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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bernina - Free Hand System and Tip

If you own a FHS on your Bernina (or other brands as well), did you know that using it can save you approximately 25% in sewing time?  True story.  I love mine! 

I was telling my Bernina mastery class about this extra little tip for using the Free-Hand system. Thought it might be useful to y'all out there in 'blog-land.' 
This is a nice little 'extra' you can take advantage of if you already have a Free Hand system.  Take the free hand system off of your machine, and thread your spool of your thick threads onto the metal bar (if your spool hole will slide onto the width of the metal bar).  It keeps the thread nice and tidy while you are couching it on with the techniques I've shown before, and in the pictures below!

If you don't know what the free hand system is, it's also called a 'knee lift' and by tilting your knee to the right, you can automatically lift the presser foot without using both of your hands. 

The FHS is GREAT for turning corners, and to get the most out of this system, it's essential that you also engage needle down to preserve your 'spot' when you want to turn the fabric. 
AND... it works so very beautifully as a way of keeping my thread from tangling when I am using one of my very favorite feet - the 39C clear embroidery foot.  If you missed seeing some of the posts, you can see them here and a project I called "Pick Up Stix Glitz" here! 

I also used it to make some charming "Spring Placemats" and you can see them here.
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