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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

the two medicine and beyond ~ glacier park 2015

hi there ~

ahh... autumn.  and even better... autumm in glacier park!  what a nice trip we had for several days.  a mix of big clouds, high mountains, soft meadows, wild lakes, pretty rivers, trees, rain and sunshine!

i've always wanted to "get down on the river" every time we travel, and i was delighted that we had the opportunity to do just that on our last day there, and the middle fork of the flathead river provided it perfectly!

we began our trip, heading up into the two medicine area, one of the first and oldest favorite stops of glacier park, before the going to the sun road opened up.  it was my first time there, i can't wait to go back and camp!
this was the spot we chose for our camping, central to the places we wanted to visit in the park.  we had it practically to our entire selves!  {*perfect!}
i always enjoy the beautiful art, expressed in metal sculpture, and this piece is so cool, sitting on the edge of the blackfeet reservation, just outside of the little town of east glacier.  i was excited to capture it with the fall-dressed trees, against that beautiful spectactular sky on our trip home

thanks for taking time to visit!
anne of green gables said, "i'm so glad i live in a world of octobers,"

{me too!}

happy autumn days to you!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

#mymontana ~ #fieldsofgold in those big big skies ~ prairies and mountains

hello ~ welcome {once again} to my favorite landscape venue... montana!

i do love {attempting} to capture just a tiny bit of God's awesome glory in wheat fields... wildflowers, mountains n' prairies... and those ever-so-glorious, wide-open, big skies.

there is almost always a surprise of landscape glory waiting, if you are looking for it!  and with the wheat fields starting to turn, and some late evening sun, it was a fun capture or two!

instagram is my favorite place to post my favorite photos instantly too, and discover many other's grand captures of this amazing world we live in...

"mymontana" ~ is a lifelong experience... a growing up of sorts, if you will... of wandering, exploring, and wonder in dusty backroads, and often inconvenient... but ever-changing... sometimes brutal, sometimes sweet and peaceful, requiring one to be flexible and quickly adaptable if you want to truly see her wildness... and enjoy it.

as one quote has said, "she's a sterling silver lady with gold dust in her veins." -- by rob quist ~ "a lady called montana"
these are some of my favorite searchable hashtags which i use for my own captures:


thanks for hangin' out here in #mymontana
 for a little bit...
be blessed!
soli deo gloria

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

our montana rocky mountain front ~ boots ~ gates n' patriots ~

morning pardner!

take off those boots!  and ... decorate a fence post or two!

not unusual, i've seen it done before... but it is always fun to see...   boots nailed to a fencepost for a little country humor, and ... just a bit of decorative impact?!!  you bet i had to stop and take a few shots of this amusing rural scene. 

and then we came to the old north trail sign in our journey, which i'd never seen before.  very cool!

"where nomadic tribes crossed  the bering strait 10,000 years b.c. from foreign lands and traveled south to cnetral america to father the indian race, i was called "The Travois Trail" by the indians, and later pondera trail {pronounced 'pawn-da-ray'} by the outlaws and other travelers."

pretty dang cool sign, huh?
 and once again, another surprise along the backroads.

amusing that it is still preserved, and impressive, and yes, even a little bit tender, i think.  to consider what dreams this little piece of homestead and it's gate may have represented in this harsh climate and challenging landscape...

yes. yes i would!  i'd love a private drive like this one... 
very much!

oh my montana... and america the beautiful! how very blessed we are to live in this country.

soli deo gloria

Monday, June 8, 2015

a spring day in montana rocky mountain front ~ 2015

hi there ~

west.  go west! 

springtime in the rockies ~ always an adventure!  after so much beautiful rain, we, thankfully ~ had a warm day where there was a break in the clouds and it was time to hit the backroads once again! so we headed to the {eastern} side of our montana mountain west.  west of home ~ west to the rocky mountain front for a picnic!

i hope you enjoy the images i took of this spectacular day... while they {always} fall far short of the real thing, it was a sweet day of fresh air to be able to get out and about in big sky country.  we always choose, when we can, the muddy one-laner, loner roads...

wild flowers, craggy posts, croaky toads, and beyond blue, big big skies at every turn... 

this was where we stopped for a bit of lunch, and a spot in the road, and in the sunshine with the company and musical croaking of frogs in a small pond nearby.  a perfect place for a picnic!  

soli deo gloria.
"we give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks!  for Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near." 
psalm 75:1

Thursday, April 16, 2015

montana high prairie spring ~

hello ~

we're all ready for spring in the great northern plains, and we have had some lovely bright days in between lots of wind, and lately a bit of snow.  but oh the spring green of new crops, and bright blue skies!

this one day was spectacular, and i enjoyed getting out on a mini-roadtrip to take some photos.

i'm also amused at the fencelines... taking in the furballs!  i know... sounds so goofy, doesn't it?  but there is just something that draws my interest as the cattle love rubbing against this "side-scratcher" of barbed wire!

and then those classic "shoot-em-up" signs... sigh.  why they must be shot at, i'm not sure... but it does make for an interesting texture??!  lol.  {not really!}

and green pastures... painted ponies!  sweet blooming pussy willows.  sure signs of spring.  love.  love.  love.  

at any rate... i hope you enjoy my photo-log of a day out in the sunshine!

enJoy this day!
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

montana's niagara falls ~ lost lake in the shonkin sag

greetings ~

today's feature is a continuation of our wintery day adventure with the clydesdale horses.   we ended it with a small hike in a chilly blustery late day under amazing skies, and crazy laccolith stone architecture.  it's an amazing geological tour to a very cool, and very unusual place, known as montana's very own niagara falls ~ lost lake.  there is a short,  well-written article about it ~ click here. 

lost lake
 "To imagine that volume of water, consider this: 
given the depth of Lost Lake, Davidson said, 
the falls probably dropped 300 to 350 feet 
when the Shonkin Sag 
was brimful and water poured over the top.  
At 300 feet deep and half a mile across, 
the Dry Falls would have been just about 
double size of the largest cataract 
at today’s Niagara Falls."
i've been here several times, and each time i'm awestruck by the grandeur and sheer rock formations.  it's quiet... and lonely with the wind roaring in your ears... and the sandy "beach" is rather unusual to me; coarse pebbly rock material with a generous dose of green lichen.

Patricia, Joseph and David pose for me in the rocks that rim this hidden "lost lake."
lost lake sits on private land, and is well preserved... no hint of litter or trash of any kind.  just pure unadulterated awesome. 

the highwood mountains in the distance, a spectacular view of ancient, blue, and quiet.

as i headed homeward bound...
a breathtaking sunset that took my breath away.
much like the entire day.

Your Glory, O Lord, reaches to the skies...
soli deo gloria.
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