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Thursday, June 6, 2013

she felt peace ~ my first house quilt

hello everyone out there in 'bloggy land' 

it's been awhile it seems! i was not expecting to be down so long with just a 'little' spring cold.  i'll tell ya, it's packed a big spring punch, that led to a sinus infection, and some bronchial issues. hopefully... i'm leaving the worst behind, and so back into the saddle i'm trying to leap! lol  :)

today, i'm sharing more details from the little house quilt in my 'marveles' faux piping technique, from last week's post.  

my inspiration motifs began with a fun day, printing fabrics with my gelli plate, and frankly ~ just plain messin' around! always a good thing!  and it provides a rich tapestry of things to pick and choose when you want to build a new house! 

anyway ~ you can see some of that process in the beginning stage, in this post: "come on over to my house."

one of my favorite things in this piece, began with a piece of organza, that is the main body of the house, which was made using a thermofax screen {by margaret applin} and gel medium, and newspaper print!  all i did was lay down the screen, squeegee gel medium through it, lift, and wait for it to dry. then i washed out the excess newspaper print, dry it, press it and badda-boom-badda-bing! a very fun process!

additionally, other happy fabrics were added from my printing frenzy; several of which came from stencils and thermofax screens designed by margaret as well as her stencils {from joggles.com}

again, margi's stencil shape above, which is the orange flower {below}. once it was dried and heat-cured, i stamped on top of it with my black ink pad and a favorite text stamp.  i added a beautiful ribbon, with a glitzy, sparkly edge, too, at the roof's bottom edge.  that same orange color ties in with the flower, and the bird, too.  the roof itself was screened using one of margaret's delightful screens as well, and i just cut it out and stitched it down on top of the organza base. {when you play alot ~ you have alot to work with!} and i do love my playdays!
then... i felt i needed a bird on my house.  i love the sound of chirping birds so early in the mornings now! they are the perfect 'wake-up call!'  and while making my classic round tablerunners, i purposely saved out a bit of this this cool fabric with the neat bird print with heart flowers, just for fusing on future projects:
 and look - there he is! such a pretty bird ~ love him!
and that same lovely print yielded a sweet little detail for my house: heart flowers ~ and a pop of beautiful pinky-red color, too!  just what it needed for some extra 'punch.'
and speaking of flowers... here are some of terri stegmiller-styled flowers, printed on white cotton, from her new line of stencils by stencil girl i was so thrilled to demo!!  they were the perfect accent with the bird and heart-flowers, too.  so into the mix they went, too. cute ~ and such a pretty periwinkle blue color. love it with the pinky-red flowers.
 where's the sun?  oh yes! i used this one printed from the gelli plate, also made by laying one of margaret applin's flower stencils down on the plate, layering fabric on top, and then pull the print!  i cut it out, and there you have it - a fun sun shape.  i deliberately made it rather messy, and the black thread quilting keeps it pretty graphic and fun, too.
 and then time for more free motion quilting details on the cottage:
 i added zig zag stitching, and this is done free motion as well.  i then added stitched details to the flowers, adding stems and leaves... and doodles, inspired from stamps designed by roben-marie.  
and time to add some writing... which of course, you may know that i love to do.  a little bit of sketchy-stitching around the clouds... and it's done.  i love it!
so there's my first little house-quilt!  i hope you enjoyed my tour.  thanks for stopping in!

i hope we all can do just that ~ make time to stop in, visit our friends, and enjoy the sweet hospitality, companionship and  joy of our hearts as we spend a little time with each other... 

and 'sew' much more.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journal #2 ~ Copper Flowers

Hello there ~ oh my goodness... I made it through to Tuesday!  More on that later!

Here is my second {my favorite!} covered journal; I'm calling it "Copper Flowers."
 Recognize this design? 
It was one of the Margaret Applin's new stencil from Joggles, which I debuted awhile ago on fabric... and now on paper:
 {love that coppery perfect pearl paint!} love that stencil!!!

 The outside back side cover below:
 A pretty stack of journals I made, sitting together on the table.  Kind of like food in the pantry, is a couple journals finished!!!  It all represents many hours of happily messing around trying to figure out book covering, and all that mechanical application stuff: 
  The inside back cover:
 And, the back side cover: {i love the orange spots with the purple thermofax screen design}
 Purples... aqua, turquoise... oranges... and copper ~ this was a fun color combo!  These are going to make great gifts!
Here's to a fun week ahead~hope it is for you too!
Many blessings~

Friday, March 1, 2013

Terri's Garden ~ Part 1 ~ GiveAway reminder!

Hi everyone ~ wow it's been quite the week!  Thank you for all of your kind remarks on our "Great Adventure" { a love story!}  God is so good ~ all the time.

The little quilt piece below is one I've been trying to finish. Not done yet!  {but I am really lovin' the process of playing with it} ~ this is one of Terri Stegmiller's stencil - flowers.

And... printmaking!

And... Lots n lots of gelli prints, layered with stamping,doodles and more of Margaret's stencils and thermofax screens! Messy messy good!

