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Friday, December 12, 2014

contemporary bliss ~ zinnia placemats

morning greetings all ~

when i find things i love, i just can't wait to dig in, and this pattern is no exception.  designed by the talented laura heine of fireworks in billings montana.  she is a vendor at many quilt shows, and i just happened to stop in her shop after her return from the houston quilt show, and all her samples were back in the store.  

her style really speaks to me... and today i'm showing how i used a slight adaptation of her 'zinnia' pattern, creating placemats.  i also am looking forward to putting together the blocks in a big quilt, too. and curtains.  and... perhaps a jacket, even!  yeah... i'm a little twitterpated about this one!

and i used my sweetwater labels, too.  they add an extra touch of unexpected charm on top of a colorful fused flower shape.  i love turning to my drawer of pre-fused and cut flower shapes from the gorgeous large prints that are everywhere nowadays.
no free motion here!  all straight line {kinda} quilting, and so relax... put on the walking foot, and zip along in both directions.  sweet!
this has also been a great exercise in understanding color value, and knowing that solids give the eye a place to rest, and varying fabric patterns creates exciting textural, as well as visual interest... and it's important not to get too fussy, but to just grab, place, and fuse! 

and those gray, black and white fabric neutrals also become a lovely way to showcase these jumbo flower petals.
cutting out these flower petals is like eating dessert... it's hard to stop with just one bite!  and the great thing is there is no guilt whatsoever!  having a stack of these petals is terrific therapy and playtime wrapped into one.  
i've never been crazy about working traditional puzzles, but give me some fabric, a petal shape, and well, i am in my own  little world of puzzle heaven. 
 the best kind!
this pattern would also be exciting to develop in a christmas fabric theme, too.  maybe next year?  {maybe... not}!

laura's shop is a must see and enjoy if you're ever in the billings area.  and you can order online, too.  i do love her contemporary style so much, and have enjoyed her creations for many years.  it's a joy to support the hard working small businessman and creative genius!

enJoy your day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

show me how ~ free motion quilting books

hi all ~

when i was first learning free motion, I purchased books.  and many of them were not so helpful!  {and i didn't appreciate spending my $ on them!}  at that time, there was no internet, nor blogs... or actually, local access to good teachers who were teaching free motion.  {which was one of the major reasons i became one}.

the books that are the subject of today's post are ones that i still recommend today, taking them to classes I teach, too. in that light, here are two of my favorites.  {oh yes, i have more} but just a couple for today, which I feel are worthwhile...

first up ~ "my little book of machine quilting designs" by laura heine, of fiberworks, a wonderful quilt shop in billings.  i did a search on her online site but was unable to determine whether she still markets this book she created.  i'm sure if you call them... you can check on it.  but the great news is that you can create your own, very simply, by doodling on blank pages, or ideas of any kind ~ and saving them in a notebook {as i have done ~ view here and here!}

laura has another nice book, which i also bought, called "color fusion."  and i think it's a great resource, too.

the cover of "my little book"  below:

and a few designs from inside:
great ideas!
simply done:
another favorite, by kathy sandbach, "show me how to machine quilt" is cool, for a couple reasons.  first, there are really fun, interesting, and simple designs, as well.  but then the book illustrates a full quilt, with a "faded" image, and the designs are shown,  {see below images} for free motion quilting: 

it's still available ~ you can find it on amazon, here. she has written three books; they are are available on amazon, all you need do is search her name, and they will come up so you can check them all out! {i have all of them!}
this is the "faded" image of a whole quilt and the motifs are illustrated on each section within that quilt pattern:
and more designs:
and great tips!  {you do have machine quilting gloves, right?} 
these three books are just several of my top twenty list! 

they are still great resources and because we all have limited $'s, i recognize that many of these choices are certainly personal but ~ i wished i would have had someone to point me in the right direction {and saved me some bucks!}

anyway,  i have TWO of Laura's "little book of designs" {the first book, above}, and i'm going to give one away!  just comment today, {be sure to leave an email if you are no-reply} and i'll post a winner next friday, February 14th! {happy valentine's day!}

and...stay tuned!  i have more to share on books, so i hope you'll come back and check it all out.

