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Sunday, December 1, 2013

crafty goodness ~ christmas snow doodled glass ~

hi y'all!  

here's a little crafty tutorial that is sooo dang simple to do.  it does require a bit of a steady hand, perhaps... {perhaps not!}  that is to say, no matter what you do ~ this white painty pen and glass doodling tutorial is a fun project, wavy lines... or not!

even younger kids {supervised} will love this too, if all they do is scribble on the glass.  just have some fun with it! it's easily wiped away, and you can start again!
these are the simple, and inexpensive supplies you'll need: glass cleaner, clean towel, glass votive {or larger one if you like} and white pens.
 i like the decoArt glass paint marker and the sharpie poster paint markers the best.  i tested the zig painty pen too, and it works great, even though it is oil-based.  but for the odor.  {knock ya over!}  and all of these that i used and tested will wipe clean after the season if you don't want to keep them 'snowflake-like' after the holidays.  just clean the glass surface with your window spray.
so i wiped most of my votives clean, that i crafted last year.  just because.  {because it's so fun!}  and had a good time just doing simple lines, wavy and straight, or circles, dots and little scallops.  once the glass was clean, i like to hold it with the towel, to keep my fingerprints from marring it again, plus this gives you a little added control, too.
 what is one of truly one of the most effective and charming doodles?  the "the simple dot."  nothing says snowflake better than that!
 and i loved putting those simple dots on the bottom of the glass, too:

 so pretty in the evening, too:
because this project is glass-friendly, it was fun to try some of the antique dessert goblets i had.  the one below even had a bit of a carved design in it, and i just followed that leaf shape... love how it turned out!
doodle some simple snowflakes~!  {dare ya!}
just add a bit of cursive writing {it doesn't have to be perfeect!}
little dots all over the glass petals of this one, and just a simple swirly pattern on the petals below:
of course, a steady hand is always beneficial.  but mostly, just keep it smooth, and don't go too slow when drawing with these pens on glass.  it's a smooth surface, so a little speed is slightly to your advantage rather than proceeding too carefully. 

i lined all mine up on our little christmas runner on the coffee table, and i love how they light up our room with pretty light, and a wonderful fragrance.
happy december!
God bless us everyone. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Christmas Ornament with a Sharpie ~

I have to say it was so fun to be a part of Jennifer's CREATIVE CHRISTMAS post yesterday.  In addition, today I want to show you all another aspect of this fun project!   
This glass ornament ~ a colored one ~ perfect for this technique!  {you may even have some already on the tree ~ "blank" and ready to decorate!}
I keep the writing simple.  Short words:  joy, love, peace, merry.  And I'm sure you have some great ideas, too!
And make sure you use a Sharpie "Poster-Paint" pen.  Some people have used the oil-based, but I find the poster paint works better for me.
And in case you missed the post yesterday, visit Studio JRU and look it up "votives" on December 6th!  (or click that link).  And be sure to keep checking out Studio JRU for more Creative Christmas ideas!  Create yourself some merry little Christmas Joys with your family or friends!
Again... simiple shapes... lines, circles, swirls... dots! {who can't make a dot, I ask?!}

Have a great weekend, and EnJOY!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Creative Christmas ~ Guest Post at Studio JRU ~

Hello and Happy Christmas!

No, it's not 'exactly' Christmas, but it is  t i m e  to get craftin' ... ! And you'll find a host of  g r e a t  ideas from THE most sweet of hosts ~ it's the Creative Christmas, from Jennifer, at Studio JRU for the month of December!

Jennifer at STUDIO JRU asked me to submit a craft project for her CREATIVE CHRISTMAS party!

Go ahead ~ and take just a few minutes to read about this fun little decorative glass candle.  Make some Christmas Crafting memories with your kids, grandkids, or friends!  This project is so Easy-Peasy, fun and delightful for everyone... I promise!  {and a wonderful gift to give, too}.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Country Roads & a Cowboy ~

We had such a wonderful drive home from my Dad's home, several weekend's ago.  We chose to go home via a different route than our usual one. It takes longer, but I relish the idea of taking in the vistas that this road offers.  So ~ I'm excited to share a few shots of some of our stops, and wonderful back-road views, beginning with the Graves Hotel, in Harlowtown, MT.
This is the Graves Hotel, in Harlowton, MT.  Built in 1909, out of standstone quarried at the site, by A.E. Graves.  It is three stories with a sweet corner turret and what a cool wrap-around veranda!  The views are pretty sweet, too... of the Crazy Mountains, and vast ranchlands.  It's a wild place, {weather-wise} ~ in the foothills of the Crazies! 
Oh, this could have been such a grand Bed and Breakfast, wouldn't it? I cannot even come close to imagining how much money it would take to restore... such a beautiful old building... it now appears to be mostly, and sadly, dilapidated.
Another quick stop to take in the views.  This is the Little Belt Mountain Range {above}.
And this is the Crazies, although the picture doesn't show the cragy and wild Crazy peaktops, which are commonly, almost always storming in one way or another in the late fall and winter months, even though it will be mostly just windy in the ranchlands, below.
My Cowboy Man's Hat.  Never fear, driving with a guy who likes to explore, and test the power of our Highlander's four-wheel drive!  {ahem}.    
The Crazy Mountains are some of the most crazy-wild, and very rugged, of the numerous mountain ranges in Montana.   We stopped briefly on the road, before it became too narrow for us to pull over.
Then, a country road detour!  Yeah, baby!  Let's go 'off-road"  {not really!}  We didn't get too adventurous, but it was fun to explore.  {I'm with the guy in the cowboy hat!} He can drive!

And our last stop, in a sweet little snow-covered meadow, before we go over the grade, in the Little Belts, toward what we call "King's Hill" {where the Showdown Ski Area is}, and on our way home.
I of course, couldn't wait to get out, and try and capture the pretty light and sparkles on the snow!
And you know I don't hesitate to get down low, actually on my tummy, in order to get this shot of the sagebrush with that sparkly, lovely, sooo-beautiful snow.  It's not that great of a picture, but it was fun trying!  And at least I now have a picture to base a sagebrush drawing on...
Soli Deo Gloria!  Have a FABULOUS weekend!
Joining up with STUDIO JRU and the SWEET JENNIFER.  Next week, I am participating in her: 
It's Christmas CRAFT time!!!   I've been asked to submit a project, and I'm really excited about it! 
Check it out next week... I 'betcha' there are some fabulous craft projects ~ I can't WAIT!!!
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