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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Dog's Life ~

Hi sweet friends,

How about a few pics of our girls?!  So... what do you call BFF's in dog terms, anyway?  How about DBFF's?  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?!  Oh well.  Georgia and Savannah are very good doggie girlfriends!  Of course, they've taken over the house ~ {surprise, surprise}...

Hey sister... would ya mind cleanin' my ears as long as you're up here... real handy like?
ahh... that's it... feels so good...!
... there... now I can relax... {yup ~ nothin' but the best for our girl dogs} LOL

... except when it comes to the outside furniture... they have to make do... poor little things.  This bench is in front of our garage entrance, which faces to the south, so it's a very popular sun-bathing spot in the wintery afternoons.  I came home one day at lunch, and spotted them out there, so I grabbed my long lens, and took these through the dining room window so they wouldn't see me  ... fun!  not bad pics considering.
a little winter's sun... good for the soul!  
 Hope you're getting some wherever you are!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Troubles Bubbles?"

"Troubles Bubbles?" is a favorite saying of my husband... or perhaps I should say, it's one of my favorites to hear from him!  And I always laugh when I hear it.
We ~ {well, make that me} thought it would be such a fun time to blow bubbles for the dogs... thinking it would be fun to snap a few cute pics?  Not so much...
They really didn't think it was anything so special...
In fact, it was more like "okay ~ what else ya got??"
And if anything is a big hit, it's feeding the dogs ~ not doggie treats, but {yup you guessed it} 
 f l o w e r s!   
Uhhh... make that flower PETALS.
Georgia looks so innocent doesn't she?  As if she is just casually sniffing... not so, our magnificent, out-going,  blue-eyed monster! 
Instead of the slogan "Got Milk?" ~ I have a new one...

 "Got Blossoms?"
The Dynamic Duo will take care of them for y'all!
Yeah --- you both got caught in the act! 
No innocent faces here.
Now ~ Let's Go Jump In... the... POOL!
Here's to some cooler days coming... soon.
In the meantime...
it's nothing but the "Dog Days of Summer"
at the McNeil Home.
And we are lovin' every minute!
EnJOY a bit of cooling off ~ wherever you may be!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Can't Keep a Good Dog Down ~

Today, it's about "The Girls!"  Pardon if it's slightly picture heavy... I got some good ones (I think!), so I can't wait to share! 

Georgia was spayed last week, and it kept her down for almost exactly 24 hours, and then ~ just like that ~ (imagine snapping fingers here!) ... this beautiful, strong, sweet-tempered pup was back in full form.  And I do mean FULL-ON!  All ... 27 pounds!
 We kept her away from the pool... but it wasn't long before she was scratching and whining for it.   So... back to normal, she has her pool back, where  hours of cool, splashing entertainment is hers to have any ol' time!
 I {still} love to capture on camera, the contrast of her white eyelashes, which are only on that one side of her face, against the black spot and what appears to look like like eye makeup, in the form of eyeliner, on her eye.
 She is one of the most photogenic dogs I've ever had, and it's so fun for me! Her expressions are priceless. 
 There is absolutely no doubt, she is full of personality -PLUS some!
 And she loves having someone splash the water for her to catch!

 And then there is the late-afternoon, and/or nightly 'Puppy Chase' when the temps cool down.  
 Savannah is starting to come out of her shell a little bit more with us, but she goes all out with Georgia.  And these two go at it, all. the. time.  Although she doesn't like the water, period.  We had a real cracker of a lightning and thunder storm Saturday evening; so I got up, let the girls in before it was right on us, and just in time.  They bounded into bed with us.  {imagine that} - and Georgia, all excited.  Licking our faces {this is after after midnight} - Savannah just barely licks, and all nice n' lady-like, tucks herself right in beside ya. {So glad we have a king-size bed}
The {very sweet} Brown-Eyed Girl! She has made a great doggy sister for Georgia, and they are good friends...

Share and share alike?
Hmmm.  Let me think on that!

