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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Hope Quilt ~ Winners !

Thank you ALL so much for your sweet support, prayers and participation in the Quilt Raffle for Rowan!  What a blessing you are!  

Dee and Susie; a couple who lives in Highwood, MT, won the "Hope" quilt.  They were absolutely thrilled,and are looking forward to cuddling up with it and their grandchildren together!  CONGRATS!

Now to the rest of the prizes, as drawn by my co-worker, Miss Megan, totally random, ya know!  We draw jury names quite often, so we're both quite good at this!  lol

Prize 1: Winner of Soul Blossom No. 3:  Barb Neiwert (Idaho)
Prize 2: Winner of Summer embroidery CD's:  Linda Sue (Texas)
Prize 3: Winner of Amy Butler Bag with patterns: Debbie Crystal (California)
Prize 4: Winner of Embroidery Joanie Carl (Great Falls)
Prize #5: Winner of three Patterns: Kimberly Dill (Texas)
While we don't have a final total yet, we are hopeful that we raised well over over $1000 for the Flaten Family!  
I will be getting the prizes out to you by this weekend!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous, giving hearts, and God Bless You All for your lovely, and most beautiful prayers for Rowan and his family... please don't stop!  They need them so very much as they put this battle in the Lord's hands.

With much love and a grateful heart~

Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Love and "Trust In Him" Mug Rug

If you read my post yesterday, about using my favorite chalk pens - Sewline - today shows the result. I should have also posted the product description, so here it is: 
 "Specially formulated leads give a clear, fine line on fabrics. Lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing. Simply rubof with the eraser or dab off with a damp cloth. The new, modern way for drafting on fabrics. Innovative ceramic technology creates a new generation of leads that are strong, non-gritty and more easily removed with the eraser or sponged off with a damp cloth. Sewline Fabric Pencil gives clean, sharp lines with a choice of colors that you can on most fabrics. Special cushioned point mechanism protects lead braking from writer pressure EASY TO USE Click down the eraser end to extend lead. Press lightly to draw lines. To remove lines, gently rub along lines. To extend the eraser, hold eraser section and rotate the barrel. Note: Always test on a swatch of the fabric to ensure lines can be removed satisfactorily. Erase pencil lines before ironing fabric. EASY TO REFILL Pull the whole eraser section from the barrel. This reveals barrel chamber access, Slide in up to 6 leads. Replace eraser and rotate section to retract. Press down eraser end several times to advance the new lead" 
And this is MAY BLOG LOVE!  I picked from two of the commenters of yesterday's post, and I'm sending one of the Sewline pens to each of these two lovely ladies:  Elle who writes the blog "Elle in da coop" and Miss Holly of "Through My Window!"
Check out these lovely ladies and their fun blogs!
And.. this is a little mug rug produced from my day of "Livin It Up in WhoVille" --- a random piecing session a little while ago.  
I chose my Bernina #24 free open-toed free motion foot for this type of FMQ.  I love the open "c" design so you can see where your lines are, and can accomplish exact (or mostly exact!) placement.
Here I sketched in general ~ the letters I wanted to FMQ, using my Sewline pen with the green chalk. My lines are simply 'guides' --- not formal 'must-sew' lines as I find those to be restrictive to my creative process as I begin quilting... and I want to be FREE and open to changing my mind as I go!  Also, at other times, I will draw straight placement lines for the letters to rest on... and other times I just like to see how it goes.  And this is one of those times!
That's all there is to it.
Well, a bit more to it.  I did add more FMQ in my favorite design element --- the soft swirls.  And I don't draw lines for those at all.  Simply free movement.  And the more you do, the more you get better at it and understand what you like... and what you may not!
Hint:  I usually try to avoid any heavy stitching through  bulky seams.  Many times -- especially in larger quilts, I will start my quilting at the seam, in the ditch, to hide the stitches, and I if I need to, I will stop in a seam, if necessary, although I prefer to run it off the edge of the quilt sandwich whenever possible.
There you go.  Now I just have to bind it and I'm finished.
Trust in Him.  
Period.  (period emphasized!)  
Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Four U's of Grace ~~~

detail from "Fruit of The Spirit"
I hope you had a great weekend; I did.  Lots of stitching, yard work and fellowship for us!  

In case you missed it, I posted the fun I had quilting on faux leather last last Monday.  You can visit that post here.  And... the winner is:

Cathy H (two blogs: "Itchin' to Stitch"  and Cathy at Studio 28!)  Congratulations, Cathy!  Please contact me with your mailing information and I will send you the faux leather fabric soon!  You're gonna love it!

