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Saturday, November 10, 2012

WINNERS ~ Grip n' Stitch n' More!

Oh baby~baby ... it is very c-c-c-cold outside!  We haven't yet dug out from the 17 inches of snow we received these past couple days.... 
Wowzers.  We heard on the weather report last evening that within five miles from Great Falls, they received almost four feet.   And temps to go with it; we're 12 degrees F this morning... and the wind has begun to blow.  YIKES. {even for us Montanans}  Gives new meaning to "chill out" ~let's not!
 Our girl dogs don't mind it too bad... notice  the zip line we put in for the pups is now missing the frisbee toy ~ buried in the snow!  Both Georgia and Savannah love their zip line! But today they are in front of the nice, warm fire - cozying up with each other!
  The branches below ~ perhaps another idea for a sketch, or card?
So, back to the fun of the day!  Thank you, thank you to all you dear readers.  As a blogger, it is always so much fun to host GIVEAWAYS ~  I love doing that, and well, it just wouldn't be a giveaway, much less any fun, if there was no one "out there" reading, or to receive it!  I thank you for ALL of your sweet, kind and generous comments; I so APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! 

Winner of the Grip n' Stitch disks is Commenter #19, HollyM ~ who I know as wonderful art quilter!  Visit her blog sometime, "Through My Window!"  Congratulations Holly!  

Thank you Clever Craft Tools for giving a pair to one of my readers!  
And, on to the next GiveAway ~ Wowzers!  You guys just blew me away with your comments!  I hope they are as widely successful on the Etsy shop!  These are my newly made notecards, which come with a matching brown-paper envelope, too.  The inside of each card is blank, and smooth, for writing;  the watercolor drawing has been lightly glued to the front of the corrugated brown paper front, and finished with a glossy mod podgey type product.  And they are frameable, if you would like.  

Winner #1 of "Bloom" is Anna Pickering Ballinger of Beyond The Fence blog!
 Winner #2 of "Merry Christmas is:   Sarah, writer of "Sweet and Savory" blog.

Winner #3 of "I Choose Joy" is Julie from the Ironmom {Julie} blog.
Winner #4 is Teresa of Music City - of the "Stop-Pray" Birdie, who writes a blog I enjoy greatly,  "A Quilt and a Prayer" and she's a superb quilter too! 
And Winner #5 ~ another favorite quilter, Vicki W, who writes a wonderful blog "Field Trips in Fiber" I'm sending you Mittens ~ "Be Warm Inside and Out."
Winner #6: "Choose Joy" is coming your way... Sweet Jennifer of STUDIO JRU!  Many of you know I regularly join her "In the Studio Friday" link up party on her blog!  
Winner #7:  "Made for Real"  who just posted a recipe for  Butternut Squash Soup" on her blog {looks so so good!} ~ I am sending you the card, "Blessings" - and yes, I think that is a great idea to try my hand at a Gingerbread Man!  Thank you for the suggestion.
Thank you for the Pure Joy you ALL are.  Your sweet responses, and kind encouragement for all of my artsy endeavors is greatly appreciated, and most of all, your friendship gives me GREAT JOY!  

Winners ~ please send me your mailing addresses and I will mail everything next Tuesday.  

Blessings ABUNDANT ~ yes you ARE!   

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grip & Stitch ~ Give A Way

Happy TUESDAY Give-A-Way! 

More round placemats~love the round~but a different design~a pattern of my own imagination. A good time was had by all!  That'd be me! {and that's really all that counts!}
What better time to try out the GRIP & STITCH quilting disks?