Georgia is almost 5 1/2 months old now; she's getting so long-legged ...  and powerful, like a Mack Truck! I think Savannah will eventually be able to run right underneath her, just like one of those sleek, beautiful, elegant sports cars!

Thanks for checkin' in with us today!  Have a great Monday!  I have lots to share with you this week; hope you'll be back to check it out!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cultivate ~

More playing with the Inktense watercolors, with Joanne Sharpe showing us how to layer with stencils n ' such.  This is just my quick mini-version of the lovely and beautiful exercise Joanne created for us to do... I hope to get some time to go back and do it again... but in the meantime, love this spray stuff - Dylusions this was called, in a golden yellow.  It came in my kit from Christy Tomlinson's Scarlet Lime Store, and so it was fun to have this spray and stencil handy to use for Joanne's fabulous ColorLove class!
And our beautiful little cottage garden is blooming and coming into it's own... as we have been weeding, pruning, thinning... laboriously!  {but in JOY!}
And it is looking so nice... {the garden that is}
Until... the canine version of thinning plants came to our yard.  Those were my full box of beets.  Also the carrots got dug up too... although this pic doesn't show that cuz that just happened yesterday!
The black and white 'thing' came along.  
The WTBC.  
Wild Thing Border Collie in the GARDEN~BAD Dog.  Bad!
Who can resist fresh soil? Not this one.  And so who needs to thin out plants?  
Not us.

Not... anymore.

Georgia.  Begging to get into the garden, now that she has been LOCKED out.  

What's can ya do but sit back, and say "Georgia." 
Georgia did it. 
{Glad I planted extra}

Monday, June 25, 2012

Roly Poly Collies ~

Well, I have nothing to report on in the quilting-sewing-creating arena lately.  So here is are a few pics of the pups from a week ago...and the race is on!  Love those happy faces!
 Ears a'flyin'! Georgia can turn on a dime.
 Forget the duck --- I'll just bite you!
 Tumblin' and rollin' ~
 Pouncin' and bouncin'!    "Bonsai!"
  Bitin' and adodgin'!
 Forget that duck -- let's go topsy turvy!
 Most evenings... we enjoy the antics of these two pups, who chase, herd, and tag each other constantly!
Looks alot like flag football ~ Collie style.  Or make that frisbee football.  Whatever ~ it's definitely fun for the whole family!  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Steel Magnolia Meets WBC ~

Georgia.  She's so entertaining.  I've started calling her  The WBC.  Wild Border Collie.  Sooo funny... she is chock full of larger-than-life, "look out here she comes,"  endless bounding, pouncing, crazy-funny, Border Collie style!  Five months old now.  Look how big she's getting!
If there's no cattle to be found, a sprinkler and a hose will do just fine, thank you very much!  

And, there's a new kid in the yard ...  Meet Miss Savannah!
 Georgia says, "come on over, the water's great!"
"For a slurpy, soaking wet, great time...!"

Savannah?  "Not so much!  I think I'll just circle around you wild-wet-crazy-thing Border Collie."
"Okay, so she's pretty.  Big deal. What's she good for?"

"Let's see what you're made of..."

"Dare ya ta take my bunny rag ..."
"Did she just take that away from me? She did --- she DID take it away from me... maybe she is more than a pretty face!" 
"Game ON Sister!"
 "Ha!  Got It Back!"

Georgia is more powerful, but Savannah is much quicker! A worthy match!
Dusk finds them {almost} wore out!   Thankfully!  And we all go to bed with lots of laughter in our hearts, and definitely ready for a good night's rest!

Kalyn Tyre, of Eagle Rock Kennels (Shetland Sheepdogs, and more), the breeder of my sweet Micah, had puppies she grew out and because Savannah ended up with a slight underbite, she didn't quite make the show ring standard, so here we are!    

Welcome to your forever home Savannah.
"Steel Magnolia" meets "Wild Border Collie"
It's definitely gonna be "looney tunes" at our home!
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