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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

planting goodness ~ hosea geranium watercolor


i have sure loved sketching... practicing... and making this 'geranium-styled' watercolor flower several times now. 

gradually, with each one i do, i think of different ways to add special details. 

my latest favorite pen for a bit of shine and sparkle, is the gelly roll sparkly pens.  {they have a metallic star on the pen label}.  the one i used in this piece is the silver.  i also love using the clear sparkle pen, too!

and... some sketchy writing, and words of truth!

i am also experimenting with 'making the paint bleed' ... and while it's a really interesting effect... not sure i like it... but i think it will definitely "grow" on me, too!!! 

{just like His word, helps me grow out, grow up... and grow more... into... His goodness!

8 x 10" print available in the etsy shop, right... here!

thanks for coming on in... have a wonderful spring day!!
and know there are lots of blessings coming your way!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

simple sewing ~ kitchen towels

simple sewing.

i love it!  and lately, that's exactly what i've been in the mood to do.  these classic kitchen towels are simply one of my all-time favorite items to "just sew." then ~ just add pretties to a pre-purchased towel.  what could be simpler?!  :)

i keep these practical, basic kitchen towels on hand as i am always falling in love with the new colors, styles, or patterns, purchasing them from my favorite quilt stores here in great falls.  they cost around $5-$6 a piece.  

and then ~ when the mood strikes, the fun begins!  and it's time to dive in ~ {and play}, with the gorgeous stash of trims i've collected to come up with a 'specially designed' towel.  

with a few simple designs, ribbons, fabric and trims, you too, can create a 'custom' and very sweet-to-give, gift!

and next time... i'll share some of those very basic processes, with helpful hints and tips and placement secrets.
{i've listed the extra towels in the etsy shop!}
and thanks for coming on by!
blessings ~


Thursday, August 1, 2013

she loves leather ~ summer fiesta!

hi there sweet readers ~

being a western, country-type gal, yes i do love leather!  i swear i could collect cowboy boots just becuase of the pretty stitching, styles, designs... and cuz... well, they're boots!  {i love boots}

but back to the subject at hand... i really love how easy it is to quilt on! all it requires is a 90/14 leather needle. this faux leather fabric is also completely washable, and it's a polyester type of fabric, and very durable, too.

now, as to the quilting on this particular piece, i think it's a bit over the top.  although the quilting itself is very nice, i'm not a fan of the thread color choices. and i'm starting to become more picky about how the feathers look.  i'm growing to prefer a more open feather and i think the overall look of this piece would have been a bit more attractive had i kept things  simpler {and far more open} in motif, and in thread.  but... that is how one learns!  experience is always the best teacher, isn't it!
lots of color happening!  while i love the colors... i think it's too much of just too many different colors.  yellow... orange... green... pink and turquoise!  too much!  {although it's very pretty!}
and i do have to say... the beauty of hand-dyed fabric {by miss chris daly!} on the back of this piece makes it extra special in my opinion! i truly ~ {almost drool} {sorry if that is gross!}  ... but it's true!  lol

and look how gorgeous the quilting is from the back?  not all the distraction of the thread colors as the front has... right? don't you think so too?  i'm not saying i hate it.  just sayin' it's a lot less complicated looking, and pleasing to the eye.  a place to rest the eye, and take in the beautiful design without getting over stimulated!  {this fabric dyed by the super-talented miss chris daly!}

Summer Fiesta available in my Etsy shop!
"sew it goes!"
and a lot {LOT} of time was spent on this one.  and now that i am 'hooked on leather' {remember hooked on phonics?} i'm on the look-out for other faux leather fabrics to quilt on!

and in other shop news... i have a special promotion and sale beginning today in my etsy shop.  with a minimum purchase of $100, it's  50% OFF with coupon code: MARVELES50.
thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Watercolor Card ~ Bloom

hey there~

we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring here in montana, and while we seem to be kept waiting... much like the  arrival of a beautiful woman {and her gown} at the ball... it is really here {70 degrees yesterday!}.  the flowers are coming... and while i wait... i draw them, paint 'em and make them bloom on paper! 
 these are simply scrapbook pages, gessoed. watercolors were then added, as well as a hint of metallic silver from the gelly roll pen and some white accents too.
 this time i added black stitching to the perimeter, too, just because, which also helped to get it attached to a simple white cardstock card. 
 bloom. one of my favorite words. 

may i always bloom... springtime or ... not!
enjoy ~ blooming is always 'in season' isn't it?! {and this time it's for sale in the etsy shop, too!!}

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sketchbook ~ Twinkling Leaves

{just imagine Tigger's voice from Winnie the Pooh!}

Well, the leaves mostly gone... except for those living in my imagination or on the sketchbook page! I have really enjoyed playing ~ layering different types of watercolors with this particular page, though.  I began with a base layer of watercolor with the Peerless brand of watercolor papers.  Then I added the Luminarte Twinkling H2O's for some sparkle, and a bit of more depth... I think?
And one of my favorite worship songs "Rushing Wind"  was sung in my heart as I drew... colored, and added details... you can see some of the words... perhaps.
"rushing wind... blow through me, like your tender breeze... search out the depths of my heart..."

Two pages full!  I loved it.  I'm trying to learn to get a lighter hand with my black pen.  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes No!

And just a bit of a trip down memory lane - here are two Autumn-inspired table runners, too.
 The quilt "Red Autumn" above
 And here is "Leave it Beautiful in Twilight" a blue version; both of which were published on the blog last year - just click the links to see them.

And. Just in case anyone 'out there' is interested... I am offering anything with leaves in it... 50% off the listed price in my Etsy store.  Just contact me so I can set it up.  That is the beginning of my Autumn Celebration, with a couple free give-a-ways coming up... soon!  Very... soon!

Ever thankful to you all, have a great day!  


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random ~ Sew Random ~

These pieces are - {were} part of my ongoing "Leslie! Finish It Up" series going on in the sewing studio ...
Leftover scraps, improvisational pieced. Quickly quilted!
What a great way to practice simple free motion quilting motifs.
and end up with useful items in the end!  This is satisfying, fast, and fun! 
They aren't so very big... about 12"x12" give or take.  They can function as table decor, mug rugs, and more!

A wonderful COLOR BLAST for SUMMER!  Lovely, simple, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL spot of color just where you need it.  And I {do} need it! :)
Summer picnic tables!  Birthdays. Weddings.  And best of all, they are a fabulous way to put a tad bit traditional and a wee bit of contemporary together.  Bits and Bits make for a big yummy bite of luscious color. These ones are newly listed in my Etsy shop, too.

Finished off with a sparkling edge in the binding with pretty metallic threads!  All new, and just listed in my Etsy shop!

I just am really lovin' the backs of these little darlings!  CUTE!

EnJOY!  Thanks so much for coming by! 

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