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Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to Our Home

Welcome!  The front porch...  a french style door, bought 'plain' and stained.  Then I applied this type of faux-glass paint to add privacy, and yet let in the light... there is a bit of a subtle leaf motif in it too.
And of course... I drew on the door a simple, but favorite phrase - "There's No Place Like Home." 
I added some stamping, too. And then some
dry brushing with leftover, light green paint.
I also painted over the dark brown paneling with a light turquoise blue paint, then overcoated with a crackle glaze, and then the final coat of cream paint.  
Light and bright!
It's been almost ten years ago now.
 A few long years in which I struggled with all the shadows in my life, bad decisions, wrong choices...
my son went to war for the first time...
my beloved grandma died.
my mom had swallowed too many pills...
 and I was alone.
'Creating art' was a way I dealt with things... and so
I painted this very colorful and bright faux glass texture
in the front porch window. 
It still exists today, even through all kinds of cold and hot weather...although it is showing a bit of wear now; paint is fading and peeling in some spots. 

And I wrote this phrase on the window.  
If you look close, you may be able to see it:
"Keep your face to the sunshine, 
and you cannot see the shadow."  
-- Helen Keller
Better yet...
Keep your face to Jesus 
and you will not live in darkness. 
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