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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Sympatico ~

These are the stitching options I chose for the leaves on this screen printed fabric:
Of course, they probably won't stay that way... will play with some other ideas for the outside edges... or not!
Playing with the arrangement of left-over squares of the "Grace" foiled fabric ~

I changed my mind... with the arrangement ~
I love going on treasure hunts in my "Sunday Sympatico in the Studio" --- and I found a swirly cut-out hangin' out on my design wall.  So I snatched it from it's place there ~ and gave it a new home here:

And all-too-soon my favorite play-day ended! 
These are some of my thoughts: I may have to lose the squares.  I love the shiny foil on them, but I'm not excited about the color on them for this piece... I don't think.  Time will tell, and any other stitching, embellishment or couching will make a difference too.  I do think I really like the addition of the purple swirl batik fabric strip at the bottom, and the re-placement of the purple lace...

Got any other ideas for me? Oh, and I need a word or two, or three... thinking...thinking!

March Blog LOVE is coming tomorrow!  EnJOY your day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is the second in a series of small art quilts I am playing with.  These little quilts are what I call "fabric paper" and I hope you will consider taking "Fabric Paper' - a class we're offering at the Quilt-A-Way for $15.00 TUESDAY March 1, 5:30-8pm OR SATURDAY March 5, 10am-1pm.

The first art quilt was dedicated to Rachel --- that post was "Rejoice For Rachel" and you can view it here in case you missed it!  Both of these girls were part of a Sunday school class I taught. We went on a mission trip together with their Moms in 2005 to Albuquerque NM one summer.  I have had the privilege, honor and  continual blessing of knowing these young ladies! They are so very special, and it's been an incredible  journey to be a part of their lives as they have grown up. 
My inspiration:  Katie! Bright, beautiful, smart... very cute!  She's a junior in college majoring in Mechanical engineering,  and currently attending a semester in Ireland!  Such adventure! Oh, I wish I could be there with her snapping some shots in the countryside of my heritage!  Katie hasn't always loved me taking photos of her... but that hasn't stopped me too much!  LOL Katie. 

I so enjoy the designing process when the inspiration is so personal to me... and so many fond memories to work from and play with.  I loved thinking about all that Katie is... praying for her as I designed and quilted... colored and played!
  Here's your artsy journal quilt, Miss Katie!  I love you... MORE!  And I hope you love your quilt... and someday when you return home to Big Sky Country, it will be yours!
I had a really fun time with the King Tut black thread on top; black polyester in bobbin for free motion quilting on this piece.  I'm getting better... at getting out of my box in using a more 'free' sense of style, and kicking that 'perfect' thinking habit I've had in my head for FAR TOO LONG!
To all of you in 'blog land' out there ... I remind us all, corporately... it is the pursuit of excellence... NOT perfection!  It's the JOY of learning, sharing and loving...

Oh yeah! Texture in bobbin play!  I absolutely LOVED doing this!  It's rough... imperfect (love that!)... and it's pretty all at the same time... it adds a great 'sketchy' look too!  Double your fun - let loose, and let... go!  This is Ricky Tim's Razzle Dazzle thread in a light silvery blue aqua color and polyester is the best choice for top thread.

Reminder: the  stitches will not be 'perfect' either!  Your 90/14 microtex or topstitch needle has to go through some interesting layers of tissue, paper leftovers, batting, backing and topping with some glue and paint too!  Sometimes the top tension will be loopy... but I LIKE it in this particular venue.... it's Free... whimsical... charming!  .... and "no muss" --- just a bit like Katie!  I chose mostly pastels but they are bright... warm... and varied.  And that is pretty much how I think of Katie!

There is written text under the petals of this flower....as well as a tissue from a sewing pattern & some stickers, even!  I have taken my sizzix machine, and while cutting flower petals, have re-cycled used printed paper.  When I cut the fabric, I put paper on top, and so after cutting, you have all these cool paper petals with text on them! 

"Love Conquers .... ALL"  
"Areal beauty... our Katie Cutie"  detail of quilt at top center
Leftover envelopes... cards... candy wrappers...tissue patterns...
Christmas wrap paper... all are used in this little quilt! 

LOVE.... love.... LOVE those big flower prints... 
how I enjoy playing, rearranging... and stitching them!

May you continue to grow your life in Christ, Katie... leaning on Him, letting Him straighten your paths, as you live in the JOY of His salvation and allow Him to sustain in you a willing spirit. Amen, honey.  XXOO

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



This is the first quilt in a series I am planning... dedicating an art quilt to each of several Sisters and Friends.

REJOICE!  That's what I feel everytime I see this lovely young lady, RACHEL. I rejoice! So this art quilt is dedicated to her!  (And it is her birthday gift too!)  This young lady was part of a girls basketball team that won their school's first-ever Class C basketball championship several years ago - their highschool has only 32 kids in it!  She now plays college basketball at MSU-Bozeman, MT.  (GO BOBCATS!) Charming, warm-hearted, strong, faithful, and FULL of  vibrancy our Rachel is... beautiful, athletic, and a good friend to others;  she's a hard worker,  (see how she can help her Uncle John vaccinate cows!)  

That vaccinating gun is "hot!"
Charming, and warm-hearted!  I am so fortunate to know her, and we and the rest of the girls have an awesome blessing of spending time together at Flathead Lake whenever we can. Moms and girls... we've had the huge blessing to share some absolutely fabulous memories together! I love you Rach! 

It's a fairly small quilt; approximately 8x10" is painted on a muslin base using tissue paper, and acrylic paints.

Free motion couching adds dimension and texture in a very free-wheeling way!  Lovely fabric flowers are fused on.  Heavy bobbin play in pink for added visual interest.  By now you know there is lots on this blog about Bobbin Play, couching, metallic threads! 

I loved this sweet little birdie posed on a "wire" or branch of decorative stitches! This quilt is finished with a very "free" bound edge... the fabric is simply folded over, and stitched somewhat randomly!  FUN FUN FUN!
Detail of Bird and Decorative stitches in "RACHEL"
I really had to challenge myself to get out of that 'perfect box' --- it truly is entrapment!   So I let my stitches BE imperfect, meandering, and decided I could just do a decorative stitch and STOP in the middle of the line if I felt like it!

OH... AH... how I really ENJOYED doing it!  Couching... bobbin play... no 'perfect' plan... just being... FREE!  Much like Rachel!

I love her freckles and pearls... right at home on the ranch!

Detail of Free Motion Couching onto the Fabric Flowers --- HOW FUN IS THAT!

Thank you Lord, for Rachel!  Bless her as she continues to grow, learn and be your LIGHT! Amen!

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