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Saturday, July 2, 2011

HEARTS on the Prairie!

 "Hearts On The Prairie" --- what a fun quilt to make! 

Simplicity at it's very basic construction.  A classic  and ever popular bulls-eye type pattern from which I made several baby quilts, and a larger full size quilt, featured here.  Love the pattern; so easy, and cuddly; great beginner quilt!  Layer the three hearts on a 10 inch block, beginning with the largest, stitching around each one about 1/4", trimming the back away after stitching each heart to eliminate bulk.  After you have the number of blocks you desire, square 'em up. Cut each 3-layered heart block into fourths, and mix 'em up; stitch 'em all back up, willy-nilly as you please! Wash it... and it gets fluffier and cuddlier... gotta love that!
It has been well worn, well used, and well loved by our family.  I still like to cuddle up and snuggle in with this quilt, year round, but now it's on our patio.  Nice decor, and functionality for early morning coffee on the patio!  That's one thing about  Montana... you always need a quilt regardless of the season! (Yikes!)  But I think no matter where you live, you should always need (or at least want!) a cuddly quilt, year-round!

It's always fun for me to look back to that time when I first started. The free motion quilting is a bit willy-nilly as well!  And I only attempted simple little "loop-deloos." (That's the cousin to "Skip To My Lou Darlin'), and official term, you know!!!  For some reason unknown to me now, I didn't quilt the hearts.  I think I might have been afraid to go through the layers, or unsure about getting my foot caught in the loose layers of the edges...  

I didn't quilt the borders either.  Again... no clue why I didn't.  But one must start somewhere!  It certainly has not diminished the joy of cuddling up with this quilt, as well as kids and family who've enjoyed it when they have visited. I will be sad when it finally gives out. But then I'll just have to patch it willy nilly and throw it in the car for picnics, or the lake.  Sounds good.  Quilt ON!  I hope you, too, have a favorite cuddly quilt to use every day!
Pattern from the Quilting Hen in Carter, MT. 
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