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Monday, November 4, 2013

feathering my nest ~


really ~ it's as simple as this:

~ start with a beautiful luminous hand-dyed fabric {by chris daly of dyecandy.etsy.com}

~ play with drawing a feather

~ make a plan to add delicious neon thread color {i got mine in the set of twelve, partytime pack!} of magnifico threads from superiorthreads.com

~ go for a little hand painting with acrylic inks

~ have fun!

yup ~ those are some bright, bold, big colors of threads!
i painted with fw acrylic inks {available at dickblick.com} and had a party {for one!} mixing and playing with combos of pearlescent and matte colors.

i used neon thread colors {magnifico by superior threads} in orange, lime green and turquoise for the feather shapes.  i kept with magnifico thread for the rest of the traditional feather quilting and outside surrounding motifs.

happy happy colors!
the size is 14" x 23."  it's new!  here in the etsy shop:
the top feather?  more subtle,  and oh how i loved those color-ways, too.  it's for sure sparkin' more ideas for feathering my nest!

wow ~ that was delightfully colorful ~ and just what i needed to do!  

it took me a good three hours just to paint it {maybe it was more?!}  i had so much fun playing, mixing and contemplating paint colors that the time flew by!

as i went through the process, i found it was easier to stitch first, then paint later.  i actually enjoy painting first ~ but i find it constricting to the creative process of quilting, as i like to 'quilt with the flow' as i'm stitching along... and stitching around previous painted shapes can be distracting to me.  so i chose to paint afterwards.  however ~ i also find that i have to be very exact as i'm picky about the paint being 'sloppy-looking' {which i do not like}... so that is how i see it!  

the "moral of the story" ~ pick one, and do the other! 

just be sure you do it with JOY! {amen!}
superior threads giveaway coming up soon...
{you don't want to miss the party!}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

big sky autumn ~ a tablerunner

hello out there!

oh my.  this. runner.  it's my very, very {current} new favorite!

i swear ~ i {almost} swoon every time i look at all the tremendous depth of color in this hand-dyed piece of fabric by chris daly.  chris. your fabrics make me do a happy waltz! 

i'm not bragging. 

i'm just loving it.
my. oh. my. oh my!

and ~ i have to tell ya.  the right needle is a real factor in the joy i have in the time i spend quilting.  and i take my quilt time seriously!  i quote from  superior threads: "Titanium-coated needles have been available for longarm and industrial machines for many years but these are the first titanium-coated Topstitch style needles made for home machines. Superior Threads (USA) and Organ Needle Company (Japan) have applied the latest technology of titanium-coated needles to the Topstitch style for home machines.  Because these titanium-coated needles have an ultra thin coat of titanium nitride, they will stay sharper longer and outlast any current Topstitch needle on the market.
"Why topstitch?  The Topstitch needle is the most common needle type used and recommended by professionals and educators.  We recommend the Topstitch for piecing, quilting, embroidery, appliqué, and construction. These needles are available in four sizes to accommodate all thread types, including metallic threads.  The Topstitch needle has a larger eye and deeper groove.  It is often referred as the MAGIC NEEDLE.  It really does make a difference in your sewing experience."

why yes.  yes, it does!  {and although the pic is 80/12... i used a size 90/14 needle with the 40 wt magnifico thread~always!}
i began with a rich, warm, golden magnifico thread for my initial pass of feather quilting.  i then turned to the turquoise colored thread in magnifico for the swirl quilting motif on the outside of the feathers. 

and when it came time to add hyper quilting, to echo the feather motif inside the original feather design, i used turquoise again.  in my view, this ties it all together, giving the entire piece continuity. 

with so much color in the fabric, i felt i needed to keep the thread colors, and quilting motifs, simple and harmonious.  there are only two colors thread here.  but... it looks like so much more, doesn't it? 

interesting though. notice the colors do appear to change slightly, at least in our eye's perception, as it moves up and down the colors of this quilted runner.

and while you're at it... choose a great thread.  this is magnifico, {once again}.  if i'm going to spend all this {fun} with intricate design motifs, and complementing this drop-dead gorgeous hand dyed fabric... isn't it worth it to use great quality products?  i sure do think so.

and i think they are magnificently showcased in this beautiful runner.

please know ~ i'm not looking for compliments. 

i'm just sayin' ~ use the good stuff!

