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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunshine Quilt

I LOVE the PATIO in the morning... well, I love it all day! You may have read a previous post about a quilt:  "Hearts on the Prairie" (see it here).  
And I love to hang quilts on the fence (or anywhere!) when we're hosting outside, too.  The color is so happy... so festive, and SO summery!
Today's post is about another little quilt (or two).  My first, or maybe second try at practicing FEATHERS was the result of what I now refer to as my "Sunshine" Quilt, seen on the patio table below.
And, uh... it was kind of  a flop.  Sometimes it just happens.  Sometimes you just get to figure things out that way!  When that happens to me, I get to look back, learn, and still... EnJOY the process of learning!  As well as the quilt!  So, if you are really looking at the above picture, you may have noticed the quilt doesn't lay flat?  It's all 'wavy' on the edges and border?  
Yup.  Uhmmm... something went awry, and it was definitely in the quilting of the feathers.  It happened before I knew it.  I put one or two, too many stitching spine lines when I decided to also add gold metallic thread as an accenrt in the center of the feathers, and no amount of quilting in and around them was gonna fix it. 

I had put a nice thick gold thread in the bobbin for bobbin quilting on the border, thinking that might help a bit more.  Nope.  So instead of piling it in a dark corner somewhere, I USE it, and I ENJOY it --- tremendously!  It's bright, sunny-happy color is inspiring to me, and I do many projects on it, like designing and carving stamps.

 And I really do enjoy the details, and the happy, shiny threads.
 And it's fun to have it serve a functional purpose on the patio, too!

And here is another; the "Margarita Patio Party Quilt!"
(Say that three times!) It looks so pretty with flowers and Margaritas on top!

Just KISS!  (Keep It Simply Stunning), which just means that I have fun quilting it, keep the stitching simple for a quilt such as this small one, and most of all... 'get 'er done' and get on to enjoying it!

Fun pink and lime colored threads, outlining the big flowers.  It's just one piece of fabric. And a simple stripey border that coordinates.

And because the quilting was fairly predictable, and a little bit boring, I switched out between a lime green and pink thread on all the flowers, and tied off between each flower.  That took a bit of time, but it was very simple to do.  A variegated thread would have been fun, too. This is a good way to practice your beginning quilting skills, too!
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