blessings ~

Monday, January 27, 2014

kick up your heels ~ "her boots" western wear ~ made in montana

hi there everyone ~

i was so delighted when on a recent visit to see my friend lori's new home, she brought out the cache of quilts i'd given her. this wall hanging was certainly a favorite, made well over ten years ago, which i gave to my friend lori, who would accompany me {patiently} to one of my favorite-ever quilt shops in billings, montana ~  "fiberworks" ~ owned by laura heine, who is also the designer of this boot pattern. this was my house-warming gift to her... and here is my own adaptation of that very cool pattern: 
lots of detail with free motion applique, which, by the way, is entirely done with a free motion zig zag.  this pattern really is one to kick up your heels and have a great time with it!  extra fun for me to add darling little embellishments of fibers, beads and buttons...
there was alot of time into making this pair of boots!  and i enjoyed every minute... i'd guess i put in at least 20-30 hours on this piece.

and a peek into the quality of the free motion i was learning at the time:

i used superior threads beautiful "king tut" 100% cotton, 40 weight thread for all the free motion on this piece.
i loved this pattern ~ still do.  it's another one of those "i should make this again" patterns!!  time consuming.  but oh-so-cool!

{if only i could make a real pair of leather boots this easily!} i'd do it in a heartbeat!  but i'll have to settle for another quilt... someday?!!  

"these boots were made for walkin..."

{and quiltin'}!

soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turkey Talkin Placemats ~

it's the tuesday turkeys! love fall.  love sewing n' quilting.  love turkey {yum} ~ and now ~ make that turkey-talkin' placemats!  
basically all that is required for quilting is a straight line of stitching.  i chose to engage the dual feed mechanism on my bernina 830, using an open toe foot bernina #20D {"d" is for dual feed in bernina land}.  a walking foot would also be just great. you can choose to do it free motion, too, or with any other regular stitching foot of your choice.
i don't like 'perfect' straight lines, so this pattern is perfect.  and I just had fun zippin' along my merry way; but decided to change out my normal stitch plate {pic below} and switch in my straight-stitch plate.  that way i get a real nice, straight stitch.  it just looks better, and eliminates any of that wobbly-stitch-look that might happen with the straight-line stitching i was doing.
especially with a 9mm wide stitch width opening.  there's lots more 'give' in the fabric and needle movement of the straight stitch with that stitch plate.  this is a tip i share when teaching mastery classes at bernina, too.  want a better stitch when piecing?  a straight-stitch plate will help.
i picked superior threads, beginning with king tut 40 wt, and i used isacord polyester 40 wt in the bobbin.  works smooth as silk {but it's not silk} and i loved the slight variegated look from king tut that 'fades in and out' on this cool plaid fabric which is the background
for a little extra pizazz, i changed out {for just a few stitching lines down and across} to a superior thread rainbow tri-lobal poly in purple-blue for some fall-color lovin'.  {love it with the brown} i did the other one with some rainbows pinks - {love it too}
if you've been following my blog for awhile, you already know i'm not much about traditional fabrics.  i dig contemporary for the most part.  i love traditional ~ but i rarely make it.  {but if anyone wanted to give me a quilt that was all about traditional ~ hey, i wholeheartedly raise my hand and scream wildly "pick me ~ pick me!"}
but i dig these charming little floral prints.  and when i saw the kit ~ i knew it was the only way i was going to be interested in finishing these cute turkeys. the work was done for me ~ and i love laura's style, anyway ~ these fabrics are so adorable.  for $80 you got the kit, including enough fabric for backing and binding.  the kit makes 8 placemats. the pattern was $10 
it wasn't a whole lot of fun to cut 100 {be patient} of those feathers ~ each turkey takes eleven feathers
but i stuck with it. 
{i can be 'plucky' that way}
something else i don't do too much of  is hand stitching.  love, love, love the look of it... but i just don't have enough hand strength and not nearly enough time.  so i free motioned those details for eyes, beak, red stuff, and his legs.  hand stitching would be totally adorable, tho.
i got two of 'em done.  and i'm turkey-talkin' happy about that!  i timed myself too ~ took about 15-20 minutes to quilt each mat.  not bad. {doesn't count fusing, cutting, binding and finishing time}
i did a simple, bias binding from striped fabric.  love that look, too. i left myself plenty of binding on the back, as I 'stitched in the ditch' from the front to get 'em finished easy and quick.
in most circumstances, i like a hand-stitched binding best... but again - time is the deal here, and since these will be washed, this kind of sturdy stitching will endure. 
I recently posted about finding this adorable pattern, and the kit I purchased for it on September 25th.  You can re-visit that post to see pictures of both.  The pattern is an original creation by quilter and fabric designer, Laura Heine, who owns Fiberworks, a spectacular quilt store in Billings, MT.  {you will love this store} {and no I wasn't paid or given a 'deal' for this review ~ laura doesn't know who i am even} she has a wonderful website as well.  Click here!

