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Friday, December 13, 2013

mitten mitten ~ christmas cards 2013 ~

"mitten~mitten ... who's got the mitten?"

well... i do!  and in fact, i have quite a few...  and they are all framed up in sweet little pairs on watercolor postcards.  this was one of many projects shown in an online class i participated in earlier this fall, from sweet talent junelle jacobson.  the "art of goodness" was a lovely class {as always} but i really fell for the adorable mitten project in particular. 

simple supplies:  scrapbook paper. modge podge. watercolor postcards.  white acrylic paint. watercolors.  an {optional} bit of glitter. and lastly, black pen for a few whimsical details or words.  

from my heart  to yours~

by the way, i used strathmore watercolor postcards, ordered from amazon.com:

and, then i thought christmas trees would be fun {they were!}
in case i forget to tell ya ~

{i had a great time!}
simple supplies... scrapbook paper, watercolors, white paint, glitter, mod podge, a brush, black pen. 

i've really enjoyed the time  i've spent making them.  it inspires all kinds of other ideas, too...

merry christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas ~

~ Merry ~ Merry Christmas Sweet Friends~

EnJOY all ~ all we've been given. 
Perhaps... even ... and still... you will find  
"new life" in the Peace & Joy of Christmas ~ Jesus. 
For God so loved us, he came down to us as a baby,
all God... and all human. 
Just for us.
May you all have a blessed, and meaningful Christmas.
In His Love,

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Newest Christmas Cards ~

Oh Happy Friday ~ I think this week ahh... has kicked my patootey!  But even bigger Ahh... so glad to make it through!  And speaking of 'making it' ---

Making handmade Christmas cards  has been one of the most relaxing things I've done these past couple months... and I love it!  Learning {more} to watercolor, drawing trees ... adding glitter and microbeads.  I have a small lap desk stored by the couch, so I can grab it to draw on, while Brian and I visit, watch a little football, or movies, etc...
Although the glitter and micro beads have to be done downstairs on the big work table... or else I'd have a very big, super grande ... mess!
I do my best to keep the mess minimal in the glitter department, and I do that by using a large manilla file folder.  All the glitter is tapped off onto the open folder, and then I fold it back up, and tap it back into the glitter container.  Works pretty well.  Microbeads... well, they are entirely another challenge!  Man, oh man, do they BOUNCE --- e v e r y w h e r e!  I have found that while I can still use the file folder, it's also good to have a terry bath towel underneath, which has to be shook outside... and then the whole world is sparkly and shiny!!  lol

EnJOY some relaxation, and ponder the miracle...  Emannuel ~ Love Came Down.  Thank you, Lord!  Praying much joy and peace for all of you~have a great day, and hopefully a lovely, Christmassy weekend. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

All things that Glitter ~

Hi there!

Yesss... I LOVE GLITTER!  And I am so loving making handmade Christmas cards this year. The roses below, are gessoed scrapbook paper.  The rest are done on watercolor papers.
 I've had to make several trips to the craft store, to find envelopes that match this 6x6" size of watercolor paper {pic below}. I never knew it could be such a challenge.  When we went to Billings, I looked at Hobby Lobby too, and they only had two packages of envelopes, and the same was left at MichaelsWhat the heck?  Must be a popular item this year...
 As I had to ~ just had to ~ go back and find some of that sweet, old-fashioned glitter; it's so large and chunky, and I really like the look of it.

 It's been fun to practice my drawing, too... and I am loving getting my fingers all gluey and glittery!  {hope the vacuum likes it too!}  LOL! Isn't it just so fun?  I find {as I've grown older} - I do really enjoy the sentiment of the old-fashioned Christmas.  I remember some of my grandmothers items, and know that even though they were plastic, it was the memories surrounding them that make them special to me now.
 The card above is my version of jingle bells... it may need a little work, yet.  I needed to really keep it gray, but I wanted to play with the pretty blue Neo crayon!  And the card below is the ornament.
So... do YOU like glitter?!!  {Inquiring minds want to know!}


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pin GiveAway Winners ~

Hi there everyone!

Well, the celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but I'm still so very excited about this time of year.  And stuffed Thank-FULL! {that would be the tummy and the heart!}  Just like good ol turkey dressing in the turk!!
 My hands have been busy, making these frameable watercolor Christmas cards to send out for Christmas, and it's been so fun to add the glitter and microbeads!  I love it!  
 And I've added a couple into my Etsy store {fyi!}
And as much as I dread the commercialism of the Christmas season, now upon us, I do love this time of year as well. 

So let the bells ring ~ 
may your heart be light ~
Thank you once again, for all you fun and kind comments!  It's PURE JOY! 
So... courtesy of my husband,
the winners of the pin give-a-way are commenters 
#4 and #12.
{Who would that be?  Hmm...let me look them up... }
Please contact me with your addys so I can get them in the mail to you!
ROBBIE {the snowflake} and MARSHA! {the rose} pins
Soli Deo Gloria Girls!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Cards for My Dad ~ {and winner}

My Dad celebrated his 80th Birthday this past weekend, and we travelled to Billings to help him celebrate with other family members. Only three of Dad's kids could make the party, but this is the picture of us:
Dad, Grandson Adam (my youngest), my brother Ken, Me, my brother Rob

I wanted to make him something I thought he might use, so I made a half-dozen Christmas cards. It's the only thing I could think of that I think he would enjoy, and use.  Especially since he's a watercolor artist himself.
 But I had to figure out to make them into actual mailing cards, as I watercolored these using a 6x6" watercolor paper pad I had purchased earlier this summer.  So I checked out Michaels Crafts, to find some kind of cardstock/envelope package that would make them into cards. They had nothing to fit, so I purchased a pack of plain brown ones, and had to cut the paintings to fit.

 So it worked out okay... I guess.  I do really like the square look, but no one seems to make cards that size, so ... we'll punt, as they say!

 I added a bit of glitter with my silver gelly roll pen.  This is a very subtle look, but I like it.  I also added spatters of watercolor, and the sketchy watercolor frame to each print.  I almost love doing that more than making the trees!  So here's some close-up shots, so you can see that pretty glittery-glow...

The inspiration for these came from a class I recently took, from Christy Tomlinson's website, by artist Junelle Jacobsen.  I enjoyed it so much!   

We had such a wonderful time with  Dad and family~lots of laughs, and some story-telling videos of their time growing up on the homestead!  {so funny ~ at least to us!} Good times!  Unfortunately someone messed up {that would be me} and FORGOT her camera!  These are taken from the ipad... Thanks Uncle Dave!
And the winner of the Christmas Mug Rug is commenter #12... drawn by my sweet husband.  And that would be... Jennifer!  Congratulations!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!  I have MORE to give away... some things I have made, but also some from other artists!  Come on back, ya hear?!
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