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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dye Candy ~

Just a tiny bit of sewing this past weekend for me.  House garden and puppy play duties called!  In between, I went back to my unfinished pile of fabrics, and began to piece together some of my stamped, hand-dyed fabric from my 'stash-building' fun last summer...
 adding borders, and now...
 it will take a back seat for a little bit!
Cuz I am a lucky girl --- did you notice the pretty fabric that is the backdrop on the photos above?  Well, I get to quilt on this GORGEOUS piece of hand-dyed fabric which  arrived in my mail box yesterday!  This scrump-dilly-icious piece was dyed by Chris Daly of Dye Candy
And I am excited to say we are collaborating together for my first-ever quilted, kind of-commissioned piece. I will be quilting feathers on the black faux leather, and this beautiful fabric will be the lining, which Chris will sew into a bag, wallet, and such things!   

Can't wait to start this weekend!  Oh boy... I might be a little nervous, even! 

EnJOY your day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DYE Candy Blog

IF you love luscious, hand-dyed, beautiful and spectacular COLOR... visit the blog of DYE CANDY!  Chris makes gorgeous, mouth-watering fabrics.  AND she's got a give-a-way going on now!  

I have ordered from her Etsy store, so  I know personally the great quality of her dyeing skills!  
 She's has a great artist's eye!  Check it out!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dye Candy Blog's Give-A-Way!

You may want to check this out! 

Who doesn't need a bit more 'candy' in their life?! Me Me Me!  I love her fabrics!  Check out her "Dye Candy" Blog here, where she is having a GIVE A WAY of fabric!  Take a break and see her Etsy store, right here!

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