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Friday, August 17, 2012

Drawing Near ~ Sketchbook

After taking Joanne Sharpe's online class "Color Love," I found one of her favorite supplies to be something as simple as a trip to the office supply store.  Thank goodness.  And it's inexpensive ~ VERY thank goodness!  I believe it was $6 for a package that had four of these pens in it: 

I really appreciate the solid opacity of the white ink. It's easy to use, although it does take a bit of coordinated control {never was too coordinated} ... hmm ~ something I will practice more, definitely!
And more fun playing time with my Peerless Watercolors.

These dry sheets of paper don't look like much when they arrive...
 But a little bit of water from my water brush, and they are transformed.  The light spots are where the product has been removed by the water brush.  The color on top isn't representative of the true color... that's why it's so important to do a color chart. The backside of the sheets contain the color name. I punched a hole in my sheets, and then added a binder ring.  It would be easy to cut these in half, too, for have one for travel, and the other at home, if that suits!
 They are luscious, vibrant, and translucent.

Draw Near. 

James 4:8 is one of my most favorite verses from the first time I saw it illustrated in a poster by Artist Mary Engelbreit.  The framed poster still hangs in my studio, it is such a favorite.  

I'm off to Flathead Lake for a few days.  You know I'll be packing my camera, sketchbook, watercolors, and enjoying each minute of treasured time with my Sisters!  

enJOY~ and check out beautiful art, inspiration and more from other blogs and studios today on Studio JRU
and Fellowship Fridays!

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