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Sunday, August 16, 2015

sunsets on the flathead ~ a time of abundance

happy... happy sunday folks ~

here are just a few favorite images from the lake... time well spent...  lovely, serene, quiet, wild and beautiful all at the same time.

late evening swims, taking in the sun changing the clouds moment by moment.

all ~ precious moments.

thank you Father God for ~
soft, lapping water
wild waves
pine in the air
happy voices
worn wood
water to dip toes into
pretty rocks
your Word
... endless love.

a time of abundance...

oh yes miss susie larson... an abundance that trains us.  that is good food for thought.  may it ever be so.

soli deo gloria!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

being still ~ flathead lake

hi friends ~

there just seems to be something special about water, isn't there?   i wonder if {in part} that's why Jesus approached the disciples when they were fishing out in the ocean?  and  about peter... 
our girl's get-away at flathead lake earlier this summer 
was a season of growth.  
a season of seven days ~ for seven women. 
friendship old and comfortable; 
new ones, fresh and sweet. 
a beautiful blending of bonds forged and strengthened. 
for our walk in faith. our living for Christ.  
our understanding {deeper} of grace.  

spending time together can do that.  

we each bring burdens.  insecurities. doubts. fears. health issues. wishlists. wounds. singleness. divorce, and death of loved ones. and perhaps we think like this...  "when looking to God doesn't feel like enough?" {emily freeman}

seasons of leaning in... falling in.  failing ... and listening. 

we came together as friends, old and new ~ yes. but our true, and precious commonaility is as Sisters in Christ. we brought up our packed-up art supplies, sewing, books, and "want-to" lists...  and our unpacked baggage, too.  

and He helps us unpack.  unload. learn. {unlearn}. 
be still. 
be grace. 
as we learn to love Him ~ more.
to lavishly give ~ and live in ~ His grace ~ 
so preciously given. 
 to friends. family. strangers and sisters. 
for all of our days left.

we sit together.  
sometimes there's quiet talk.  
most times, there is not.  
and pray.  
{if necessary, use words}.
 we dream.  we imagine. we gaze.  

and we are amazed.

we find wild horses in the sky... in the dreamy clouds of the sunsets on the water..

in the laughter and glory. 
we drink in both. 
desperate for the refreshment.
we praise the Father for this gift.

and we revel that God does this all over the world for so many ~ not just for us.

but here ... in this place... He does it just for us.
just for this moment.
and He binds us together 
in these precious gifts of time 
that only He can lavish upon us.

we watch til the evening darkens.
and quiet night descends.  
and we breathe in.  
and let go.
and hold on to the promises:

"...be still... {cease striving} 
and know that I am God."  
Psalm 46:10

i've been reading emily freeman, author of
{quoted from her book}, she says this: 
"the word we read as cease is sometimes read 
be still, let go, return.  
but the the first way, the original way, is a verb that means 
{oh.  okay.  let's dive in deeper...}
she goes on to write: "the short definition of this  hebrew word {sink} is raphah, is "fail." fail and know that I am God.
as we begin to uncover the art of God had in mind when He made us, as we begin to wake up to our deepest desires and expose them in the presence of Jesus, there is a real possibility we will become overwhelmed with one of two realities in front of us.  either we have lived alot of our lives denying who we truly are and we feel discouraged for the wasted time, or we see what we most deeply desire and want to forsake everything in order to have those desires satisfied now.
we are in danger of sinking into either regret and anxiety 
or self-effort and self-expression.
but God invities us into a different kind of sinking. 
...this isn't the kind of sinking into the frigid depths of an impersonal sea.
... this sinking is one into knowing, knowing he is God."
{and grace.  more grace.}
what if... 
"what if we began to see our art as something other than our idea?  what if it was less lofty and more necessary to our daily rhythm? what if your art is part of the bigger picture?
part of a daily grace God has in mind for someone else?
aren't we all scared fisherman in a boat?"
"we are all Peter, standing ankle deep in cold water."
"...so Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink."save me Lord!" he shouted.  Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. "You have so little faith," Jesus said. "Why did you doubt me?"  {Matt. 14:29-31}
emily freeman ~ a million little ways.

emily continues:  "we are all like peter...  and upon this rock, He builds.  and builds. and builds.... Peter who refuses to receive the service of Jesus in humility. Peter who suggests the Lord could avoid the cross --- he is called rock and given the keys to the kingdom of heaven."

emily: "the miracle, upside-down work of God is that our failure isn't an obstacle, it's an opportunity 
to remember to sink into God.  
not having what it takes isn't a liability
it's a prerequisite." {emily freeman}
{thank God}

gifts. and more gifts ~ everywhere.
a learning to be quick to listen ~ slow to speak
praying without ceasing.
listening for His still voice.
falling {and failing} into Him.
giving thanks for our sweet devotions 
and prayer time ~ together.
one thousand gifts in every moment.  
if we will ~ but be still.
"You are art and you make art, but you are not your art.  
You are God's art." {emily freeman}

Lord ~ teach us ~ help us 
to each live out our art in You.
thank you emily!  it's a wonderful book.  {and i am not even half-way through yet!} 

soli deo gloria!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

the sweets...the sweetest, and the sweeter ~

hello and good summery august day to ya!

