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Monday, May 19, 2014

c-n montana wilderness school of the bible camp ~ augusta montana

that's a mouthful for a title, isn't it?!  

photos from our big sky tres dias women's christian retreat! this is just an awesome camp, nestled up against the rocky mountains of montana, near "steamboat mountain." such a beautiful, and quite modern camp. we had such a wonderful God-sweet time at this retreat!
snapped this from the outskirts of the tiny town of augusta montana, heading straight for steamboat mountain {on second mountain from the far left}.  isn't that view just spectacular?

and some wild beauties of crocus, and shooting stars, were also waiting to happily greet us:

 the dearborn river flows around the camp too; sparkling clear with snowy runoff water:

 a beautiful campside podium with an amazing view:

 what's a springtime retreat without a little snow?!
 looking back on a great weekend!  the road was filled with faith-building beauty.
this retreat is a 3-day course on christian living, sponsored through big sky tres dias of montana.  check it out more, by clicking here!  this is our mission:
"therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."  matthew 28:18."
solia deo gloria!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Studio Organization ~ *{feet}*

Hi everyone!  I'm back from a lovely, long weekend just for us girls; one that is called "The Tres Dias Weekend."  *(You can find out more online at TresDiasMontana.org and BigSkyTresDias.org) This is a Christian weekend of three days of learning, growing, laughing, tears, and maturing in our Christian walk of faith.  It was just a super wonderful weekend of fellowship and God's amazing grace!  

I just want to stop for a minute, and express my thankfulness for you and thank God for everyone 'out there' who have shown their love and support to me.  I'm so blessed!  Thank you all for your wonderful friendship. I know God will use this blog and I know it's a place where I am to "be" and to give my Utmost here... for His Highest.  Thanks for hangin' with me!!

Loved reading your comments regarding our newest family member, our sweet little Miss Georgia - the wild child Border Collie puppy.  She is sweet innocence and completely fun and joyful in her puppy pouncing and playful (and very razor sharp teeth!)   

So, while I continue to 'get back into the thick of things' and get some more pictures loaded --- I thought I would share with you how I store my sewing machine feet.  

I love these little Bernina caddy's --- they fit perfectly inside the drawers of my sewing cabinet that my sewing machine sits on.  Handy.

I have three drawers with all my feet in them. I'd just like to say not all the little caddy's are filled, just in case you were wondering...!  
 But I do have alot of feet, and they are ALL in numerical order.  Love that!
It's not just because it's neat and tidy, but I can also find them fast.  And it's easy access, as I can just open the drawer, and pull the foot I need quickly from the case.   {It's the putting it back that becomes more of an issue!}

And there's room for knick-knacks in the little drawers within the caddy.  As well as space for bobbins, and even the big bulky buttonhole foot.
 Recently, some of the students in Bernina Mastery Class were not even aware that these caddy cases can be ordered... but they can.  And you can purchase extras of the little gray 'hangers' (as I call them) to fit your type of feet (coded and uncoded) as you need.

I received all but two of mine with the past purchases of machines, and in my studio, they are 'sew worth it!' I would much rather organize~~ and find a foot within 30 seconds, than rummage through plastic bags, or tupperware caddy's in frustration.  Searching time... is sewing time! 

Just thought ya might like ta know!  Thanks again, and have a terrific week! 

We'll talk soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Isaiah" Scaves

I was asked by a good friend of mine, to add a bible verse to some scarves she had purchased for our Big Sky Tres Dias Prayer Team. "Tres Dias" is Spanish, meaning three days, and it is a weekend dedicated to help us grow, explore and mature our faith in Jesus Christ --- to learn more, & be strengthened in living our Christian life. Visit the website "Big Sky Tres Dias" for more information, or contact me. I so enjoy the sweet fellowship of seeing old friends, and meeting new ones every time I serve these weekends.  Here is the verse for our Women's weekend retreat:
So, truthfully, I was a bit intimidated by the sheerness and fragility of the fabrics in these scarves. I knew two things: some sort of stabilization was needed, and I wanted to write the verse out by employing free motion.  
The best stabilizer for this job was "Aqua Bond" -- a sticky-backed, water-soluble stabilizer.  I cut it into 1 1/2 inch strips, peeled off the paper backing, and placed it on the backside of the scarf, at the top edge. I chose my #24 free motion foot to help prevent excess fabric from 'flagging' which means the fabric travels up the needle in an unpleasant fashion. The #9 foot would have worked well here too.
For thread, I chose a Superior Threads, tri-lobal polyester.  I had to loosen my top tension greatly --- to .5!  I put a black Isacord polyester in the bobbin. I found out that if I kept my stitches too small, they easily could make a hole in the scarf... not cool. I wish I had tried a 50 weight thread for the bottom... but I didn't until I was finished! Sew .. it.. goes!
 It was definitely a great benefit to use my 'white gloves' (quilting gloves), to help grip the thin fabric, making it as taut as possible, and especially working with just the top edge, too.  I did think about a hoop... but I would have had to move it alot, and I think it would have damaged the fragile fabric, too.  After I finished stitching, I washed out the stabilizer, and pressed them. I was fairly pleased with the way they turned out. I got to try something new, and was blessed to be asked, and to learn... more. 

 Isaiah 12:2:  Surely God is my salvation: I will trust and will not be afraid, for the Lord God is my strength and my might, He has become my salvation.
 Praying He is YOUR strength and might...and if He is not... that He will be! Amen.
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