...and make your 'stuff' look good!!!
i'm so pleased with how this turned out...   and delighted to offer this "big sky autumn" tablerunner for sale in my etsy shop.  and hey!  i'm having a sale on everything in the shop with coupon code: FALLSAVINGS20 for 20%. good until the end of october!  {yay!}.

your comments are so welcome!  i have sure enjoyed everyone's comments on the giveaway post immensely; so fun!!  and have you commented on that post yet to have a chance for a $25 gift certificate from superio threads?!  you do NOT want to miss out!
because of prior spam issues, i have enabled comment moderation on the blog, so it may be a while before you see the comment appear, that is ~ until i approve it.
soli deo gloria!  and have a glorious day!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

she loves leather ~ summer fiesta!

hi there sweet readers ~

being a western, country-type gal, yes i do love leather!  i swear i could collect cowboy boots just becuase of the pretty stitching, styles, designs... and cuz... well, they're boots!  {i love boots}

but back to the subject at hand... i really love how easy it is to quilt on! all it requires is a 90/14 leather needle. this faux leather fabric is also completely washable, and it's a polyester type of fabric, and very durable, too.

now, as to the quilting on this particular piece, i think it's a bit over the top.  although the quilting itself is very nice, i'm not a fan of the thread color choices. and i'm starting to become more picky about how the feathers look.  i'm growing to prefer a more open feather and i think the overall look of this piece would have been a bit more attractive had i kept things  simpler {and far more open} in motif, and in thread.  but... that is how one learns!  experience is always the best teacher, isn't it!
lots of color happening!  while i love the colors... i think it's too much of just too many different colors.  yellow... orange... green... pink and turquoise!  too much!  {although it's very pretty!}
and i do have to say... the beauty of hand-dyed fabric {by miss chris daly!} on the back of this piece makes it extra special in my opinion! i truly ~ {almost drool} {sorry if that is gross!}  ... but it's true!  lol

and look how gorgeous the quilting is from the back?  not all the distraction of the thread colors as the front has... right? don't you think so too?  i'm not saying i hate it.  just sayin' it's a lot less complicated looking, and pleasing to the eye.  a place to rest the eye, and take in the beautiful design without getting over stimulated!  {this fabric dyed by the super-talented miss chris daly!}

Summer Fiesta available in my Etsy shop!
"sew it goes!"
and a lot {LOT} of time was spent on this one.  and now that i am 'hooked on leather' {remember hooked on phonics?} i'm on the look-out for other faux leather fabrics to quilt on!

and in other shop news... i have a special promotion and sale beginning today in my etsy shop.  with a minimum purchase of $100, it's  50% OFF with coupon code: MARVELES50.
thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

midnight in montana ~ counting it all joy

hello from 'feather land' once again!!

you may be tired of seeing my feather quilting, but i had several multi-faceted goals while home on vacation.  first, look at all i have!  secondly, use it!  and thirdly, improve my feather quilting. added bonus:  count it all joy!   

i've learned a few little tidbits, too, in my 'quilt week' at home ~  i took notes {still am!}.   i will post about that experience, stitching hints, tools i use, what not to do. but heck... let's face it ~ it's the bad habits {and experience} that we tend to learn from the most, hmmm? sounds like life, doesn't it?  as well as my bad habits which i've had to train myself out of!  yikes!

so ~ onto this little runner. you may be struck by the color choice...  more muted for me!  yes... i'm branching out ~ lol!!  but it still has a warm, rich color that glows, which i find very appealing. this fabric is another piece purchased from chris daly last fall .

once again, i am quilting with superior threads, 40 wt tri-lobal rainbow polyesters, a topstitch needle 90/14 and masterpiece 50 wt, extra-long staple, egyptian 100% cotton in the bobbin.  

it reminds me of a forest at dusk, a campground in late evening, or perhaps just a mid-summer's evening, and quiet time on the patio. 

thanks everyone, for reading along on my feather journeys!

Monday, July 8, 2013

summer mountain meadows ~

hi friends!

well, my vacation time is over... for now.  i was so blessed {and elated} to be home, spending so many happy, "happy hours" in my sewing studio, practicing feathers. it was fun, trying different variations, challenging my skills, and growing my knowledge in stitching them out. and... making some of the same mistakes... over again!  geez.  and then ~ working it all out ~ overcoming, and learning!!  yay! 

and of course, i began with a piece of hand-dyed fabric.  i just can't help myself. and why not?!  that's what they're there for, right?

