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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ahh... how I love looking at this piece, which thankfully, is hanging in my home!  I wanted to be a race horse jockey growing up, and was incredibly horse crazy! Still am, only now I live vicariously through photographs, movies and art!  
We just watched "Secretariat" the movie, and it was fabulous, and very well done. 
"Doodlebug" by Carol Hagan
I am a big fan of this local Montana artist; Carol Hagan; I bought one of my first pieces as a poster over ten years ago at an outdoor art show in Billings MT. This is a piece I am fortunate to actually own, I am thrilled to say, as her art is increasingly sought out, and priced accordingly!
What do I love the most about it?  The COLOR... color... and more, rich, deep, rich, 
fabulous c  o  l  o  r!  
And of course... the 'painted' pony!
The wall of my dining room

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