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Friday, May 11, 2012

Soul Blossom No. 2 ~

Here's the base fabric, embellished.
I'm hoping these photos show the textures a little bit more than before.  And I neglected to mention in the earlier post, about using punchinella too.  I bought some of it awhile ago... (forgot where I put it--lol) so it was fun to rediscover it! (always an upside?!)  I have it in circles, stars, hearts, and squares.  So the pictures below and above show some of the round and square shapes I applied in a blue lumiere paint from Jacquard.
The foiling was done in aqua and lime green colors, and then I free-cut a real basic flower shape. The photo is a bit washed out with the flash going off...
For the flower center, I fused two batik fabrics together, and cut it into a free-hand circle, and then fringed it. Fusing the two fabrics to Steam-a-Seam helps the fabric have more body, and I like that added dimension. 
And, I love the bright red spot of color as contrast to the aqua turquoise blue green tones of the flower. I had added the other little dotted fabric center to the red, but later decided to use the Liquid Pearls.  Next time I won't bother with it. 
To help the flower's center 'stand up' a bit, I stitched underneath it, and lifting up the red fabric's pieces, I just catch a little bit of it, so it puckers slightly, and helps the center piece to have more dimension.
 Then it was time to add Liquid Pearls, which I built up with three different colors in lime green, leaf green and a light champagne color.
 I added leaves, to the outside as well.  
The edge is finished with a zig zag, after adding the leaves, which have also been ever-so-slightly embellished with some leftover trimmed fabric from the flower.
This is Soul Blossom No. 2.  Hindsight tells me I don't like the shape of the leaf on the left... wish I had noticed it slipped before I sewed it on.  I may have to take it out and re-do the placement, as it does bother me.
Anyway!  Onward and upward!  Thank goodness it's Friday.  It's been a long week.  Time to get in the garden, and do some house cleaning.

What are you doing this weekend?  

Joining Studio JRU Today.  

Check out her beautiful art piece and the Linky party of others, today, and be blessed!

XXOO Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Stamps -- New Stencils -- New Fabric!

I'm still at it, and it still... feels good!  I am loving playing with fabrics from my hand dyed 'experiments' stash.  This piece was dyed last summer; a sunprinted fabric, using Setacolor greens and aqua blue paint-dyes ordered from Dharma Trading Co.
The circle stencil below was used for that sunprinting.
I've also had my eye on Julie Fei Fan Balzer designs for awhile.   Her new line of stencils are so fun!  And I recently purchased three of them from Crafters Workshop.  I am fascinated with her elaborate, but simple, flexible, and VERY creative designs!  LOVE the ones I got.  The one shown below was used in the fabric above, where I applied an olive green color - a bit of a muddy mix as I was stamping -- using that stencil.
But I like it!  I also applied some light blue and white paint on my royal blue dyed fabric, using the mum-like flower stencil (see photos below).
Can't wait to play more with them all!

And of course, I used more liquid pearls.  And foils. Why not?
I made some new stamps, too.  This time I'm using a material called "Master Carve" --- but it's really hard to come by apparently, according to my internet search skills, anyway. I may have to turn to a different product, like speedy carve, or E-Z carve, or something like that for future carving.  The linoleum is just too tough for my hands, anymore.
Not an attractive picture, but here's my new heart and "Hope" stamp.

Here's where I'm at so far!  But... I AM NOT done!  Yay!
I have more results to come!  While the blue fabric is still in progress, I like what I've done so far. And I'm almost done creating my next Soul  Blossom piece, #2, and #3--- coming soon, I hope! 

Have a beautiful SPRING day!
Blessings ~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liquid Pearls for Embellishment

Liquid Pearls... are, to me, liquid magic!  And I love using them in my pursuit of embellishment!
I love pearls.  I love texture.  And I love color. And it all comes together in a beautiful colored, and textured, paint application.
All of this is packed into a cute, tiny little bottle.
They are fairly easy to apply, with a nice little tip for tiny dots or swirls, and remain dimensional and dry fairly quickly.  The piece below represents a flower center for one of the 'wall flowers' I have been playing with.  The liquid pearls was applied in pink and green.
We do not have a source here in Great Falls that offers them in all these colors, so when they went on sale on Blitsy.com, I took advantage, and ordered as many colors as were left, which weren't many.  But it was worth it.  A small bitty bottle with a big punch of color. I'm sure I'll be using them lots, and they are also great on paper, so I am told!

Have you tried this product?  I'd love to hear how, if you have!  I can't wait to show you more that I've been playing with!  

Have a great day ~
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