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Thursday, June 18, 2015

summer mixed media journal season is here ~

hello summer!
75 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunshine and a shady patio.
perfection defined!
... and a new season for making
mixed media journals begins.
i grab {just a few} key art supplies: 
 washi tape, paper words,
pens, little scrappy knick knacks n'such, 
{because, let's face it, it would take hours upon hours
 to bring it all outdoors!}
and then... get to work ~ playing!
 doodling n' glueing.
WARNING: there is a wild border collie waiting in 
the forest who will chew up any falling, wayward rolls
of washi tape --- in a heartbeat!
 hmmm.  as i was saying... 
sitting in the shade, playing, visiting with the pups,
and listening to the birds sing....
i do all the messy glueing, cutting and such in my studio in the basement of our home, and the papers i'm using are my own original prints, made from monoprints from my  gelli plate, stencils, stamps, deli paper, dimensional paste or paint, and just plain ol' acrylic paint! 
i add other texture from stamping onto heavy paper, cutting out {butterflies}, using some of my older scrapbook ephemera, old book pages, etc.  
 and then i doodle away.

 my personal favorites and most-used supplies are stencils, or thermofax screens i've purchased from stencilgirlproducts, many designed by creative friends like terri stegmiller and margaret applin.  but anything goes... yup!  so i begin by making a super big mess with paint...  and then clean up, clear off the table and and then choose from my dried paper stash, glueing them to the fronts and backs of blank paper journals i've purchased from craft stores, or goodwill.

some of my most favorite papers to use as empherma are prayers or quotes, {which i've printed out} by susie larson, or pages from favorite books by emily freeman, and ann voskamp, and many others, too.

so far, my favorite collage glue is "collage pauge" by tracis bautista {purchase at craft stores}.

... many ~ many happy hours later... 
i'll have a stack of a dozen or so journals.
soli deo gloria

Saturday, July 19, 2014

journals ~ finished!

hi there ho there folks!

so... here's what i've been doing in a few minutes here and there.  it's been so hectic preparing to retire, cleaning out my office... cleaning out my clothes closet!  {casual clothes here i come!!}  but i also have lots of papers, and folders, and stuff too.  now i have to find homes for it... at home!

anywho, today's post features some newly finished {just this morning!} of mixed media journals, made from purchased composition journals, found at an office supply store {or many other kinds of 'big box' stores}.  

the front and the back have been layered with a base of a gelli printed paper.  then further layered with washi tape, stamping, doodling, and other motifs, cut from the gelli printed paper itself.  in the journal shown below, i also added a flower... this is a special "inheritance" from some supplies i received from the family of katie twedt. {my former high school art teacher who passed away this spring}.  i believe the "writing" stamp is by dina wakley, and this "create with abandon" phrase always ~ reminds me of katie. 

one of my hopes when i retired, was to spend days with her making art.  that didn't happen.  the lesson?  {you know what's coming, dontcha?}  


the backside of the journal above it

the backside

the backside
some of the motifs are made from thermofax screens, this one above features a darling flower from terri stegmiller.  one of the things i'm glad i didn't wait for.  cuz many times, they don't make them for long... and i really enJoy turning to these pieces now, to put on the journals.  the flower was printed onto wax 'deli' paper, and i love how it melds into the background, so easy to decopauge.

i have listed six NEW journals in the etsy shop!  

have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

mixed media flower ~ winter's daisy

hi ~

this is a mixed media-styled watercolor piece, created in my large scale, moleskine watercolor journal.  it's size is 8.5" x 12" {and i love playing in this larger venue}

this is the photo story, of how the piece progressed {the best i can recall, that is!}

the first photo below shows the initial color, using sennelier watercolors, and then my first pass at glitter and micro beads.
 and then i added black doodling, even writing in the outside edges, as well as defining areas of the petals better.  and detailed application of microbeads, in varying colors for the center, which make it visually more interesting.  and finally, lime green and black to further differentiate the pod.  that's really my favorite part of the entire piece, and helped to become more interesting visually.

i apply microbeads with glitter glue.  i also used a fine-tip, which certainly aids in placement.  and what also aids... is being patient to wait for the glues and watercolors dry.  

at this juncture i added "blops" {as i call them} of white acrylic paint through a stencil {this one is "crackle" by seth apter, from stencil girl products} with fairly small openings. {lower left corner in the photo below}

i added random droplets of watercolor, but this time, mixed with twinkling h20's, in navy blue. they will have a bit of shine when they are dry.

 and more glitter... but mixed up with clear microbeads, and this was lightly placed in the outer corners of the piece. 
 ... deepening the blues and greens, below with twinkling h20's:

 and at this point, {below} i felt it needed more dimension and depth in the flower petals...
i attempted this by applying it with my sakura 'glaze' pens, adding to the petals, and into the center. i used a warm golden yellow, and a purple-blue in the outward parts. because these pens are a clear, yet raised type of glaze-ink, they not only add transparency, and vibrant color, but depth as well. 

i also added white doodles with a pen that has white ink ~ this is the uni-ball signo pen. {i purchased mine on amazon} and so far, it's the best kind. i have certainly bought several other brands that were completely, and utterly worthless.
{and why not a few more microbeads in the corners}

 this photo shows the sakura glaze pens, and the writing i added:

my favorite part is the center.
and a few more marks with pen... and i think it's time to say "enough!" {at least in my book}  i worked played on this piece almost every evening over the past couple weeks, sitting in front of the fireplace with brian and the dogs! 

it was a very enjoyable discovery, and i look forward to more!

soli deo gloria

Friday, January 17, 2014

sketchbook ~ the art of discipline

hello sweet readers ~

have i told you lately...

how much i love sewing. quilting. coloring. drawing. doodling. writing?

but did you know?

