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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

raindrops and sweets from the paris gibson garden ~

hi friends ~

welcome to one of my favorite morning stops.  up close and personal courtesy of the paris gibson park garden here in great falls.

i love stopping here. there is always something new to take in. i try to take a moment {or two} to indulge in the sweet quiet and fresh blooms of this beautiful garden. {it's the jewel of great falls}. 

i've been making an effort to get out of the house extra early these june mornings as i am on my way to work, and just stop.  to see what i can see.  and i've been rewarded with awesome raindrops, dew, colors galore, and beautiful morning light...

so here are just a few of my favorites from the fabulous blooms.  

{a sweet retreat any day of the week} 

i swear {not really} ~ i could {almost} live on them!
and look at this gladiola angel.  {amazing!}
i'm never sure ~ glads or iris?  but this i know... awesome!!!

hoping you too, can take a minute to stop and enJoy!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

last glances of a great falls fall ~

the last bit of fall... i had a wonderful time taking it in, and so i share with you some of my highlights from the past couple weeks.

i will always love the gorgeous knock-your-socks off colors of the grasses that filter the light each morning ~ this particular view is one i enjoy immensely, because it can be seen directly in front of my office window.

{but i went outside to take the photos}
pretty-shaped leaves from a berry type of bush in our backyard ~
i took a walk around the neighborhood ~ to see what i could see...

a very interesting texture of a tree trunk struck my eye... 

and a beautiful weeping willow so gracefully draping it's leaves softly in the fall afternoon sun...
this neighbor's yard... captivating and covered in shades of gold, green and copper.
and then back to the banks of the missouri, in front of the federal courthouse, which was built in 2009.  august of this year marks my 28th year working in the federal court system.  kinda amazing to me, and i'm grateful; not just to have made it that long!!  {true} it's a stressful job, but... to have survived! to have learned and endured, and persevere and count it all as joy. 

the view below is also from my office window; looking across the missouri river, to another historic landmark of great falls, montana ~ the tower of the import depot building. 

many mornings as i walk into the building, i am graced with a show of the sun rising in the east in one way or another across this river; sometimes with clouds as sentinels, or bright sunshine, and sometimes dramatic shadows of mystery. 

i know this.  it's by the hand of God and it's all amazing art!
also in front of my office window is a path that connects to what is known as the "rivers edge trail" of great falls.  it's at least ten miles of a gorgeous walking trail along the river, that can lead to the five falls on the missouri, which lewis and clark discovered and recorded in their journey west so many years ago.
and these delicate grasses; another variety.  just one last shot of the peaceful shadows of these lovely grasses...
and the last is a photo that is still one of my all-time faves.  i was blessed to capture a magical moment last fall.

a sweet moment, for sure.
 i hope and pray your 
season of november
is filled 
 with thanks~living.

soli deo gloria!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Marching Along The Missouri ~

Well, not really marching.  
Just a casual morning  saunter, before I head into the office, which is right along the river, right here...
enjoying the soft sky...
the quiet of the morning...
 as I gaze along the river.
Beautiful sky. 
Beautiful morning.

 Below is the view of the Import Depot Tower, located along the railroad tracks, now just a business office space on beautiful grounds.

 What I needed was my longer lens to get closer to the ducks...  Next time...!  And maybe there will be babies, too!  Well, maybe in a couple more months.
 Heading North along the trail.  That's Gibson Park just across the river.  Beautiful and absolutely a jewel of the City.
Must head back - time to go to work! This is the view looking towards the downtown area.  The little stack with the triangular shape is the Great Falls Police Station, just across the bridge.... 
 One more look back at that gorgeous wintery BIG SKY...
And the heavens declare
the Glory of the Lord!  
Amen and Alleluia!
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