Thank you everyone, for playin' along - it's always fun to do this and I appreciate all of you!  

Happy Monday and have a great week!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feathers in Leather~

This was just tons of fun to quilt!  I loved doing it.  I can't wait to try out the suede fabric I bought too.  edit: See my 4/4/12 post "Rawhide" here for more info!
Yes, it is for sale --- in my Etsy shop here.
I first quilted the feathers in Rainbows, tri-lobal polyester, in a blue variegated combo, going back and outlining them about 3/8" apart in the same blue.
 I continued the blue quilting, for the outside space apart from the feathers, surrounding them with varying free motion quilting motifs.
I used Masterpiece in blue for the bobbin thread.  Worked beautifully!  I used a commercial batik from my stash for the backing.
I couldn't resist trying a little bit of 'hot' color, so I went with a solid orange, this time, a Ricky Tims Studio thread in a polyester, a 40 weight also, and for the 'hyper quilting' (as Patsy Thompson calls it), I used a variegated bright pink and orange combo in Rainbows once again.
I'm tickled with the results, really.  Although I would like to experiment with different shapes... so I'm ready to get back to doing more feathers, and figuring out some more designs.  If you're interested in feathers you cannot go wrong buying any of the books or DVD's from Patsy Thompson's website.  I learned what I know from her!!
 So whatdaya think?  Would you like to free motion quilt or play with this fabric?  Or does it interest you at all?  If so... would you like to win some?  If so... then see below!
If not - then thank you for your input!  I'm still looking for other types of leather fabrics... just haven't had time to get to the stores or do searching on the internet.  If you do, would you please let me know?  I'd love to hear about it!

April Blog Love --- here we go! I'll pick a winner for the fabric, from those who comment on this post... and I'll do that and announce it in my Monday morning, April 16th, post. I will send the winner a fat quarter size piece (or larger) of fabric. 
Soli Deo Gloria! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Love ~ Pin It !

I'm giving away three pins today... the first two pins will be up for grabs from those who comment on today's  post. In your comment, please mention which one you like... that is, if you like what you see, as far as that goes.  This first one is the "Red Posy" pin.
It features a bit of angelina fibers (shiny and iridescent), painted fusible web, as well as pretty variegated thread and an adorable red fabric flower, on a black, square base.  Pin back is attached, adn the edges are finished with a free motion zig zag, couching-edge technique.  It's approximately 2" x 2" square. Funky and Chunky!

Next, is "Bluebird Spring" in a sweetheart shape, featuring pretty white crochet lace, bright shiny beads, with a variety of blues, and some pink tossed in for contrast and 'sweetness!'  Edge finished with couched fibers, as well.

And the third one is a pastel Spring Beauty featuring metallic threads, all kinds of spring pastel colors in ribbons, fibers and painted fusible web, topped off with a lovely abalone shell button.  This one goes to my blog friend... Miss JOCELYN from Florida, the sweet blogger behind "Happy Cottage Quilter."  Jocelyn's blog is on my blog roll, and I always enjoy her posts.  Check her site out. Thank you Jocelyn for your friendship... right from the start ~ when I first hesitantly ~ began my blogging journey in 2010!

Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful encouragement, love and support!  Who say's it's "March Madness?" (although I am a college basketball fan!) 
 It's March Love!

Blessings for a Bountiful March into Spring!
P.S. In case you don't know what "MarveLes Blog Love" is... it is simply a round-robin style of thankfulness. I keep a little journal book of names - those who want to participate (who send me their physical mailing address), and pick one each month, to whom I send them a small item in thankfulness.  The bottom line: no one gets picked twice, until all have received something - once! Hence, the round-robin style of this monthly give-a-way.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Valentines

This is the stabilizer I use, most often, and almost always when I use paper fabric I've made.  I put a layer of batting under the paper fabric, and then put this stabilizer on the back of that, and then the last layer of fabric backing.  I prefer the firmness to be on the backside, rather than on the front, so the top part of the item retains a bit of it's 'puffiness' or quilted look.
And these are the tiny 'inchie' sized leftovers from some of my pink fabric paper, cut into random sized, heart shapes, laid onto the batting layer, ready for embellishment.
I'll add some lacey fabric I had previously added metallic free motion stitching to... I love lace on hearts.
and some free motion stitching.  Decorative stitches, a bit of Angelina Textiva shiny stuff, and a fused flower or ... two!
a bit of pretty ribbon.
And what about some leftover cording, & crocheted trim. Yes!
Here, have a heart!

