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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Today I went to a Christmas ornament making party!  It was alot of fun, and we also had a most yummy Christmas cookie exchange!  
 Here's a bit of a glance of our 'works in progress!'
 Glitter.  All kinds!
Beautiful ribbons, beads and tissue papers... and more.

We made ornaments from little cardboard houses, yarn cones, and styrofoam shapes.  That good ol standby, Mod Podge decopodge was our base.

 Fabric strips, cheesecloth, paper towels...
Glitter fabric, too.  Anything goes.
 I love text!

 Thank you Karla for being such a gracious hostess, organizing, and let us come together in your beautiful home!  What a treat! You brought us together for a fun afternoon of laughter, good food and a companionship. 
Karla, our Hostess!
 It will be a few days before I can get all the glue out of my fingernails, I think!

Ahh... too soon, the afternoon is done.  Another week is here... and Christmas but two weeks away!

This is my sweet girlfriend Annette's tree cone... cheesecloth and tulle, and beads!  LOVELY.
 EnJOY your time together!
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