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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Heartful Finish

Several weeks ago, I posted about my Graffiti styled fabric, painted with acrylic paints, applied via the bubble wrap... and some fun writing with a large Sharpie pen. This is how it began:

I was tired of moving this piece around in my studio, wondering what it should be.  So... it was time to 'cut-it-up!'  A dance party with my scissors... but no need to cut a rug! 

Ribbon selections:
Finished with a zig zag stitch on the edges...
And wildly quilted in plain black thread.
Further embellishment with Jones Tones silver, copper and gold foil...

This fabric was heavily painted and dyed to begin with, when I began by applying the Jacquard Dye-na-flow paint/dye.  Then the further addition of the acrylic paint using the bubble wrap as a print.  That made this fabric a challenge - one in which the needle didn't always penetrate well, even tho I used a 90/14 Titanium Topstitch needle (from Superior Threads).  But I kept at it.  I'm determined that way.  And mostly it worked out, and when it didn't... I traveled that road again!  And it worked just fine; some of the zigs missed... but I'm okay with it.  It goes with the graffiti style!

For now.
All of the hearts are backed with cardstock, for durability and stability.  They are great as bookmarks, graduation or anytime gifts or thank-you's.  They are wild - but that is precisely the point!  ALOT of fun!
Orange and red are hard colors to photograph.  They tend to look garish-like. 

Although I am a little tired of hearts... having this piece of fabric result in a finished project(s) feels dang good!!
Praises for another project that crossed the FINISH LINE! YAY YAY YAY!
What are you planning to finish today?
JUST ~~~ Begin!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grace on My Mind ~

I enjoy 'foiling' - it's rather addictive, partly because it's mostly instant gratification. I want to also try it with stamps, and thermofax screens... when I have more t-i-m-e!  You know - that "T" word!
And...a continuation from my Sunday Clean-Up & round robin 'event' - ha!  Found this small piece of leftover hand dyed fabric found stuffed in the stash of 'I want to do something with this" --- soon.  Ahem.  Okay. What's the hold-up??!!
So I wrote on it using the tip from the Jones Tone's glue.  I actually used a phrase I had found in my journal -- well at least part of it.  One I was happy to 'refresh' my memory with.  Want to memorize.  As you may see from pics... I didn't quite get it right... that probably wasn't memory as much as writing skills.  Or perhaps more to the point, would be my concentration skills?  LOL.  A tiny setback.  Won't let that stop me. Onward...to GRACE!
The glue takes maybe 15-20 minutes to dry, depending on how thick it was laid on.  30 minutes is probably best.  Then you press the foil on top of the glue design.  

Shiny side up!  

Just like fryin' eggs!
See the "u" on lower left of photo?  The glue got 'squished' when I pressed the foil, as it wasn't completely dry.  Still!  Cool!
If the glue isn't completely dry, it will squish down as you rub lightly with your finger, or nail.  Kind of a cool effect, actually.
And there you have it.

GRACE.  Unlimited.  Unmerited.  Undeserved.  

UNSTOPPABLE!  That's the word I'm missing!  Thank God, it is just... that. 

Smiling.  Grateful ~~~ for GRACE.  I hope you are too.  We all are in need of some... be generous with it today! Make that... right now.  Make it... ALWAYS.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Foiled Again!"

Okay, so I have a wacky sense of humor!  But I do enjoy this embellishment technique, and to 'foil again and again...!" 

This is what is called 'gold foil' which is really a type of plastic-cellophane type product with a highly reflective surface bonded to it.  In the pic below, it looks like this, once it's been applied to the glue you've allowed to dry.  It is always placed with the shiny side up and the 'dull' side down. You can see the swirl pattern of the glue underneath as it's raised and I've also burnished it to the surface.  I burnish it with my fingers. You could use a pressing tool, like a bone folder, or a wooden, finger pressing-type notion, or whatever works best for you.
This particular foil product can be used with several different types of glues; I've used these three: 
  • Jones Tones Foil Glue
  • Glue gun type glue
  • fusible web
There is also the traditional type of  silver, or gold, or multi-colored 'leafing' foil products. (see below) in the flat package.  It's meant to be used with a 'sizing' product, but I have found that sizing glue absorbs into the fabric, and doesn't remain tacky. However, you can build it up with multiple applications and it does eventually stick if you have patience!  I did this on my Montana Treasure quilt.  It can be applied pretty effectively using the Jones Tones Glue, too.
Always place the dull side of the foil facing down onto your project, with the shiny side facing up at you.  After you've burnished the foil onto the glue, it will look like the picture below where the dull side is shown.
And when you are done it will look like this picture to the right.  If you'd like to see how the gold leaf flakes look, check out the post on the "Let Love Be Your Guide" here. It's right next to the the hearts.

If you'd like more information, there are lots of resources out there.  One of them is a book titled "Complex Cloth" by Jane Davilla.  My biggest challenge is finding the foil, in colors.  I am sure I can find it online.  If anyone has a favorite place to buy such things, I would appreciate hearing about it!
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