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Thursday, February 19, 2015

o hello spring ~ a collage mug runner

hey  ~

here's an example of mini-collage ... you know... for those little bits of leftover floral motifs.  the background fabric is a leftover scrap of batik.  and i picked colors that were complimentary to it, creating chat i call a "mug runner." that would be "runner" as in larger than a mug rug, but large enough for coffee and a snack!  lol

spring continues to buffet us here in central montana with a warm wind, and morning temps of over 40 degrees.  the geese are here... the grass is greening up... could spring be making an early appearance?  
maybe... we shall see!
"o ~ hello spring"
{even if it is only temporary!}

soli deo gloria

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas mug rugs ~

hello there ~

it's true. the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful with our current christmas weather!  5 above and a nice chilly wind make it 16 below {or so!}  but who's reading the thermometer?! 

it's time to be cozy in your sewing room, isn't it?  or to just sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot liquid and put it on a cute little mug rug while your toasting your toes by the fire!

in getting ready for the art and craft show this coming weekend, i made some mug rugs, using the quilt-as-ya-go' methodology, and some delightful scraps from yesterday's post in from the cold christmas placemats, too. 

and then that sweet little bernina foot #43 showed up to add it's special touch of christmas embellishment. 

it works as like this: cords ~ approximately 2mm in width, are fed directly into the foot, from a side vent, and then in through the top, into a center hole in the sole, to be fed into the needle, and which can then be freely quilted in any direction you desire with the feed dogs lowered – letting you create all kinds of wonderful, imaginative lines, patterns and shapes {in no time flat!}

i used some wool yarn that was hand-dyed in christmas reds for my couching:


sending warm wishes for a few quiet moments of steaming cocoa, coffee, tea or cider!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Love and "Trust In Him" Mug Rug

If you read my post yesterday, about using my favorite chalk pens - Sewline - today shows the result. I should have also posted the product description, so here it is: 
 "Specially formulated leads give a clear, fine line on fabrics. Lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing. Simply rubof with the eraser or dab off with a damp cloth. The new, modern way for drafting on fabrics. Innovative ceramic technology creates a new generation of leads that are strong, non-gritty and more easily removed with the eraser or sponged off with a damp cloth. Sewline Fabric Pencil gives clean, sharp lines with a choice of colors that you can on most fabrics. Special cushioned point mechanism protects lead braking from writer pressure EASY TO USE Click down the eraser end to extend lead. Press lightly to draw lines. To remove lines, gently rub along lines. To extend the eraser, hold eraser section and rotate the barrel. Note: Always test on a swatch of the fabric to ensure lines can be removed satisfactorily. Erase pencil lines before ironing fabric. EASY TO REFILL Pull the whole eraser section from the barrel. This reveals barrel chamber access, Slide in up to 6 leads. Replace eraser and rotate section to retract. Press down eraser end several times to advance the new lead" 
And this is MAY BLOG LOVE!  I picked from two of the commenters of yesterday's post, and I'm sending one of the Sewline pens to each of these two lovely ladies:  Elle who writes the blog "Elle in da coop" and Miss Holly of "Through My Window!"
Check out these lovely ladies and their fun blogs!
And.. this is a little mug rug produced from my day of "Livin It Up in WhoVille" --- a random piecing session a little while ago.  
I chose my Bernina #24 free open-toed free motion foot for this type of FMQ.  I love the open "c" design so you can see where your lines are, and can accomplish exact (or mostly exact!) placement.
Here I sketched in general ~ the letters I wanted to FMQ, using my Sewline pen with the green chalk. My lines are simply 'guides' --- not formal 'must-sew' lines as I find those to be restrictive to my creative process as I begin quilting... and I want to be FREE and open to changing my mind as I go!  Also, at other times, I will draw straight placement lines for the letters to rest on... and other times I just like to see how it goes.  And this is one of those times!
That's all there is to it.
Well, a bit more to it.  I did add more FMQ in my favorite design element --- the soft swirls.  And I don't draw lines for those at all.  Simply free movement.  And the more you do, the more you get better at it and understand what you like... and what you may not!
Hint:  I usually try to avoid any heavy stitching through  bulky seams.  Many times -- especially in larger quilts, I will start my quilting at the seam, in the ditch, to hide the stitches, and I if I need to, I will stop in a seam, if necessary, although I prefer to run it off the edge of the quilt sandwich whenever possible.
There you go.  Now I just have to bind it and I'm finished.
Trust in Him.  
Period.  (period emphasized!)  
Happy FRIDAY!!!!

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