... they don't necessarily come 'naturally' ~

even more importantly, did you know...

"the narrow gate"  ~ watercolor card
... they are disciplines? 

bear with me in delving into the nuances of the word "discipline" pretty please?  typically, we tend to view discipline  as a harsh punishment. however, websters dictionary, in the fullness of the definition, describes it as: 

~ instruction.
~ a field of study
~ training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties, or moral character
~ control gained by enforcing {i say reinforcing} obedience or order
~ orderly or a prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior
~ self-control
~ a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity

the making. building. learning. perfecting, and creating of anything ~ {like art} ~ is a discipline. truly and surely just as each of us breathes oxygen!  

it isn't as much a matter of "talent" ~ but of habit.  willingness. study, time, and patience. {yes, definitely patience!}

the art of creating is a many-splendored {and disciplined} thing!  
ongoing mixed media sunflower
i have found the daily practice of a craft, in finding and relying on a working knowledge, building upon a basic rudimentary skill, {no matter what you do} is what makes it more of a discipline ~ and many times, turns it into an exploration.  do you love it?  {that certainly helps ~ but is not required}.  do you naturally gravitate towards something?  probably. that's a key, for sure. 

but anyone... can learn to do almost anything.  we definitely have our strengths... but most of it is {cultivating} a discipline. think of it as planting seeds...

just as pertinent and applicable in art, as it is in a relationship with God, prayer time, our friends, or a work ethic. 

and i emphasize the word:  developing ~ {aka discipline}.

i never thought i could draw, much less do a simplistic watercolor.  but i enjoy it... not because i practice, but because i've cultivated it... it may not go much farther.  

and that's okay.  there is much joy in just trying.  in discovery. but there is {more} ~ way more... to enjoy in the discipline. 
as with everything, in all we do ~ art, work, or discipline... just begin.  

and do it the best you can.

blessings on your weekend!

Friday, June 29, 2012

~ My Sunshine ~

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you likely have come to know that I dearly LOVE bright, bold, saturated COLOR!  It just makes me happy-giddy! 
It doesn't matter if it's in fabric, paint, paper or threads... and now inks and mists of all kinds!  I've been soooo intrigued with all the colored spray mists and inks I've seen on the market lately.  And now that I've used them for the first time on these art pieces, I've found I'm completely enamored with their playability: the layering possibilities, and their clear, bright palettes of color; some transparent, some more opaque.  So Exciting!
I took this phrase from a Max Lucado card I had!  I love it.  "God is For You!"  --- and painting with my fingers as painting tools.... ya gotta try it!  What a joyful ride of child-like experimentation!  Even when the spray goes awry, and sometimes, ya know,  it's a happy accident, and when it's not... it is just a great opportunity to mop up and get over it; paint it again --- Or NOT!
I'm so hooked!  And Excited!  {have I said that too much?!!}   I'm ready to blend, layer, and add more creative enhancements from my fabric scraps, to my  paper stash; using beautiful markers, pens, tissues, stickers, stencils and stamps... paints, inks, dyes and more.  {I'm sure you get the picture!}
It is full of boundless, limitless possibilities, and simply speaks to my love of all things 'mixed up' for a happy explosion of texture, color and the graphic! It comes together with doodle, graphic, words, color, texture and contrast, all combined into one fun, totally unexpected, and largely satisfying... way to CREATE. 

After the first piece I made, "She Believed She Could" - I went ruffling through all my scrapbooking supplies from over ten years ago, pulling out stickers, rub-ons, chipboard and pretty papers!
Excited to find that these supplies, and my sketchings, my 'practice pages' and color experiments in those books could come and play together in making this kind of art.
I used a silk organza flower from my stash, (I had used them to make my fabric pins), and had fun spraying it, and then adding white paint for accent.

I've been having problems seeing for awhile, especially lately, and was diagnosed yesterday by my eye dr that I have "early age" cataracts. Well!  Better early than late?!!!  I don't know... but it sure explains a few things.  Headaches, 'gummy' eyes, cloudy vision... putting my nose up to my sewing machine and books; computer screens... driving?!!  {just kidding about the driving part}  Although I was very surprised, I am really excited ~ and grateful ~ hopeful ~ about seeing better!

And I remember: "God is For You" regardless of any challenge{s} we are certain to face! 

He Is. Thank you Lord!
Please check out a couple of my favorite blogs and artists  and so many talented others as they share and link up with Sweet Jennifer at Studio JRU
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