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would be interested in giving these quilting disks a try.  I had heard about them, and truthfully ... was slightly skeptical.  I am a 'glove girl' and I mean, seriously, what serious quilting gal quilts without her "white gloves" I ask?  Well!  {in all seriousness}... 
I was pleasantly surprised how versatile they were.  Easy to grip - easy to manuever --- way easier than I had imagined.  And they are really quite grippy, perhaps even more than the gloves... but in a good way. And more comfortable.  When teaching free motion classes, I have heard students sometimes complain the gloves are too hot, making their hands sweaty. Although that was not my issue, the bulkiness did get in the way at times.
I was intrigued with the two different sizes that come as a complete pair.  The smaller size is for the right hand, to fit in what is usually a smaller space in the sewing machine, but of course, you can switch that up if you'd like - and I did, just to test them out.
It did take a bit of time to get the hang of it, but I'm tellin' ya - it's a tiny learning curve - like 60 seconds.  But what I love the most about this CLEVER CRAFT TOOL?  I don't have the inconvenience of taking my gloves off to re-thread my machine, troubleshoot any quilting issues, and they are super-easy to manipulate on the quilt top.  {and they are made in AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL!}
Georgia also gives them a 9.50 out of 10 rating!  {being a super athletic Border Collie, she was a bit miffed that she couldn't try them out herself} ~ {yikes} ~ but since I was excited... she told me that works for her, too! {such a smart & clever dog!}  Savannah was too shy to come downstairs, so she waited for the results in the bleachers with baited breath! 
And I really do give them a TEN.   Now, let me say too... I have not yet tried them on a large quilt, where I wonder about all that bulk of the quilt, but if this test is any indication, it should be just fine.  They are proving themselves to be a handy tool I am loving using.  And I quilted six of these placemats with them, and a new Christmas wall quilt: "Nuttin' for Christmas", to be posted soon.
What it really means is this, ladies and gentlemen: you have {more} CONTROL!  {you wanted some didn't ya?}  Well, I stitched around all of these little flower petals free motion, and really enjoyed putting the disks to the test on this project.  I really like just being able to let go, lift my hands off, and do whatever I need to do with my fingers, {like drink my cup of tea}, or change threads... and not have to pull my gloves off to do so.  Nor lose them in the fabric, like I sometimes did with my gloves.  {ahem}

Clever, yes. But more than that, I really do appreciate GOOD {useful} tools! They make the beautiful things we love to make even more enjoyable. And I think the Grip & Stitch disks are a cool {and clever} tool. While I may not give up my gloves entirely, I say these are a worthwhile investment.  If you would like to see a video, visit Clever Craft's You Tube site, here. I asked Georgia to take a video of me using them, but she got bored and decided to go sniff at the kitty. Silly dog! {quilting disks are for people ... not for dogs!} LOL!
Thank you Clever Craft Tools for asking me to do this review!  I am honored, and it was fun to try them out. I like them ~ lots, and will use them... more!

I have  a pair to give a way, too, of course; {free shipping by MarveLes Art Studios}.  Retail price is $29.95, where you can purchase them at Clever Craft Tools , or get them on a great sale price at Fat Quarter Shop, or Amazon.  

Just leave a comment on this post ~ {a clever one if you want} or just say hi to Georgia, and you're entered to win!  If you tweet it, post to facebook, or pin this post on pinterest, or any other social media of your choice, or become a new follower of the blog, I'll give you an extra entry for each "thing you do." {whew - that was a mouthful}.  Pretty please, leave a comment each time you do, as that will make it easier for the random generator who will pick the winner.  

Winner announced Saturday  November 9th by noon Mountain Standard Time! Thanks for coming by, and for being a faithful reader and encourager here on the blog!  I have more to give ~ "MarveLeslie" more!?"

Come back soon ya hear? {insert voice of Jethro of the Hillbillies}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rise n' Shine ~

What a wonderful weekend!  I got a few things done; we made a delicious prime rib roast for our Saturday dinner, I finished my inventory list for the art show, and packed it all up.  Whew.  And gained an hour - thank goodness!  And woke up to a beautiful morning Sunday. How I love mornings!
 And I dearly love beautiful morning light, too.  This is the scene as I left Great Falls early yesterday, looking toward the Highwood Mountains in the far distant eastern sky.  It had been windy all night long, yet, much to my delight, it was quiet stillness, and a warm, peaceful morning as I headed north ninety miles, to my hometown of Chester, MT. 

 I am so, so, very honored to be invited here, and to participate in this show with my friend, mentor, and sweet artist heart, Katie Twedt!  We spent much of the day together, talking, and hanging quilts and canvases for the November Art Show "Color Connections" which will hang through the month at Liberty Village Arts Center.
 This is my first butterfly art-of-any-kind.

 I decided to take a short break, along a short country road, to an abandoned building, off the highway where I could have some privacy and take some photographs.  I shot this canvas too... which is based on a favorite song it is also named after.  "Rise and Shine!  And give God the Glory, Glory... Rise and Shine...  children of the Lord!"
 So let it be written.... SO LET IT BE DONE!

I have much to share, and I'm excited about all of it!  I've been working hard, and so I hope you will come back for Tuesday's post which will be the first of a couple of giveaways I've got in the works!  I have {finally} edited the pictures of my free motion quilting with the new Grip & Stitch discs, and I'm eager to GIVE ONE SET AWAY, and let you know what I think about this Clever Craft Tool!  


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