"...hello... my name is leslie... and i'm addicted to feathers & hand-dyed fabric"  ~ can i get an amen?!!  lol

this amazing fabric was dyed by chris daly, and i believe she calls this a 'double-dye' type of process.  isn't it a beauty? i have not really a clue as to how she does it.  but i know this.  fabric dyers do an amazing service!!  having done a teeny bit of it myself, i'm happy to enjoy the fruit of their labors!!  this fabric is just so intriguing, and it has such beautiful depth and highly saturated color.  
i ... love... it!!! 

so i called it done, finished the binding, and usual, i began taking photographs, and another thought struck me... the feathers looked a bit 'empty' ~ almost unfinished to me. you know what i mean?   
 so i decided to add more quilting... not something you usually do when it's already bound.  but hey ~ i'm a risk-taker, so that's what i did.  i was happy with the result; it looks more finished to me.  but perhaps that's because i'm "feather addicted" as well???  hmm... let me know what you think!

my first quilting was done with YLI's variations thread in a variegated lime/emerald green; that is the tiny, tight circles in the center. 

once that design was finished, it was easy to flip the quilt over, and i had a road map of where to apply the next round, using the luscious razzle dazzle, in a bit of bobbin play {from the backside of the quilt} in a bright turquoise color.  yummy!  this really excited my taste buds.  {yes, sometimes i think i could eat this fabric!!} 

 and i was so happy that the weather cooperated, and gave me some bright, cloudy, yet diffused light so these threads could sparkle and shine for their photo shoot! so pretty.

i do want to take a second to say that each of these runners is complete in about 6-8 hours for each one.  they were great practice ~ and of course, that is key. i've found, that for myself, i do better when the project is "real" and there is something at stake, rather than just a practice sandwich {although i did start out that way}, and i tend to be more 'serious' about doing a good job.  i've spent at least 50-60 hours this past week, working hard ~ i mean, playing hard!  i could tell by the end, how much my skill and confidence improved, as i worked out some 'issues' of placement, and more.  i hope to share those insights with you, so please come back won't you? 

my work week life at the court awaits... and life in general!  i have been considering all the possibilities about early retirement, as the government goes deeper into sequestration.  staff such as myself, {after 27 years there} are being offered "early out" in order to meet their drasticly reduced budgets.  whatever the final decision will be, my decision has been made and we will see what the final answer and response from the court will be.  regardless of the outcome ~ i'm looking forward to it, whether i stay or go!  i am so grateful for all of God's amazing wisdom... friends who have prayed for me.  {thank you ~ you know who you are!}.  

i'm ready, and at His service, no matter what.  {bring it on!}

soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

feathers ~ in leather for chris daly

hi everyone!  good morning!

i'm lovin' myself a little faux leather and stitchin' feathers! and i'm diving through my stash of projects that have been patiently waiting for me.  this first one is for Chris Daly; who also writes a blog TheArtQuiltBlog.blogspot.com {or click link above}, who requested this special order on leather piece, unbound.  she plans to use it for an ipad cover, or hand bag! 

 i outlined the feathers with a lime green metallic 'razzle dazzle' and variegated polyester thread, is all from superiorthreads.com... and they are beautiful, for sure.  i typically favor a 50 weight 100% cotton in the bottom when using the variegated threads for quilting.  i also lower my tension at least one full number, too.

enJOY!  stay cool!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

feathering my nest ~

hi there oh luscious happy summer days!!!

it's been a little cool weather-wise so far ~ but i'm warmin' up!  and i'm also warming up with a little quilting on my free motion feathers, too.  a little out of practice, and it's time to get tuned up again... {oh how i have missed you ~ feathers} i do adore the look of feathers... especially on hand-dyed fabric ~ {this is what Chris calls a 'double-dye' specially made by Chris Daly of Dye Candy!}  i love the whole cloth look that lets this fabric be the star it is!

these colors are very dramatic and exciting to me!   love it!
the back side:

i noticed my spine stitching was not as nice and smooth as i'd like them to look. and that is my summer goal!  but i do love how this gorgeous piece of fabric turned out quilted in feathers.   
now that's what i call "feathering my nest!"

do you have a specific goal for summertime sewing or quilting?  i want to practice design and feather work on at least two or three of these in different colorways this summer.  

have a wonderful day ~ thanks for stopping in!

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