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Friday, February 20, 2015

montana ghost ponies in the sky ~

hi there ~

does anyone out there remember the country song, "ghost riders in the sky?"

it was a song written in 1948 by noted american songwriter, stash jones. recorded by over fifty artists, including johnny cash, gene autry and frankie lang as some of my favorites.

how's that for a little trivia... and that song kinda sparked a bit of imagery to my imagination as we were traveling from highwood back to great falls one evening last fall...

i dubbed it "ghost ponies in the sky."  

and i thought it was cool.
and i think it will be really cool... as a collage scene.  
you're probably not surprised to hear that are you?
and i was saying to brian "how i wish i had brought my good camera" and all i had was the phone camera.  not a bad thing. this kind of lighting, sky and cool horse just doesn't happen, and it would have been so much better to have had a good lens on this beautiful horse!  i didn't grab my camera that evening as we were packing lots of dinner out to bible study. 

next time... regardless... next time i will pack the "good" camera, too. in fact, it needs to go everywhere with me...
because ~ just look at this face!  
and what a sweetie.  don'tcha just love the "ghost" circles around his eyes?

but ya know what?  good camera or iPhone, it's all really.  really.  good.

good as in 1000 gifts + good...
patting a friendly painted pony on the nose.
fresh air.
beautiful fields.
my driver-husband.
iPhone camera.
a sweet sky.
This Is My Father's World.  {which is another favorite song}

thanks for stopping by for a bit of my montana.
blessings on your friday, wherever you are.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wide OPEN spaces & Quilting Bee

hi friends ~

while we're waiting for spring ~ summer, that is... {i think spring has skipped us} ...  i've been contemplating possible road trips for us to take this summer.  i found these pictures, although taken in  2010, it was a most enjoyable trip to the southern landscapes of montana... 

a deer in the fence?  make that... a fence Post!

love the 'back' roads... we are in awe of the wide open spaces... really hard to fathom, even for those of us acquainted with living in the 'wild frontier' of this awesome God's country, no matter where you live...

we headed south, on the back  gravel roads, which got quite a bit rougher as we headed into the big belt mountains in the background.
and on through the backroads we found spectacular cattle pastures, and cool, old, abandoned homesteads.

 and a friendly face in this sweet horse.

on to virginia city in the famous alder gulch:
then on to the "open air" Museum in the gulch where there was a 'live quilting been' put on by the local quilt guild.  very cool!  

i definitely admired their efforts {and willingness} to dress up in the fashion of the era as well. 
so hard for me to imagine what it must be like to not only wear all that fabric ~ but wash it! yikes.
always fun to take a peek into the old cabins...

loved the old schoolhouse, too.
and a beautiful old home; it must have been quite majestic and 'high-end' in it's day! what a neat balcony, too. 
i especially adored the gingerbread trim! 
biscuit, anyone? 

uh... maybe not! and definitely not any of the below-mentioned products either!  but how cool to see what those fabulous labels say.  they would be fun in a mixed media piece! 

the montana nevada city/virginia city is quite a famous place for shooting movies, too:

you can stay in the original hotel, even.  here is one of the rooms.  aren't those bed headboards somethin' else?  fabulous!

... and one my favorite pictures!  brian, my sweet husband, and best road companion ever.  

we sure enjoyed our trip together, and can't wait to make a new list of montana places for us to travel this summer ~ hopefully. 
i hope you enjoyed the tour!

and if you've never been to virginia city, montana, it's well worth the trip! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank Heavens!

On a beautiful, sparkling, spring evening a few weeks ago, we took a little country drive heading south from Great Falls.  And "sweet" little Miss Georgia got to come along for some 'car-riding' etiquette lessons...   A task... not for the weak-minded or faint hearted!  
 After a few miles, way back in the countryside, we let her get out and take a look around for a little break...  and for me to take some pictures of the wide-open, grassy-green pastures set against a late sun and the fading silhouettes of prairie bluffs and mountains...  sooo beautiful!
Georgia?  She headed straight for the cows.  We weren't surprised ... but we were a tad bit more surprised when she didn't come right back to us when we called...and instead... headed in the opposite direction across the pastures. Cows... Border Collie.  Why were we surprised?
 We had to turn the car around anyway, to head back in the right direction, and so we left! With my heart in my throat,  we hopped in the car.  As we headed back,  there she was! Bounding down the ditch on the side of the road.  We stopped, and she headed straight for us, and came right up to Brian when he called her... Little stinker!  
Thank Heavens!

"the heavens... DECLARE the Glory of the Lord!"  Thanks Father God, for showing us your glory and majesty.  Amen.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Montana Big Sky Fall

A September to remember... these are photos I took heading west last fall, through the slopes of the Rocky Mountain Front...

The Dearborn river...
The Clark's Fork River...
To the Swan Valley.
 Swan Lake and a quiet beach.
Water like looking glass.

Take a walk down memory lane...

 This land was made for you and me.


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