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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

grace... specially for grace ~

grace ~  for grace.

a couple weeks ago, i finished this piece, just now got around to getting the pictures loaded here on the blog...

a special order for her.  a special blessing for me.

{thank you grace!}

inside shot above.  

i finished this piece using my 'faux piping' technique {click here to see that post}

outside shot below.

quilted with silver metallic around the painted letters, first.  then quilted with blue and pink magnifico.  

i'll never tire of quilting grace, thinking about the miracle of grace, and basking in the love of amazing grace...

thanks for being here!

Monday, November 4, 2013

feathering my nest ~


really ~ it's as simple as this:

~ start with a beautiful luminous hand-dyed fabric {by chris daly of dyecandy.etsy.com}

~ play with drawing a feather

~ make a plan to add delicious neon thread color {i got mine in the set of twelve, partytime pack!} of magnifico threads from superiorthreads.com

~ go for a little hand painting with acrylic inks

~ have fun!

yup ~ those are some bright, bold, big colors of threads!
i painted with fw acrylic inks {available at dickblick.com} and had a party {for one!} mixing and playing with combos of pearlescent and matte colors.

i used neon thread colors {magnifico by superior threads} in orange, lime green and turquoise for the feather shapes.  i kept with magnifico thread for the rest of the traditional feather quilting and outside surrounding motifs.

happy happy colors!
the size is 14" x 23."  it's new!  here in the etsy shop:
the top feather?  more subtle,  and oh how i loved those color-ways, too.  it's for sure sparkin' more ideas for feathering my nest!

wow ~ that was delightfully colorful ~ and just what i needed to do!  

it took me a good three hours just to paint it {maybe it was more?!}  i had so much fun playing, mixing and contemplating paint colors that the time flew by!

as i went through the process, i found it was easier to stitch first, then paint later.  i actually enjoy painting first ~ but i find it constricting to the creative process of quilting, as i like to 'quilt with the flow' as i'm stitching along... and stitching around previous painted shapes can be distracting to me.  so i chose to paint afterwards.  however ~ i also find that i have to be very exact as i'm picky about the paint being 'sloppy-looking' {which i do not like}... so that is how i see it!  

the "moral of the story" ~ pick one, and do the other! 

just be sure you do it with JOY! {amen!}
superior threads giveaway coming up soon...
{you don't want to miss the party!}

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choose to Shine ~

It's all about  ORANGE!  If I was to say "I decorate for Halloween" this piece would be IT! 

I first laid down some scrapbook type papers down on top of this canvas, in varying black and white prints. {I also added a few other colors of acrylic paint, dabbing them here and there} Then I mixed up some Golden TarGel, using orange and a couple different red, pink, red-orange colored FW acrylic inks.

I laid a stencil down, and scraped the mixed tar gel over it, lifted the stencil, and then let it dry.  It leaves a shiny texture, that was slightly transparent, which I love.  That was also the point where I added sticky-back letters, and then painted over the whole piece with more of the same custom mixed FW acrylic inks to unite the layers, finishing by tossing a bit of my Art glitter on top while it was still damp.  Once dry, at this point, I peeled the letters OFF... and then doodled on them.  Finished by adding  a final layer of decopage for sealer. Let that dry... and then I began stamping, and doodling with my black Pitt pen, and Wite-Out pen, and I call it done. 

And that's as "Halloween" as I get ~ ever.
I love it! 

And so I make my choice.  
Choose to Shine.
 e v e r y   d a y !


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daisy Study with Acrylic Inks

Daisy Crazy, I am.  I love daisies, of almost any type, size, color or style, and I love to photograph them from my garden, too. I was really tickled to get this photo with the purple petunias blurred in the background.
I'd read about these inks, and I finally had some time to play with them.  They are Daler Rowney acrylic inks. 

 Wow.  They are a wonderful medium to play with.  Smooth, and no running!  Really.  I diluted them with water, about 50/50 with the ink.  Still... brilliant color!   Tell me what you think, or if you've tried them before...
The photo below is what the piece looks like after painting with the inks, using the daisy photo above as my inspiration.  I did a rough sketch, and then started painting.  No time for perfection... a girl's gotta start somewhere!
 And this is what it looks like now:
The petals and center lack depth... I wish I had done something more to accomplish shading on the petals, and in the orange center.  Will be playing with that technique again, though!

I used a combination of YLI threads, Superior Tri-Lobal rainbows, and King Tut Cottons, all in the top, loosening my top tension 1-2 levels.  I also used a 90/14 topstitch or metallic needle and Superior Threads Masterpiece (50 weight) cotton was my bobbin thread of choice.
 For the finish, I decided to try facing this little quilt, like I've read and seen how the 'big name' quilters are now doing out there in Quilt Land.   
 A bit rough ... and I didn't quite get the edge folded under in all the right places... but it was simple.  Right sides together, and turn.  A different look.  Do you like it this way, or should I have fashioned a traditional binding?  I'm ready to do... MORE!
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