whatdayathink?  are they cute or what?

so cute cute CUTE!  {two down... six more to go!}  i have listed these two in my etsy shop, fyi.  i may make more ... but the rest will be for our own table here at home.

EnJoY ~ thanks for stoppin' in!  {GOBBLE GOBBLE!}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psalm 91:11 for JAMIE

Jamie's Angel... flashy and funky, stylin' and cheerful...bright and red-haired, creative and musical... that's our JAMIE!  This quilt was inspired by, and is dedicated to my friend and Christian sister, Jamie B. 

I had so much fun playing 'dress-up' with this doll of an ANGEL

Love her red hair! Everything else I chose revolved around the red head!

 I had so much fun with this 'thread painting' technique.  This is a technique that must be hooped in order to keep the fabric flat because of all the heavy threadplay that's happening. I used two different thread colors in Isacord polyester  for the basic hair color.  A free motion zig zag for the darker color, and a straight stitch for the 'highlights' ---happy smiles! Then, as the final 'touch of 'glitz' I used a Glitter thread in a color of  a 'true red.' Cool! I chose a   white cotton for the quilting in the background inset piece... no need to compete with that fabulous red hair, and gorgeous batik dress, not to mention the delicate, pretty 'look at me' wings! Motif inspiration... just look at that fabric!  So that's what I did... swirls!

GLITTER thread in bright silver also makes it appearance serendipity-like with silver stars quilted all over.... even on her toes!.. loving that heavenly feel!  and... who knew there were green stars in heaven?  I think there are! (see my post on bobbin play)... just 'bedazzles' and I love doing it!    Random, silver threadplay also swirls away throughout the border... I truly enjoy crossing the lines... having no fear... having fun... and being free...! I chose a beautiful King Tut in variegated colors, and it blends in that busy border fabric, so I didn't need to get too elaborate with any quilting there, as it simply won't show.

Plenty of opportunity to shine in other places... decorating her dress with a few free motion swirls in  a heavier topstitch thread (Fusions by YLI Thread Corp as designed by Laura Heine).
It's all in the details... beading... topstitch thread, rayon ribbon, sweet lace edging...bobbin play, glittery thread... halo... stars... words written into the inner border... color, texture... plenty of eye candy...
This is how easy it is to make the lace edging for the dress and the wings... and instead of following the pattern directions... instead, I hooped wash a way stabilizer with tulle, added another layer of aqua film topping, hooped it, and then began my free motion stitching, outlining the basic shape with a contrast thread (I used brown in this piece) and then a lovely, beautiful variegated Rainbows polyester (from Superior threads) filled it all in.  Loosen that tension!  Put the same thread in your bobbin.  Make lots of intertwining circles... crossing over each other.  Unhoop...wash it completely out, lay flat to dry, press with pressing cloth ... attach free motion style for EASE and presto-magico!  

Pattern is called "Look at My Wings" from Laura Heine... visit Fiberworks  in Billings MT for a fabulous store experience and more... YLI Fusions threads.. inspiration abounding!

Psalm 91:11 "For he will command his angels concerning  you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."

Here are some other examples of hair, dress, and wing styles!  Would you like to just one angel?  Great?  How about three in a row... or maybe SIX... as the pattern originally called for!  I think I've made over 15 of these angels... great as baby gifts!

 ---Soli deo gloria --- 
"To God alone be the Glory!"

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