border.
And then, I decided to finish the outer edges with a feather motif.  A bit of a challenge... I'm out of practice!  And this is one motif, that for me, takes more time.  It's not a 'quick-as-a-bunny' quilting motif, for the most part.
 I left the middle of these feathers 'open' or 'plain' as I would describe them.  I just felt it would be too crowded, and overwhelm the simplicity of this piece... I may have made the wrong decision there... I'm still not sure... but I think I'll probably leave it alone.

Overall, I'm happy with this finish.  I like how it looks on the dining room table, & out of my 'misfit island' pile.  I've also decided to list it in my Etsy shop, too, as I have done with the previous one's I've finished.
I think this piece would be great for 'after Christmas' home decor, {as I've done here} arranged with a simple {faux} evergreen tree, and a few candles, or so.  After all... Christmas is never... really... over!
 And I've added more free motion couching onto a couple other runners I've put together... waiting further inspiration.  In case anyone is wondering... I have written, and posted several tutorials about the Bernina #43 free motion couching foot.  Just click on the word "tutorial", or you can also use the search box function on the blog, which you will find on the right hand side column.  I've tried to be intentional about listing labels, or tags, so if you type in "Bernina #43" you should see pop up on your screen, all the posts that relate to this beautiful tool!  {there's alot - I'm warning ya}.  It's one of my favorite techniques to teach, too!!  I always do my best to answer questions, too.  But let me say, briefly{!} that I know of no other machine manufacturer, that makes a free motion couching foot, so incredibly seamless and easy to use.  They do make them, however, so please check with your dealer, or machine website to see if one is offered for your brand of machine, if you have something other than a Bernina.

EnJOY ~ ALL... the possibilities with each new day! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Store Up Your Treasures

This is where I left off with this piece in yesterday's post.  Now on to the finish line!
I thought I would add some yarn to the outer edges of the flower, free motion couching style as it's so easy to go round the edges.  But then, Big Uh Oh.  I don't like this...  At ALL.  Out comes the ripper, and at least a careful 20 minutes, to take out all the stitching and the yarn edging around the flower.  I hate it when that happens!  BUT... sometimes that's the way it... sews!
And I did this instead.  From chunky and funky to smooth and groovy.  Ahhh. That's better.  Much more peaceful and harmonious.   Why didn't I think of that in the first place?!  I had a hard time deciding between pink and purple thread...
Also, I wanted to enhance the little bit of white checkered stamping I did on the batik fabric below.  The stamping didn't rally show up as I had thought when I stamped it, and even lighter once it dried.  So I decided to add my own little quilted squares, free motion style.  The square motifs are NOT perfect.  Wabi Sabi!  (Perfectly Imperfect).  The intent was to 'add a bit' but not over-do it.  They are just kinda 'here and there.'
And then I thought it needed 'a little somethin-somethin- more, you know?  So out came the purple Razzle Dazzle once again, to 'do that thing you do' --- love it!  And it compliments the delicate metallic edging on the purple rayon ribbon, in color, shine and accent.
 I left the lace edging 'raw-edged' and I like it that way. Alot!  The Razzle Dazzle thread is couched down right next to the yarn, but only on one side; the far left side. To put it on both sides would be predictable it seems to me... and I had also added it into the seam of the far right piece of lace inset.  When you add it as a 'second thought' you must take care to secure it in the beginning and ending of your stitching, and either draw the edges of the strands back through the quilt, or overlap and backstitch securely.  Would have been a bit easier if I had made that decision before I pieced other strips of fabric to it, but it's not that big of a deal to me, and I enjoyed working this way.
 Now Another Decision.  What thread color to use for the quilting on the center pink piece of Decolourant-screen printed fabric that began this adventure!   I thought of white... but then considered it would likely not have enough of a presence on the pink/white mottled print.  So purple it was.  Again repeating some of the color story here.  I wonder if I should go back and add a dab of white threadplay somewhere... in the flower?  Around the flowers?  Hmm. Maybe!
 And I chose the verse from Matthew, "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven" to quilt into the center of the pink fabric.  I still have some questions about my design decisions.  I'm not unhappy with it, I just think now after seeing it completed, there may have been some other choices I could have made.  More purple snow dye fabric, for one. Like another strip of it on the bottom, perhaps. 
You can't see it, but "Matt 6:20 is quilted into the lower pastel batik border, and my name "Leslie McNeil" is quilted in that tiny sliver of a corner under the crochet lace!   I went with the same orange batik for the binding finish, and adding another thread embellishment of Razzle Dazzle, stitched in the ditch on the binding for that easy finish.
I did add light quilting to the purple screen printed printed border on top.  You can't see it in the picture, but I just followed the printing lines of the outside curves with white thread I did experience an issue with the stitches skipping when the needle hit the paint... and I should have used a titanium needle, (from Superior threads) to see if that would have corrected the issue, but had run out of them.
Have you seen my tutorial on the Bernina Foot #39, which is most commonly referred to as the "clear embroidery foot" and not so much as a couching foot.  Click HERE for the tutorial I posted 1/31/11!
Looking back, I did accomplish at least one goal; that was to use what I had on hand.  I also wanted 'create as I went' making my own design, using what I had previously made with the screen prints and Gelli prints the weekend before.  And while I did all that... did I do it well? 

Truthfully, I'm not sure.
But I am sure of this: 
   Sew it Goes! 

Thanks for stopping by.
Bless your day!

Friday, February 4, 2011


A FIESTA... no Siesta going on here... but if y'all have a more creative title for this piece, I'd LOVE to hear it!

I do really love bold colors, and the lovely rayon ric rac yarn featured here has been a favorite for many projects.  And this is the last of the silk fabric scraps I found stashed away!  I'm pretty happy about all the little samples I've made with it.

I love using my zig zag in free motion, and this was also another opportunity for me to use my favorite silver metallic thread GLITTER from Superior Thread Co.   In this piece, you can see, hopefully - my "zig zag jewels" and a then I did some straight stitching in between the yarn rows... but not everywhere!  That would have been predictable, and... not to mention... very boring. At least it would have been for me!

And... this is where knowing your machine can really pay off... in Bernina Land, it's referred to as 'temporary altered stitch memory' and you can learn lots more about a free motion zig zag in a post here

Yessss...! The free motion couching foot #43 really wins the supporting role on this project;  the gorgeous yarn gets the 'best actress' award!
In case you missed that blog on the #43 foot, you can find it here.

Yup... Phil's fabric for the binding - again.  (Phillip Jacobs, fabric designer, not my personal friend or anything like that!)  I just like that fabric so much I've started calling it that!

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