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Friday, December 13, 2013

mitten mitten ~ christmas cards 2013 ~

"mitten~mitten ... who's got the mitten?"

well... i do!  and in fact, i have quite a few...  and they are all framed up in sweet little pairs on watercolor postcards.  this was one of many projects shown in an online class i participated in earlier this fall, from sweet talent junelle jacobson.  the "art of goodness" was a lovely class {as always} but i really fell for the adorable mitten project in particular. 

simple supplies:  scrapbook paper. modge podge. watercolor postcards.  white acrylic paint. watercolors.  an {optional} bit of glitter. and lastly, black pen for a few whimsical details or words.  

from my heart  to yours~

by the way, i used strathmore watercolor postcards, ordered from amazon.com:

and, then i thought christmas trees would be fun {they were!}
in case i forget to tell ya ~

{i had a great time!}
simple supplies... scrapbook paper, watercolors, white paint, glitter, mod podge, a brush, black pen. 

i've really enjoyed the time  i've spent making them.  it inspires all kinds of other ideas, too...

merry christmas

Thursday, July 18, 2013

summer bliss ~

hello sweets! 

today i'm sharing some of my new watercolor sketches. i've so enjoyed our beautiful, cool and bright, early summer mornings ~ ahh... how i love sweet peas!  and it just so happened that a few were blooming in the back alley next to our fence.  each morning before work, just when the sun would light them up so pretty, i would go out with camera in hand and snap a few pics.   this is how it translated into my watercolor sketchbook:

and some sunflowers also went into my moleskine watercolor journal.   i just processed this photo through a new app from rhonna designs.  {i'm so amazed at this creative technology}

it's all part of my summer of sheer bliss ~ those still summer mornings on our patio... nothing but blue sky, sunshine, and paint! you may notice on the table is a little travel kit of french watercolors, this brand is 'sennelier' {spendy and worth it}, i was happy to get them on a great sale at 40% with free shipping at http://dickblick.com several months ago, when i took a junelle jacobsen {and now a summer one} online class.  such sweet inspiration... i love it!!!!

oh, and a little devotional time, too, this particular day from Oswald Chambers, which said in part,   "... but allow God to be as creative and original with others as he was with you"  you can tell how much of it struck me as i've highlighted almost the entire thing!!
what beautiful things to learn, as i contemplate, pray, play, and enJoy.

and then some favorite words, illustrated on  9" x12"  140 lb. quality watercolor paper, and totally frameable, original art. here they are before i added more details and they are now newly listed the shop!

soli deo gloria!
abundantly and more.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ Happy Glorious Easter ~

"Arise my love ~ arise ... my love ~ !   The grave no longer has a hold on you!!" {song melody by the group NewSong}

~ Happy Easter ~
He is Risen!  {Indeed!}
Soli Deo Gloria

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Watercolor Cards ~ GiveAway !

Hi there!  

Oh my gosh ~ Winter Storm Brutus is here, and our fireplace is a wonderful place to be!  Soooo thankful!  
 And I'm so excited to be home for a long four-day weekend, as I took today off! Yay!
 I have really, REALLY enjoyed an online class I've been taking "The Wild Art of Abandonment" through Christy Tomlinson's website, and this class taught by the sweet Junelle Jacobsen.
 I've been making these little watercolor sketches over the past three weeks, during the class.  Last evening, I finished all of them by putting a coat of modge podge sealer, and glueing them to a corrugated card; a folding note card that you can write on, and comes with a matching envelope.  I will be listing them in my Etsy shop... soon.  In the meantime, however... I'm going to give some away, too ~ that is, if anyone wants one.

Each one is handsigned. 
They are very simple drawings, and I have more 'fine tuning' to go... not that I'm not happy with them... I just want to do more, and figure out more techniques!  What I really appreciate about art, is that the love for me is the process of   l e a r n i n g  ~ 
making  m i s t a k e s  ~   b l o o p e r s   
and most of all ~~~  
h a v i n g  F U N doing it!
 I used these art supplies:  Plain ol patterned cardstock, in about 6x6 size; white gesso.  Once dried, I applied either Inktense watercolor pencils by Derwent; Neo Color II watercolor crayons, or Twinkling H20's, with accents of black pen, either a  Sharpie, or Pitt Pen, and the Wite-Out Pen. I finished everything with a coat of sealer to protect the watercolors.  This was another learning process as watercolor will reactivate and bleed with another water-based product.  A very light touch is all that is needed, and no continuous swiping!

I'm giving away some of them... I haven't yet decided how many... if you like them, please leave me a comment, and state which is your favorite if you'd like.  Winners will be able to choose their favorites, in order of who was drawn first.  I will choose {winners} tomorrow ~ Saturday November 10th! 
Oh yes, I want to remind anyone out there... don't forget about my Grip N Stitch Give-A-way here.  And just like the Grace of God... there is always more.  And you cannot outgive Him, but I will be adding to the drawing tomorrow, giving away a couple non-quilting but sweet artistic items also!  

What are you waiting for?  It's nothing... but a sweet FREE gift... of grace!

Joining up with BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER at STUDIO JRU for In the Studio Friday!

Be WARM ~ Inside... and Out ~  
I'm THANKFUL today for you all~

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A World of Octobers ~ Sketchbook

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thought I would share some highlights of my noon-time stroll yesterday along the river...of course, all I had was my iphone {as I wishing for my 'good' camera!}  but... nonetheless... it was COOL.  {literally and figuratively!}  And it provided inspiration for my sketch {below}... I hope you enjoy it, too...
And a fresh new coating of Fall {en} snow!

Cloudy and calm.
Those leaves that hadn't fallen yet ... well, they got their little stems froze off!

This is a beautiful one, isn't it?  
I had such a good time with my splashes... may have gotten a little carried away, not knowing when to stop??!

I just loved the sweet curly-curvy brown edges on that leaf.  I used my Peerless, and Inktense pencils for watercolors to attempt to highlight it... while I didn't quite get the effect I wanted, it was very fun.    

The leaf is my version of a project from the class "Wild Art of Abandonment-2" class from Christy Tomlinson, taught by Junelle Jacbosen.  COOL.  

Can you believe October is fast leaving us ~ going to gone... gone... gone?!  
"I'm so glad we live in a world of Octobers."  

Anne of Green Gables.
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