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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black Beauty No. 1 Finale ~

I began this piece recently, named "Black Beauty" which hopefully... will be part of a series. See that post here.  The photo below shows a close-up of the quilting after outline quilting (three times!) in a gold colored thread, and then a turquoise blue thread for the outer spaces, without any hyper quilting in the center feather shapes ~ yet!
I actually debated about whether to even add the hyper quilting, as I do love the puffy-looking texture of the feathers... perhaps another time?!
But I love free motion! So quilt the feathers, I did!  In a solid colored purple thread.  All of these threads are by Superior Threads from their Art Studio line of 100% polyester, tri-lobals.
I will also admit to you all out there, that the triple outline of the feathers, with the gold-colored thread... was very difficult to do!  Not in a bad way, necesarilly --- just something I want to get better at.  It will take a good deal more practice to get the spacing more exact, the curves a little smoother and prettier... and a good deal more patience, as well!  I can't wait to practice it again.  I love the looks of it!
The picture below shows one of my newer quilting motifs, which I call "the patched screen door."  What do you think of it?  Kind of looks like it doesn't it?  I like it that is NOT perfect...
and because it is fairly easy for me to get bored with one design, I chose many different 'fill-in' motifs.
I know I've mentioned her before, but if you don't know, or haven't seen Patsy Thompson's website or her books, or her videos... she is one superbly talented lady in teaching, and in her ability to show and explain the perfect execution of this style of feather, which I happen to love! 

The whole tablerunner, laid out on the patio table.  This runner was cut from basically the entire length of the faux leather fabric, so it is quite long; 50 inches.  I hand-drew the curvy lines for the two feathers, which meet in the middle, and form the basis of the feathers.
And it was the first time in a long time, that I have made rounded corners, which was requested by the person I custom made it for; my friend Annette.  I cut the binding on the bias, matching the turquoise and purple colors, and I love the black graphic print of the batik, too.  It's a little faded in the picture above, but brighter in person.

Hope you had a nice long weekend.  Counting down my days of vacation... make that "staycation!"  Sad face, but happy days!  Three... more... left!

Soli Deo Gloria!
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