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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a big sky christmas ~

good morning friends,

ahh... the sweet gifts of family, food, and fellowship. 
Son Doug with "Stanley" {named after the Stanley cup award for Hockey} yes, my boy is a big sports fan!

Georgia!  Border Collie intensity for a treat!
beautiful place settings for a Christmas table at the Swan Ranch

Two sweet girls with their "favorite" Christmas sweaters!! lol
a dining room and kitchen filled with the sights, sounds and blessings of His love ~ it's heaven everywhere
sweet Kirsten!

Grandpa Miles Swan

so good to see family together, and to have this awesome gift
Me and my youngest son, Adam.

Sweetest Daughter-in-Law, Monica, married to my son, Doug, then Adam, {being a goof!}, Brian and Me.

Big blue skies... the snow has mostly melted

a big sky clear day where you can see the rocky mountain front in the distance
 Happy New Year!  
we are looking forward to all kinds of new adventures in 2014.  saddle up with me? 
soli deo gloria

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas feathers ~

merry christmas ~ we're so thankful for tidings of comfort and joy.  thank you for yours, too.

God bless your Christmas and all your days to come.

in His Amazing Love and Peace,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas mug rugs ~

hello there ~

it's true. the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful with our current christmas weather!  5 above and a nice chilly wind make it 16 below {or so!}  but who's reading the thermometer?! 

it's time to be cozy in your sewing room, isn't it?  or to just sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot liquid and put it on a cute little mug rug while your toasting your toes by the fire!

in getting ready for the art and craft show this coming weekend, i made some mug rugs, using the quilt-as-ya-go' methodology, and some delightful scraps from yesterday's post in from the cold christmas placemats, too. 

and then that sweet little bernina foot #43 showed up to add it's special touch of christmas embellishment. 

it works as like this: cords ~ approximately 2mm in width, are fed directly into the foot, from a side vent, and then in through the top, into a center hole in the sole, to be fed into the needle, and which can then be freely quilted in any direction you desire with the feed dogs lowered – letting you create all kinds of wonderful, imaginative lines, patterns and shapes {in no time flat!}

i used some wool yarn that was hand-dyed in christmas reds for my couching:


sending warm wishes for a few quiet moments of steaming cocoa, coffee, tea or cider!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

crafty goodness ~ christmas snow doodled glass ~

hi y'all!  

here's a little crafty tutorial that is sooo dang simple to do.  it does require a bit of a steady hand, perhaps... {perhaps not!}  that is to say, no matter what you do ~ this white painty pen and glass doodling tutorial is a fun project, wavy lines... or not!

even younger kids {supervised} will love this too, if all they do is scribble on the glass.  just have some fun with it! it's easily wiped away, and you can start again!
these are the simple, and inexpensive supplies you'll need: glass cleaner, clean towel, glass votive {or larger one if you like} and white pens.
 i like the decoArt glass paint marker and the sharpie poster paint markers the best.  i tested the zig painty pen too, and it works great, even though it is oil-based.  but for the odor.  {knock ya over!}  and all of these that i used and tested will wipe clean after the season if you don't want to keep them 'snowflake-like' after the holidays.  just clean the glass surface with your window spray.
so i wiped most of my votives clean, that i crafted last year.  just because.  {because it's so fun!}  and had a good time just doing simple lines, wavy and straight, or circles, dots and little scallops.  once the glass was clean, i like to hold it with the towel, to keep my fingerprints from marring it again, plus this gives you a little added control, too.
 what is one of truly one of the most effective and charming doodles?  the "the simple dot."  nothing says snowflake better than that!
 and i loved putting those simple dots on the bottom of the glass, too:

 so pretty in the evening, too:
because this project is glass-friendly, it was fun to try some of the antique dessert goblets i had.  the one below even had a bit of a carved design in it, and i just followed that leaf shape... love how it turned out!
doodle some simple snowflakes~!  {dare ya!}
just add a bit of cursive writing {it doesn't have to be perfeect!}
little dots all over the glass petals of this one, and just a simple swirly pattern on the petals below:
of course, a steady hand is always beneficial.  but mostly, just keep it smooth, and don't go too slow when drawing with these pens on glass.  it's a smooth surface, so a little speed is slightly to your advantage rather than proceeding too carefully. 

i lined all mine up on our little christmas runner on the coffee table, and i love how they light up our room with pretty light, and a wonderful fragrance.
happy december!
God bless us everyone. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

simple christmas sewing ~

hi there ~ and again ~ happy thanksgiving week. i'm sure looking forward to it, and i hope you all are too!

as i was playing with some christmas fabrics recently, i spotted a leftover piece of linen, and it sparked an idea for a simply sewn christmas runner.  burlap is so big in fashion this holiday season, {it seems}, so i thought i'd put together some christmassy fabrics and see what happened, except i used a linen fabric as that's what i had on hand ~ just for kicks n giggles.  this piece lays on our coffee table:
i added a green cotton, that i ripped on the straight of grain, and just stitched it down to the linen, {yes, i only eye-balled it ~ {no measuring} and then stitched the red print on top of the green print.  then just some frayed edges, and a triple stitch along the edges.  i really didn't get too serious about it, as i just wanted to mess around and see what the linen would like with red and green for christmas.

 and another smaller, linen piece that was leftover from the cutting of the first one.  this is quite narrow, and can even lay on top of the other linen piece if you like that layered look... which ... maybe i do?  i'm not sure.
 but i was in the mood for some hand-stitching, so added a very simple snowflake embroidered throughout the feathers with iridescent razzle dazzle.  i really enjoyed doing it.

 thank you to all of you!
   happy greetings for thankful holiday.

Monday, November 25, 2013

no sew christmas wool ornament ~

hello and happy thanksgiving week america!

to help me forget how long it was taking at the pharmacy to get my antibiotics last week, i picked up a "quilting quickly" magazine by fons and porter to pass some time.  i'd not seen this particular one, and as i thumbed through it, several projects caught my eye... and i thought it was worthwhile enough to purchase.... and {perhaps!} actually make one of them:
the first one?  these cute little checkerboard 'swedish ornaments' ~ and i made one {so far!}  nothing to brag about, that's for sure.  but they are simple enough, and 'no-sew' essentially.

i do like the simple weaving, and the pattern says you can put candy and little goodies in them too.  i think they would probably be cute for valentines day, or even easter, in pastel wools, of course!
i decided to trace the pattern onto template plastic. to keep it handy, i'll staple it to the pattern page, and then tear out those pages, and place them in a plastic sleeve which will go into a three-ring binder i keep for magazine patterns i want to keep. 
the next project was this 'wedge tree' using triangles.  now there is nothing much new under the sun, but for some reason, this simple project appealed to me as i thought about i could add lots of different embellishment ideas to this simple layout!

and it was just the kickstart i needed to thumb through some christmas fabrics i purchased earlier this summer while on vacation with my girlfriends.  'in from the cold' by kate spain for moda is one my new favorites!  i'm making the classic round placemats from these combos, but i'm sure there will be enough for some scrappy goodness, and the patterns in this magazine.
and the last one is a half-hexy project.  hmm.  that's three projects i like enough... to lay out the $10 for.  {so that's the justification for how it came home with me!}

have you found some new projects, or magazine articles, patterns or other ideas that are jump-starting your christmas-making this season?   i'd love to hear...!

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