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Monday, November 10, 2014

christmas towels ~

good morning monday y'all!

... and hello to the polar vortex!  i'd say that for me, it should be great motivation to get hunkered down into the studio, make soup and bread, and stay close to the fire.  and maybe even a little bit of christmas too!  snow always helps me to do that, and i have some new ideas in mind.  

we had such a WONDERFUL time teaching in missoula this past weekend!  i loved it.  great class, super owner and yes... i have a few new things i've purchased, including a pattern i'm excited about, as well as a new embroidery design stick!  {whaaattt?}  yes --- excited to try embroidery again now that i am retired.  so i will show those and some new thread treasures, too.

so ~ earlier, wayyyyy back in october {lol} i prepped for a christmas show here in town, and i made 43 assorted tea towels!  it was fun to use my accuquilt "go" cutter, and few simple heart shapes, and of course other embellishments of lace, buttons, labels and stitching.  i'm making christmas coasters, and will show them soon.  these projects are terrific and very simple projects that are sure to be nice gifts to give:

this particular show is a fund raiser for the art center at paris gibson museum of art, so 30% is taken.  it's difficult to make a profit, but the donation is also something i think is worth it, too.  so... i hope many of them sold, but if not... then they will hit the etsy store, or be lovely gifts!

stay warm in the polar vortex; it's a big one, and it's a serious thing.  {coming to a sky near you!}

blessings on your day ~

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Each Breath Given ~ Sketchbook

Hi there sweet friends ~
Today's post is about a blog post that really, well, really got to me. I love Kimberly's writing style and her writing is a gift in itself, but the gift is the simplicity of what she has defined, and continues to, on her blog. Like about breathing. And so, as I do with many things, I journaled it, because I want to remember this special gift...  With her permission, I quote in part from her post "Joy for the Journey."  

"The joy begins for me in the same place every day, when I wake up and purpose myself to remember that each breath is given, not a given. I don’t own it or earn it–I receive it. From the movement of my limbs, to the sun rising behind the mountains, to the mist on the lake, to the man exhaling beside me, to the dog smelling of wet grass, to the beat-up running shoes, to my children and their own warm breath on my cheek, to every good and imperfect thing I touch or sustain or steward. A bounty beginning with the breath of God." 
~ Kimberly Coyle October 23, 3012 on "Joy for the Journey."

Click here to read the entire post. 

Breathe it in.  Deeply.
It's sweet.  It's fresh.

Thank you Kimberly.  You are a breath of fresh air to me, and I thank God for you! 

Praying you will find some  t i m e  to breathe. And be thankful for the gift.

"Find Time For Tea" ~ a sweet blog.
Another Giveaway tomorrow! Blessings on your day~ Soli Deo Gloria! 
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