well our week "at the cabin" was filled with special, hilarious {and very silly}... and yet, refreshing, laughter! this girl here... she makes me belly laugh!
 my darling friend, miss christy... she makes me laugh so much, and so hard, that my tummy hurts!!! what a special treat it was to have her here with us this year! 

and we made large carry-all bags, too:

 and had a sweet time eating desserts, too!  this is a watermelon dessert made from raspberry sherbert with chocolate chips, pineapple sherbert for the rind, and lime sherbert for the outside of a watermelon. looked great!  tasted amazing!
 sweet friends:
 sweet water.  sweeter sunsets.  and the sweetest of memories. 

soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the mission mountains in a montana day of may ~

hi there!  that's a mouthful for a title, huh?  and it truly was a spectacular day, and weekend, in the western part of montana, lakeside at the flathead on finley point.  

celebrating this bride-to-be's birthday. 

making plans.  and making coffee. 
{see the post on rachel and weston ~ i took the engagement photos december 2013}
i planned the menu.  

and she planned the day she says "i do."  

and dreamed of a future with the one her soul has found, and loves.
she has beautiful choices to make for her bride's bouquet:

they are very beautiful. romantic.  old fashioned.  her colors are navy blue, taupe, coral, and peachy-pinks.  
and time to return home, driving along with the towering companionship of the springtime mission mountains:

can you see the ladies here? their long, slim bodies, hands posted on the waist, a curly skirt {dried leaves} and fluffy hairstyles?!
yes ~ stop! {so we did}  and we were richly rewarded with contrasting views, one to the east, and one to the west {below}.  

we do our best to take it all in.  and seeing all the gifts we can never fully see, because there are so many!  {amen}.

have a beautiful, full and "seeing the gifts" day.
{and will soon be showing the cabin rose quilt inspired by those flowers, too!}

Thursday, August 29, 2013

sweetest memories ~ finley point 2013

hi there ~ 

how ya all doin!  i hope you're doing well, and enjoying our last bit of summer days...

its been great to be back from vacation 'at the lake' ~ and soon to leave again!  we're off again to hop over to washington and idaho to see family and cuddle with brand new grandson #2 and birthday for grandson #1~ !  

here's a little video i made of some of the pics from the flathead vacation.  it's been a sweet time of refreshment, reflection, and rest.  i love these girls.  i am so thankful for them.  what a gift they are!

thank you to our Father God for all the blessings of friendship, crafting, sweet fellowship, and just being together.  i am grateful!

happy labor day weekend america.  may all our labors and fruits be to the glory of God!!!  Yes... and Amen!
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Water~Waves~Wonders~Flathead Lake

I hope you all are not too tired of my vacation-lake pictures!  I've so enjoyed looking at them again, and I can't wait to share them with you, here...

A stormy, windy day on Flathead Lake brings in  spectacular waves... and I was delighted to be able to photograph them under good natural light, and capture the beautiful, deep green of the water, even tho venturing out was a 'bit breezy' to say the least.  These were taken lying on my belly on the {wet} and wild adventure on the rocky shoreline just below the cabin.
Colorful rocks... water... waves.  I love the colors and I can get excited all over again just looking at these pics!
This one reminds me of jello!  These images are straight out of the camera, and on the automatic setting {as I haven't figured out the manual way yet} ~ !
Here's just a few facts to share about Flathead Lake:
~  named for the Salish (Flathead) Indians which is also a reservation located at the southern end of the lake.
~ max length: 27.3 miles and width of 15.5 miles; maximum depth of 370.7 feet (in Skidoo Bay), and the area covered by lake totals 191.5 square miles!
~ one of the 300 largest natural lakes in the world, and the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States.  Of those lakes, Flathead is one of the cleanest.
~ major tributaries into the lake are the Flathead and Swan rivers; however, water quality has declined in the last decade due to combined effects of increased pollution from human sources, erosion of the shoreline and other factors.
~  due to it's massive size, and active winds, the lake does not freeze over most winters
~ Wildhorse Island in the middle of the lake, is 2100 acres; noted for it's herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep and a few wild horses. {and seen in the far distance of this photograph-second 'hill' from the left}
While the windstorms and waves are certainly not rare, it was a rare opportunity for me to see the lake in these kinds of conditions, and to catch some cool pictures {at least in my opinion}.  Patchy rays of bright sunlight as well as cloudy and warm with access to a beautiful beach... just a few steps from a cozy cabin...  Perfect conditions for me! 

And a few more creatively edited shots, using a new app I am just learning about {and loving} to use on our iPad. {and it automatically transfers to our iphones too!}  It's called "PS Express."  (which stands for photoshop express I think).  Do you have a favorite app for editing photos?  And how about one that easily lets you add text?  I'd appreciate hearing any hints or tips you may have discovered...

 Dramatic... and then almost whimsical.  I deepened the color on the photo above, and then added texture with the swirls below and a sea green border... love it when I can have down time to play with the technology at our fingertips these days.

Awesome! Yes Lord You Are!  
Soli Deo Gloria!

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