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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gifts ~

You may {at least I'm hoping you will} recognize these flowers on the left side of the page from my sketchbook journal.  They were the inspiration for the quilting featured in this post: Pink Paisley Quilted Table Runner.
That is why, in part, I like to doodle and capture it in a permanent journal.  It truly does help in free motion quilting... but it also is a way to capture art from your own hand in a very free, and fun way. I used to doodle  on  8x11" plan paper pages, and then I would put them into a big ol binder~but they become quite bulky, and they're not always easy to use.  Don't get me wrong~they were (and are) great resources, but my little 5"x7" or so moleskine journal is 'handy' to me, when I keep it in my handbag, or by my sitting area, where I find I can, {most often!} find it, and most importantly, use it more! I always have an assortment of pens, (as anyone who knows me will testify!) but always try to have just a plain old black pen, or even a pencil, handy.  Actually, anything will do!
I used watercolors, a black Pitt pen, and some green ink from my Gelly Roll Pen Collection with a tad bit of highlights from my Gelly Roll Metallic pens. Glitter pens.  Watercolors. And heck - I just added a little of everything - I like to mix it up!  Anyone... and everyone can scribble wavy lines, triangles... and circles!
And it's super fun!
Besides ~ it's true ... 
Every good and perfect gift is from above.  James 1:17.  
has a very good and perfect gift(s)!  
Have a great and 'gift-ful' day!

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