Catchup with you on Sunday for the drawing for Margaret's stencils.  Have you commented for an entry my giveaway post for a couple of Margaret's gorgeous stencils, yet? {posted last Sunday!}

In the Studio... at Studio JRU today, and many others!  Join up!  Come check it out!

We're on the road tomorrow to go to the Bobcat-Grizzly girl's basketball game in Bozeman. {Go Lady Bobcats!}

Have a great weekend!
Soli deo Gloria!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pretty Prints ~ Sprays & Dyes with Stencils ~ Giveaway!

Hello there ~

Happy weekend is over... but I am thankful for a little messing and painting in the studio.   Here's a sneak peek of a detail on a new 8"x8" canvas piece I'll show later:

More Gelli plate printing was also on my mind with some old papers I've had for a long time.  Stencils, squiggles, stamps, thermofax prints and stuff like that make for some happy creating for me.
 I'm going to add a few of the custom printed papers to my shop, but I also have plans for postcards, and mixed media canvas with these beauties!

The fabric below is a commerical, garment cotton, with gathered satin ribbon, lace, and embroidery. I thought it might be interesting to see how it printed with the s.e.i. dyes.  Here's a close-up of the printing using the stencil "Three Totems."

I spied these new sprays, "Color Shine" at Michaels over the past long weekend, and with a special extra 25% bonus coupon they were mine. They have a pearly/metallic paint additive in them, with a metal ball so you can hear it and shake it all up to mix prior to spraying. Pretty color, a bit of glitz, and shine; easy to use; easy to blend, too.  I used them on paper, below:
And then on fabric: this time a polka dot print was the canvas.  Cute!  Stencil pattern: "African Orange Stars with Border."
I combined both s.e.i. dyes and then a top layer of the Color Shine sprays.  Hope you'll be able to see the gold metallic flecks of paint and shine on the print in this closeup:
They are really, really pretty!

{love the polka dots!}
Layering was my idea on the next piece with Margaret's stencils.  At the top of the fabric is "Dotted Quatrefoil", followed by the African Stars, Branches, and Sunshine in overlayers, and underlayers! {are those even words} Guess they will be nowMy idea is to quilt this in another collaged fabric/journal style quilt.
Oh yes, I want to show you another photo of the white commerical garment fabric, showing the entire fabric piece sprayed.  Love the texture it with the lace and ribbon insets.
So don't you think it's {finally} time for some information about the Give Away?  Well, Miss Margaret has 'left it up to me' so to speak, so this is the scoop: 

Leave a comment on THIS POST about what your favorite PAIR of stencils are... don't know which two?   
Well, you have to get to choose!  
If you need to refresh your memory 
{a term I hear often in the courtroom}

I'm going to pick THREE winners, 
one week from today ~ Sunday, March 3rd.
 So..."Have you got your stencil on, yet?" 
Blessings ~ have a great week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Come On Over to My House ~

Hey there readers and friends ~

One thing about printing and experimenting with fabrics, stencils, thermofax screens, dyes, paints and mixed media, is that I've collected some pretty cool samples, all ready to come out and play at my house! I've wanted to make a house for a long time, but just didn't know how I wanted to do it... until now!

So come on over... and visit the construction zone!
 This is a piece of organza I printed, using a thermofax screen {Margaret's of course}, gel medium, newspaper and organza.  What I did was layer the newspaper on the bottom, organza on top of that, and then the thermofax screen on top of those two, and scrape gel medium over the top.  Let it dry.  Wash out the excess newspaper print that was left.  And there you have it, a mixed media piece that is visually very interesting, and super fun to make! I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it is pretty dang cool.  

 I've decided to apply that organza as a layer over these wonderful printed, stenciled fabrics I've been creating using the Joggles stencils.
 And in that stash, I found a fun print {above} ~ perfect for a nice roof, from a previous printing frenzy months ago!

 The background fabric is again, a ghost print, and it was quite a bit more muted than the last one in yesterday's post. I added a glitzy-edged ribbon in orange, and black stitching for a few house details.  I think it may need some lace curtains... hmmm.
And I'm trying to decide which sun to choose for my little house scene. First choice:  a smaller sized peach-colored tone I printed on the gelli plate.
OR... a larger print of the same design, but sprayed with the s.e.i dyes, in yellow and blue.  

The cool,multi-colored dotted piece of fabric was also made using a thermofax screenprint purchased from Margaret's etsy store; another piece waiting for a home! 

I added some extra blue paint for clouds, right onto the background with my fingers.
Now I just have to choose which sun ... 
and think about other elements to add.. or not add.  
{if only building a real house was this fun and easy}  
More fabric choices, perhaps.  
More stitching & quilting, of course!
   Can't wait!
So which one do you like the best?  
And a big thank you for joining in the fun this past week! 
Giveaway details this weekend...and I always look forward to seeing all the creative hearts sharing 
 with Studio JRU In the Studio Fridays~
~Blessings to you all~  
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