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Friday, February 7, 2014

machine quilting made easy ~

hear ye, hear ye:  "people out there ~ quilters and lovers of free motion:"

this is one of of the best free motion quilting book ~ everrrr!!

{hands down!}

and just to {partly} illustrate how valuable, popular, and how good this book is, it's still being published!  which is unusual in the quilting world.  i can't remember how many re-printings this book has, but it's been lots.  i still love turning to this book, and have have been using it, and also teaching and recommending it, for a decade.  it's truly a gem!

author maurine noble, title: "machine quilting made easy!"
 mine is well worn, highlighted, and best of all ~ sweetly used! the photo below illustrates how to begin with a sampler of quilting machine motifs:
 and another book from author kathy sandbach, from the "show me how to quilt" books i posted about yesterday.  these patterns are just so lovely, especially... the flowers.

while these two, and yesterday's as well, are just a few of my favorites, the one from maurine noble ~ is a must have, {and inexpensive, too}.  i promise, if you want to learn free motion... this is "the one" to purchase. great value. fantastic, basic information. cool fmq styles. great tips. it's not a 'pretty' book - but it's all you will probably ever really need! {get it!} ... at $11.36 at amazon, it's money well spent!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Machine Quilting

This is one of the best books, by far, that I've ever seen.  It's the book I teach from when I teach Beyond Free Motion classes.  "Machine Quilting Made Easy" by Maurine Noble, by That Patchwork Place.
Wonderfully illustrated, and terrific designs from beginner to advanced.  And lots of tips and hints are shared within the pages as well.  I give out homework at class... (not mandatory of course).  This Exercise #8 is one of them. 
There is really only one thing to know about free motion.  If you're not willing to practice, you won't become very good at it.  Of course, that can be said about most everything in life, except drinkin' from a straw! LOL!  I cannot emphasize how important it is to have some blank, muslin sandwiches ready to go by your machine.  Like any good athlete, you really do need to warm up, and a muslin sandwich is a perfect place to do it when it comes to warming up for free motion quilting.
Of course, there is alot more to this book than a few free motion designs.  There's tips on quilting with your walking foot, tension setting, couching, braiding with decorative threads... (taking a deep breath here), tying a quilt, and planning your quilting!!! 
This book is so good, so basic, and so very popular, it's been reprinted, and was first published in 1994.  I don't know about you, but I've noticed that most quilting type books don't get reprinted beyond five years --- just a guess on my part.  And since I have no direct evidence, or chart, or research onthe matter, I have only my proferred testimony.  That is this.

It's DARN hootin-tootin' good. 

Get it!  And get to practicin' darlin!  Time's a wastin.' It's only $10.36 on Amazon, if you're awantin' to know how much.  Or see if your quilt store carries it; regular price is $12.95 I believe. 

It's some serious good bang-for-the-buck.


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