I'm thinking I'm going to add ribbon hangers, and these will be my February 2012 Valentines which will function as bookmarks, or miniature little keepsakes, or even wall hangings.  I'm going to put some in my Etsy shop, too... as soon as I can get good pictures. And at least one... will go out for "Blog Love" for February! (click on that link to see more details)

Do you make Valentines? What do you like to make, if you do? 

Happy Valentine's Day!  (I just wanted to be among the first to say it to ya!)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowflake Blues & Blog Love!

I finished my fabric paper begun in this post.  And, another post, here, after some quilting. After looking at it for a few days, I was just really unsure as to whether it should be kept in one piece, so I  decided to take a chance and cut it up, feeling overall, it was too busy.  You can see it's been cut into three pieces.  Each one is finished a bit differently.

My pics aren't the greatest, I had to take them to work, and took these outside the building on my lunch hour when it was cloudy, but bright outside.  Love the cement background!  (not really).  But I really did enjoy adding these little snowflakes!  Just from randomly cut, squares or rectangles from a lacey, knit fabric I had on hand.
I really love the purple-almost reddish purple, color, from the acrylic inks... and I am looking forward to trying them on more fabrics!
The lime green color (one of my favorites), really appeals to me in this piece... almost helps 'set off' the purples and blues, don't you think?  Or is it 'just weird?'

I enjoyed my white sharpie pen... as I am truly... a doodler at heart.  Always have been.  I added some silver snowflakes using my GLITTER thread... with the 60 weight, Bottom Line, 100% polyester in my bobbin.  That is the secret combo, if you ask me, to successful threadplay with this 'high maintenance' beauty.  And lowering my tension to 1.0... AND using a 90/14 metallic needle.  And that... is how it's done.  Even with a heavy, and somewhat challenging fabric paper layer(s).

When I first started sewing over the little white bits of fabric, I realized that it punches them down quite a bit, so that they recede into the surface design.  I like that.  But I also liked having them 'loose' and just sewn down a little bit, which makes them come forward... and seem more real, and visually, interesting.  I didn't plan this... it just happened, once I started quilting them down on the surface.
I was tickled to find that my previously 'messy' hand-stamped stars fit right in, and I love them in this piece!  You'd never know they were 'cast-off's' before they found their home, here!
I began by outlining them free motion style, quilting around them in white thread - you can see some of the swirls from that quilting.  Then I turned the fabric over to the back side, loaded a bobbin with Razzle Dazzle in the white, and outlined the star twice, to give it sparkly goodness.  I had a few issues with tension, as I forgot in the beginning to TIGHTEN my top tension, significantly.  This requires going from an average setting of 4.0, to a 6.0 with these threads.  I used a 40 weight Isacord polyester on the top for this method.

And tonight we have a 'fluff' of snow on the ground, our first of 2012!  It might be icy tomorrow going to work, but it will be white, sparkly, and hopefully... the wind will stop!  Amen to that!  

One of these pieces will be mailed for January's "Blog Love."  If you don't know how it works, this is the approach.  Once a month, I send out a small item to a blog follower, commenter, or reader.  And it works like this.  I keep a little journal of everyone who has sent me their mailing - physical address, and each month, I pick someone randomly, from that list and will send it to them.  I won't always put it on the blog!  So when everyone on the list has received a gift, I start all over again.  Sometimes I will pick two names, maybe even three!  

Have a great rest of the week!  Thank you for your support and encouragement, all.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Beaded Garland and Blog Love!

Ah. Yes!  A Beaded Garland!  And I'm thinking these adorable little garlands are the perfect compliment to the little antique, decorated, beaded and wrapped thread spool ornaments I've SEW enjoyed making (and still am!) #32... and counting! 
The little antique spool ornaments will go out a bit early as my December BLOG LOVE to:   
LYNN G.-Nebraska, 
DARCEY P.-Canada 
 JAN B.-Oregon
My pictures aren't so great... and I've had no time to really decorate the tree, as this had to be dismantled to take to the show... maybe I can get some light that will be more inspiring when the tree is all done.

But I am loving how the garland looks with the spools.  I hope you do too!

And special thanks to my sweet southern friend -- (my SFF you know)--- Linda Sue for the cool package of.... (drumroll)  of THREAD SPOOLS I received today.  Yay! 
Be Merry and Bright!  God Bless.
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